The APM campaign train is on its way to Yewa North local government, the 8th local government that the campaign train would be visiting. Everything is set as Hon Adekunle Akinlade and his team take the APM campaign to all wards in Yewa North. The wards to be visited are: 👇 👇 👇 👉 Ebute/Igbooro 👉 Ohunbe 👉 Eggua 👉 Ijoun 👉 Ibese 👉 Joga/Ibooro 👉 Imasai 👉 Sunwa 👉 Ayetoro II 👉 Ayetoro I 👉 Idofoi
We’ve now reached Ebute Igbooro and we paid a courtesy call on the Elebute of Ebute Igbooro land, Oba Amusa Adetunji Dosunmu. He received us amidst his Chiefs and prayed for the success of the movement in the forthcoming elections.
Today, the APM campaign train stopped at Ebute Igbooro ward. The venue was Oja Odan. It was homecoming for Akinlade as the people rushed out to welcome their son and other members of the campaign train. Everyone was chanting “Yewa Lokan, Akinlade lo ma se.” The crowd was uncontrollable. Local drummers and singers as well as hunters had a nice time. It was a moment of joy as the iyaloja, babaloja, Chiefs, religious leaders, students and others in Ebute Igbooro assured the APM team of victory. Akinlade felt so proud of his people as he appealed to them to vote for the APM in the forthcoming elections. We were joined by Hon Sogo Akinde – APM candidate for Yewa North II Ketu Constituency House of Assembly, Hon Adebayo Abiodun Adeyemi – Yewa North / Imeko Afon Federal constituency and Hon Olusegun Gbeleyi – APM candidate for Ogun West Senatorial District.
The APM train landed in Ohunbe Ward, a border town between Ogun State and the Republic of Benin. Just like it happened in Oja Odan, people were joyous to receive their incoming governor. The people of Ohunbe, including their monarchs and Chiefs said they are confident that Akinlade would do the needful when he emerges governor of the state. Akinlade took his time to talk to his people on why they should vote for him. He emphasised that Ogun West must produce the next governor of Ogun State; adding that he stands a better chance than any other governorship candidate to actualise the Ogun West agenda. Oba Ganiu Olukunle Adebola assured Akinlade of unalloyed supports. He said more than 30 of the whole 40 something Obas in Ogun West are with Akinlade.
The movement today was more of a visit to one’s family members. The good people of Eggua Ward were so wonderful. They waited patiently to receive the APM team. Their agitation is that Ogun West must produce the next governor of Ogun State and they see that the vision coming to reality through Akinlade. In his words, Triple A charged the people to vote for him. He said, the Egbas, Yewas, Remos and Ijebus are already with him; saying Ogun West must prove to them that they are ready to take what belongs to them with courage. The APM campaign train also paid homage to the Onigua of Eggua, Oba Dr Adeleye Dosunmu.
We’ve taken the movement to Ijoun ward and the reception was magnificent. We got there late but the venue was still like a carnival of such. Thousands of people of Ijoun came all out to identify with Akinlade and the APM. Highlight of the event that took place in Ijoun was the defection of hundreds of former ADC members to APM. They were received into the APM by Hon Adekunle Akinlade who assured that they would not regret their decision. Akinlade reiterated his commitment to the overall development of the state especially bringing development to the rural communities.
At Ibese Ward, the APM campaign train tonight painted Igbogila red. We got there few minutes to nine, yet the crowd was intimidating. Some even said many who came from far away distances had left when they didn’t see us in time. Akinlade appreciated their efforts which he said he would never take for granted. Even without saying much, the people of Ibese Ward said Yewa Lokan, Akinlade lo ma se. Again, Akinlade told the people to prove to the world that Ogun West can speak with one voice. He faulted the claim by some people that Ogun West is in the minority. He said that’s not true. He described as disheartening, seeing Ijebu agenda posters on the walls of houses in Ogun West; urging the people to stand for justice, and equity and fairness.
