This would be the fourth local government that the Allied Peoples Movement campaign train would be visiting, having successfully visited Imeko/Afon, Ijebu North East and Ogun Waterside Local Government areas. The campaign train of hundreds of vehicles has taken over Abiola way here in Leme, ready to convey Party Excos, members of campaign committees, press crew, entertainers, security officers, caterers, medical personnel and a number of the party’s supporters to all wards in Yewa South.
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The campaign train has left the party secretariat in Leme but has branched the Campaign flag-off of Hon Micky Kazzim at Akin Olugbade centre popularly called Ori Omi. Hon Micky Kazzim is seeking re-election into Federal House of Representatives for Abeokuta North, Obafemi Owode & Odeda federal constituency under the Allied Peoples Movement. Ori Omi is on lock down as I send you this update. Different interest groups are well represented here as thousands of supporters gathered here to show solidarity. I can tell you categorically that Micky Kazzim is loved by his constituents. Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade was grandly welcomed into the flag off ceremony amidst songs and funfair. There’s a live band entertaining the crowd and Triple A has taken his rightful position at the high table. I believe he would give a brief goodwill message before we proceed further. In his goodwill message, Triple A appreciated the people of Abeokuta North, urged them to vote for Buhari, Amosun and Micky Kazzim during the February polls and vote for him and all state assembly candidates of the APM in the constituencies during the March polls. The reception was wonderful. We’ve now proceeded on our journey to Yewa South Local Government.
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The train has reached Yewa South and our first stop was Ilobi/erinja ward. The APM candidate for Ogun West Senatorial District, Hon Bolanle Gbeleyi, candidate for the Federal House of Representatives for Yewa South and Ipokia federal constituency, Kolawole Lawal Mobolorunduro (KLM) and candidate for the state of Assembly for Yewa South constituency Mrs Bolanle Lateefat Ajayi, have mobilised massive supports to receive the movement. The movement is now in the Palace of Olobi of Ilobi land, Oba Saliu Adedokun Ajibade. The monarch received the movement with galore, he said Akinlade was at home and he, his chiefs and Baales prayed for the success of the movement. He addressed Akinlade as “Your Excellency”, because he believed “Akinlade is just few months away from becoming the governor of the state.” He commended the effort of Akinlade in the National Assembly especially for raising the issue of Owode-Ilaro road on the national assembly floor. Construction of the road is now ongoing. He mentioned Motorable roads and power supply as the major concerns of the community, he urged the candidates of APM to ease the problems. Akinlade assured the monarch of his commitment to the development of rural communities when he emerges governor of Ogun state. He observed that one major challenge in the community is good road, he promised to see to the construction and rehabilitation of roads in the community. “The kind of person I am, I won’t say what I won’t do; I’d rather not talk. All I’m promising here is what I’d do, insha Allah when I emerge”, Akinlade said. Now we are at the community square in Ilobi, the meeting point of our tour in Ilobi/Erinja ward. Worthy of note is that Yewa South is one of the two local governments that Adekunle Akinlade is representing in the Federal House of Representatives, so the turn out of supporters here is very massive. Addressing the mammoth crowd, Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade reiterated his commitment to the development of the community, he added that he was at home and would do everything in his capacity to bring the dividends of democracy to the area. “This is my home, and it is my disgrace if I we don’t have good roads here, if we don’t have viable education here. So rest assured that I will never disaapoimt you.” He reminded the people that his face or other candidates’ faces would not be on the ballot papers, and that they should therefore look out for cassava which is the party’s logo on the papers before voting.
The movement to victory has moved to the next ward, Owode Ward II. At the ward, it can be confirmed that APM has totally taken over. The road was locked down. Okada riders, drivers, traders, students, and in fact everybody stood up for Akinlade, Gbeleyi, KLM and Ajayi. The people kept chanting “Akinlade ni o Triple A, APM, Paki ni o, paki lo le se, omo wa ni o, Yewa lo kan, KLM” and so on. Today, we can see the agitation for an Ogun West governor written on their faces. They believe that it can be achieved through Adekunle Akinlade of the APM. Speaking, an Ogun West Elder, Pa. F. A. Durojaye recalled how the people of the then Egbado South voted for Abioro, and instead of Odunjo. He said same will be replicated this time as the people would vote massively for Akinlade. “When I started this journey, I told God that if my emergence as governor would not bring about the development of Ogun State and its indigenes, it should not go beyond mere aspiration. But with how far we have gone in this journey, I can confirm it will truly be for the growth of Ogun State.”; Akinlade said. The train headed for the next ward – Owode Ward I.
