On behalf of our great party, I wish to salute and welcome all our leaders and the entire members to this epoch making event of the inauguration of our winning team, the state committee and the Local Government/Local CDA committee of the campaign council.

I count myself lucky to have had such an assembly of the best and the brightest to serve our collective cause.

I salute and recognise members of the State Campaign Council.

We have worked assiduously together to ensure a peaceful transition from one visionary and transformational era to another.

Spurred by the remarkable achievements of the Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, CON, FCA, we have moved with a common purpose of sustaining the rebuilding mission he piloted, to the joy and satisfaction of the entire people of the state.

For those whose primary raison detre in politics was the Benthamian dictum, the greatest good for the greatest number of our people, the Senator Ibikunle Amosun’s APC-led infrastructural revolution is worth celebrating and must be sustained. For those whose primary aim is rent-seeking, however, his remarkable strength represents a major threat, a cause for alarm, a red card for the fraudulent and the corrupt.

We appreciate you all for the heroic battle to save the nation and our people.

This is taking a decisive stage today with the inauguration of this committee made up of our best minds and tested hands to lead us to the next stage of this journey.

Today we are inaugurating two critical organs of our campaign council, namely the State Committees and the Local Government/LCDA of the campaign council committee.

Members are chosen because of their track records in all departments of their engagements. The State Committees are to address critical areas of our campaign. These include the area of security, strategy, mobilisation, welfare, media/publicity, transportation committee and the medical council.

These committees will be supported by the Elders Advisory Council made up of highly accomplished veterans.

The Local Government/LCDA Committees made up of credible grassroot politicians will take the “battle” for votes to all localities, all the nooks and crannies of the state.

The terms of reference of the committees revolve around our triple mandate. To demonstrate to Nigerians that we were unjustly denied of the people’s mandate by winning the governorship and other elections come 2019.

This is not to say that the challenges are insurmountable. It is saying that the committee members should hit the ground running immediately and should not relax until our victory is announced.

We have a lot to our advantage, our remarkable achievements in the past years, our choice of the best brains and the justness of our cause, and the support of the Almighty God who is always with the just.

May God guide and guard us in the journey towards a lasting, convincing and enduring victory.

Long Live Allied People’s Movement

Long Live Ogun State

Long Live Nigeria.