The first ward to receive the movement today was the Joga Ibooro ward. The reception was a grand one as Hon Seye Bajomo, the APM candidate for the state Assembly of Yewa North constituency 1 led us to the venue amidst songs and drums. Hon Olusegun Gbeleyi and Adebayo Adeyemi, the APM Senate and House of Representatives candidates were also present. We had prayers from both faiths led Chief Imam Yunusa Abogun and Rev mother Funso Oyedokun. Baale Tunji Tella who spoke on behalf of other Baales, said only a bastard Yewa would support any other governorship candidate apart from Akinlade, he lauded Gov Amosun for standing firm with the Yewa agenda promising to make sure they deliver block votes in the ward in order to achieve the age long Yewa agenda. The ward youth leader, Omoniyi Taofeeq an Elder, Chief Majiyagbe Philip and the women leader Obadina Funmilayo also pledged total support for all APM candidates, assuring that they would win the ward flawlessly. In his address, Hon Adekunle Akinlade appreciated all the community’s stakeholders for the reception, he said he was aware of the challenges of Yewa being a Yewa man himself, he promised to see to turn things around adding that the fund to develop Ogun state was already on ground. He said the overall development of the state especially the rural communities would be his priority. He charged the Yewa people to make the Yewa agenda a reality this time around by voting for him, he added that he enjoins the support of other regions and therefore has the better chance to emerge governor of the state. He urged the people to vote for president Buhari as the party had adopted him as her Presidential candidate. He also pleaded that they vote for all APM candidates. “I told president Buhari; you don’t need an APC governorship candidate to win Ogun state for you, we will deliver Ogun state for you. Dapo Abiodun’s mandate is not from the people, it is from Oshimhole and it can’t hold any ground in Ogun state.”Akinlade said. An INEC official also used the meeting to charge the people to come to collect their permanent voters cards as the number of cards not received in the community was much.
The movement proceeded to receive royal blessings from the manorchs in the region. The Kings hosted us at the secretariat of Iju Local Council Development Area I have Ibooro. The Obas that received us included The Olu of Imasai, Oba Gbadebo Oni; The Abooro of Ibooro, Oba Daniel Salako; The Abeepa of Joga, Oba Adekeye Adeyemi and the Olu of Igbogila, Oba Ebenezer Olaloye. Others are The Adogun of Igan Okoto, Oba Mukaila Salako; The Olu of Sawonjo, Oba Michael Oderinde and The Agbaigba of Ijako Oke, Oba Bolarinwa Adeniyi. The Obas took turn to pray for Akinlade and his team, assuring them of their unalloyed support. The Olu of Imasai, who spoke on behalf of other Obas said the Obas believed Akinlade is capable of doing job, he said he believed Akinlade was aware of the challenges facing Ogun West and therefore charged him to bring about positive turn around that would be visible in his first term in office. “Be rest assured, you’ve started well and you’ll emerge victorious.”, Oba Gbadebo said. Workers of the Iju LCDA led by their Chairman Hon Ramon Alebiosu, received Akinlade with glamour and pledged that they would deliver massive votes for him and the APM candidates in the region. Akinlade appreciated them while charging them to vote and monitor their votes. We’ve now proceed to observe our Jumat prayer at Imasai Centre mosque.
The Imam of Imasai prayed for the success of the movement, he said the agitation for a Yewa governor was a right cause to fight for, he made reference to the Quran and charged that the Yewa people should not lose the opportunity at this time. The Imam of Ansarudeen also joined us in the central mosque, he prayed that Akinlade emerges governor while referencing the story of the companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and charging him to make use of the position of governor judiciously when he emerges. The congregation also joined in praying for Akinlade and his team. Akinlade and The DG of the APM campaign Council Chief Sarafa Tunji Isola appreciated the people for the gesture while assuring them that it would never be taken for granted. Akinlade said he would come back to observe Jumat prayer with them very soon as the executive governor of Ogun State. We’ve now proceeded to Imasai ward where thousands of party’s faithfuls have been waiting.