The crowd that received the movement at Owode Ward I was enormous. Different interest groups came all out to welcome the movement and pledge their unalloyed support. The Hausa settlers in Owode under the aegis of Arewa Community pledged their full support. Old students Emmanuel Commercial High School of 1986/87 set, who were colleagues of Akinlade in his secondary school days came to show solidarity. The Association of Soldiers Wives from 192 Battalion barracks in Owode also came to show support. They said they supported Genga Daniel and Ibikunle Amosun and they both emerged governors. They said they were ready to throw their weights behind Triple A and confident that he would emerge governor in coming election. They pleaded that he empower them when he emerges governor of the state. Akinlade said he was confident of block votes from the ward. He pleaded that they should vote for Muhammadu Buhari, APM Senatorial candidate, the Federal House of Representatives candidate and the state Assembly candidates. He reminded the people of their age-long agitation for a Yewa Awori governor, he thereby urged them to not lose this opportunity adding that the people should not betray the Yewa agenda. The movement has now headed for Ajilete ward, where a mammoth crowd has already waited for the arrival of the campaign train.
As we journey further to Ajilete ward, we visited Akinlade’s former host when he was staying in Ajilete, Mrs B. A Akinola. The widow was happy to receive him and his team. She prayed wholeheartedly for the movement’s success and promised to do everything in her capacity to mobilise support for “her son” Akinlade. When we got to the venue of the rally in Ajilete ward, Akinlade and the APM campaign train were received by Baales and Chiefs who described Akinlade as their own son. They promised to vote for the APM so as to realise their clamour for an Ogun West governor, claiming Agosasa is closer to them than the home of any other governorship candidate. They reject to be deputy governors or mere political appointees all the time. They call Akinlade’s attention to happenings between them and soldiers, whose barracks is in their ‘backyard’. Akinlade assured them that he would do everything to bring the dividends of democracy to his people. “I am your son. I won’t forget this show of love. On the day of the election, search for cassava, that’s our logo. It shall be well with you all.” Akinlade said. The movement has now proceeded to Oke Odan ward, the ward of Hon Kolawole Lawal Mobolorunduro (KLM).
Oke Odan ward was locked down for APM. The campaign train was received with grandeur. It shows really that we were at the home of KLM. The Yewa agenda song was on everyone’s lips. The people of the community made it unequivocally clear that they will support their son and make sure APM win across board in their ward. The community leaders came all out to support the movement, different interest groups were well represented. The people of Oke Odan defiled the late night and turned the venue to a Mecca of such. In his address, Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade said : “They said we can’t be governor here, but I told them they are not God. They said we don’t have money, I told them all is not about money. We have the people and we have God and we shall win.” “Those who are betrayals and unfaithful cannot govern us, they will betray us. This is a vary rare opportunity for us to get what we have been longing for. We must not miss it!”, he added.
The APM campaign train has now reached Idogo Ward and was well received by thousands of people in the community led by the Baales of the community. The Baales who were led by the Baale of Erinmi, Chief Bashir Adewale lauded the effort of Gov Ibikunle Amosun in bringing development to the state while praying that Adekunle Akinlade will be his successor. He said they were happy that the Yewa agenda is being realised through the candidacy of Adekunle Akinlade, he added that they were solidly behind Akinlade and all APM candidates. “Adekunle, We’re behind you, if you look your back during the day, you’ll see us; in the afternoon we are with you, even in the night. May almighty God be with you too.” the Baale said. Bose padonu, women leader in the community also lauded Amosun for standing on the promise of giving Yewa a shot at governance of the state. She reiterated their resolve to make sure the agenda come to pass. She prayed for all the APM candidates. Idogo youth leader, Kalejaye Jide also welcomed the movement. He said the youths were solidly behind APM. In his address, Hon Adekunle said he was aware of the deplorable condition of roads in the community and promised to fix them as soon as he emerges. “When we have good roads, there will be rapid developments. This, I promise to do. If I don’t do it, it’s a disgrace to me. I’ve always reiterated my resolve to invest immensely in rural communities through road infrastructure and World Bank intervention. I recalled raising the issue of the abandoned railway project that passed through this community on the house of Assembly floor, that project issue will be revisited because I know the extent of development it will bring to rural communities in this state.”, Akinlade said. There was grand reception by the hunter association in the community who kept shooting in the air to show solidarity.
Now we’ve moved to the Palace of the Onitoro of Itoro land, Oba N. S. O Fashina Elegbede to pay him a courtesy visit. Triple A appreciated him for keeping peace on the community while promising to keep consulting him and other monarchs when he emerges governor. The monarch said he was the happiest for the governorship candidacy of Adekunle Akinlade who is from Yewa and also close to him. He decried the state of the roads in his community but expressed optimism that the problem would be solved when Akinlade emerges. “I’ve suffered a lot because of bad roads. I can neither go out nor come in whenever it rains. Now that God has brought a governor from my zone now, I am so happy and I believe and pray that it would be possible during your time. You’ll not be disgraced.” Oba Fashina said. He prayed for the success of the APM candidates in the coming polls.
