We Can!

Dear compatriots,

I want to use this opportunity to express my profound appreciation to you all for the support. Yesterday marked the beginning of a new dawn for Ogun West. I have never doubted the fact that the good people of Ogun Central and East will stand with us as was demonstrated yesterday in Abeokuta. All we need do as a people is to put forward a “sellable” son or daughter of Ogun West descend. Those who still believe that we have to look “outside” are missing one vital message, YEWA IS OF AGE! I understand that when people try and fail too many times, they tend to believe that some “external” mystic powers are required to succeed. I also understand that failure is a process of success if viewed in the right context. Lessons learnt during each endeavour are what culminate into success. After 41 years, we are set to succeed this time around. To this end, I’m calling on all sons and daughters of Yewa/Awori land to stand on the side of history.
At least four (4) qualified sons of Yewa descend have signified interest to contest the governorship seat of our great State come 2019 on the platform of APC. They will all require our prayers as they proceed. As we commence state-wide consultations on this noble cause, the TripleA group wishes to extend an open invitation to everyone across the State to join. Set up TripleA group meetings in each Unit. We advocate as few as three to five (3-5) people can form TripleA forum in a Unit. At TripleA, we believe that politics is about individuals, it’s about you! Our motto is:

SIA TripleA – Sustaining the Mission to Rebuild. May the Lord Almighty see us through, Amen.




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