The APM campaign train has reached Iwoye ward where thousands of residents of the community had camped at the community square awaiting the arrival of the movement. We were received by the Baales of the community, different interest groups were represented and a large amount of youths came out en masse. The Adele of Iwoye land who is also the Babalaje of Yewa, Chief Adewale Adesina a popular figure popularly known as Saranda, received the movement with glamour. He recalled his efforts on making sure a Yewa person rule the state after decades of being sidelined. He said he was happy that the time has now come with the emergence of “his brother” Akinlade. He said he would do everything in his capacity to make sure Akinlade wins the governorship election come March. He also pledged his unalloyed support for all APM candidates in the region. He said: “Akinlade and I have been together since we were young. By the grace of God who owns heaven and earth, I will use all my strength to make sure Akinlade wins. Our votes in Iwoye is for APM. Even if they bring N1 trillion, they will lose.” “If you are not in APM, don’t waste your money in Iwoye. Those who brought millions during the primary lost. Once you are able to capture Egnr Akintomde and me, you are good to go.” “Just copy Gov. Amosun in infrastructural development. Copy what he has done across the state. We know how many lives he saved in Ijebu-Ode. Look at Egbaland; Alake was almost removed for complaining about the roads, now the roads are there. Everybody you see here today are not rented. You can’t penetrate Iwoye with money.” Saranda said. In his response, Adekunle Akinlade appreciated the love he received from the people of Iwoye and reiterated his commitment to the overall development of the state. He said was he aware that 2 Yewa sons were vying for the governorship position but that he has the brighter chance, having had the support of the Egbas and Remos. He therefore urged the people to not share their votes but to put their votes all together for him. Akinlade said he would be quick to bring the dividends of democracy to the area when he emerges.
We’ve taken the movement to Ilaro III and the support there was massive. Different organised groups in Ilaro came out to show solidarity. The whole town was locked down as drivers, riders, traders, artisans, students and large number of youths were all out to receive the movement. Akinlade was welcomed to the ward amidst songs and drums of solidarity. The cheers were loud and no one could doubt the success of the APM in the ward. The “Yewa lo kan, Akinlade lo le se” chant was very loud. The elders of the Ilaro present took turns to pray for Akinlade and all APM candidates. Akinlade in his remarks, recalled that his first constituency office was in Ilaro and he has done a lot for that area. He said he would do even more if elected governor of the state adding that his intimidating antecedents speak volume that he would not disappoint them. He relayed the issues that birthed the adoption of APM, reminded the people of how some Yewa indegenes betrayed the Yewa agenda that have been alive for years. He therefore warned that the Yewa people should not continue playing second citizens and ensure his emergence. Representatives of the community women, youths, elders and the Hausa settlers all pledged their supports for the movement. We’ve now moved to the next ward – Ilaro ward II.
The reception in Ilaro II was equally intimidating, the reception was a resounding one. This is a community that Akinlade spent over a decade in. It is also the ward of his Senior Legislative aide, Mr Lekan Soyemi, therefore the large turn out was quite expected. The meeting point was the Yewa South Local Government Mass Transit Buses Park and it was filled to the brim. Different interests groups came out to show solidarity and all were happy to identify with Akinlade while promising to deliver block votes for Akinlade. Akinlade appreciated the show of support and promised to never take it for granted. “Apart from the numerous development plans I have for this state, I want to particularly make a promise to you today, I will rebuild this garage. Rebuild and re-furnish all the shops here without taking a dime from the people. This is because this ward is important to me. Very important.”, Akinlade.
We’re now at Ilaro ward I, the venue of the grand rally of APM movement to Yewa South Local Government. Empire ground is the meeting point and the number of people who have come to show solidarity cannot be ascertained. The crowd is enormous. Different groups have come to identify with APM. Igbo community, Arewa community, Igala settlers in Ilaro, artisans, ACOMORAN, AMORAN, NURTW students union and many more are all here. A live band is playing, entertaining the crowd. The APM governorship candidate Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade has taken to the stage to address the audience. He stressed the need to deliver block votes for him in order to achieve the Yewa agenda. “This election is defining moment in the lives of Yewa, in the lives of Ogun West indigenes, a defining election in the lives people of Ogun State, it’s a future-defining election and I urge you all to make it count by voting for me.”,Akinlade said. He urged those that haven’t collected their PVC to quickly go and collect it as that is the only means of voting. He assured them that they would never regret voting for him as he has solid and genuine development plans for Ogun State.
Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade is now introducing other APM candidates in the zone to the people. He is canvassing for votes for them noting that having them in government with him will accelerate development in Ogun West. Akinlade said he was overwhelmed by the show of support he has since received from the people of Yewa South Local Government. He said he would always identify with them, that their struggles would always be his and he would bring ease to the people. More people have since been trooping in into the Empire ground. The show of love is real and no one would ever doubt the love the people of Ilaro have for APM. The live band continues to entertain the crowd as we wrap up the grand rally here in Ilaro.