Akinlade and his team trekked from the central mosque to the meeting point in Imasai, amidst a very large number of Imasai people who were so excited to identify with him. We got to the community centre in Imasai and the place was already filled with enthusiastic crowd who had come to show support. Different solidarity songs and chants, the Baales and Chiefs were all out, different interest groups came to identify with us and pledge their solidarity. The hunters association shot severally in the air as a sign of solidarity. Alhaji Fadare, an elder in the community. Akinlade said he was at home and therefore should get block votes from the ward. He said he has a formidable structure behind him and that he was confidence of vote from Egba, Remo and Ijebu, he then urged them to deliver votes that would even be more than the two regions. “This is an election that would ensure the progress of Yewa, a definition election in the lives of the people of Ogun West.” Akinlade said. Triple said investment in rural communities, creation of massive jobs, qualitative education, infrastructural development along others, are his plans for Ogun State when he emerges. He urged that the people vote for him, vote Buhari, Gbeleyi, Adebayo, vote Seye Bajomo and stand by their votes to avoid rigging.
It was funfair all the way at Sunwa ward. The venue was Igan Okoto where thousands of people of the community troop out to welcome the movement. The Arole and Adele Oba of Igan Okoto, Baales and Chiefs of the community led the people to receive us amidst solidarity songs. The women leader of Sunwa ward, Mrs Adebola Ganiyat welcomed Akinlade and the APM campaign train, promised to mobilise votes for APM while charging Akinlade to construct roads, establish more schools and health facilities in her community when he emerges governor. Akinlade recounted the injustice that was perpetrated against him and other candidates in APC which led to his defection to APM, he charged the people to never support injustice and that they should vote en masse for him and the APM candidates in the region. “I’m confident that by the grace of God and with your assistance, I will be sworn in as the next the executive governor of Ogun State by May 29th of this year.” Akinlade said. “We must have courage for this election, this injustice must not stand. This is an injustice to Yewa, it’s not just injustice to me so we have to use our votes to fight the injustice.” he added. He reiterated his resolve to open up all the rural communities and continue the rebuilding mission of Ogun State. He alarted the people of some plans by opposition to rig, he said the people should vote en masse and monitor their votes till they would be collated and announced. This he said, would give opposition no room to rig. Hon Kolawole Lawal Mobolorunduro has joined the APM campaign train to show solidarity.
The movement paid a courtesy call on Alaye of Ayetoro, Oba Abdul Azeez Ishola Kulodo. He received us in his palace amidst his all his Chiefs, who prayed for the success of Akinlade and the APM in the coming elections. The monarch expressed his commitment to the Yewa agenda, praying that the agitation comes to reality this year with Akinlade. He said to Akinlade: “You are our governor.” The Chiefs also echoed their resolve to support Akinlade as a Yewa man to emerge governor of the state. We’ve now proceeded to the meeting point in Ayetoro ward.
We’ve taken the movement to Idofoi ward and the reception in the ward was quite amazing. The Baale of Idofoi, Chief Olatunji Ajani Abioro; the Baale of Anigbade, Chief Ganiyu Ogundiran; the Serikin Kara of Idofoi, Alhaji Usman and Chief Mrs Abidemi Fagbohun, the Ajigbaola of Idofoi led the people of Idofoi to welcome the movement. The people of the community brought Garri, Fufu and other end products of Cassava (the party’s symbol) to welcome the campaign train and show their acceptance of the party. The Baale of Idofoi, Chief Abioro prayed that Akinlade emerges governor of Ogun State in realisation of the Yewa agenda while presenting him a document which contains the 5 focus point that the community wants Akinlade to make priority when he emerges. Chief Abioro highlighted the empowerment of the local government and LCDA, completion of projects started by the Amosun administration in Idofoi, making 4 communities in Idofoi Kingdoms and others as contained in the document. Akinlade appreciated the effort of the Baale in putting up such a document while promising to review it and do justice to it. He charged the people of Idofoi to vote en masse for him, the APM state assembly, Federal House of Representatives and Senatorial candidates to ensure the smooth running of his administration.
We got to a rousing welcome in Ayetoro I, Ward II. The chants of “Yewa lokan, Paki lama dibo, Akinlade lo ma se” were so loud. The ward chairman, Hon Isiaka Mustapha welcomed the APM campaign train while assuring massive mobilisation of votes for APM in the ward. The women leader, Faleti Gbemisola pledged the unalloyed supports from all women of the ward to Akinlade and the APM candidates. Akinlade appreciated the people for the gesture extended to him, he said he was confident of block votes from the ward because it is the ward of his brother, the speaker of Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon Suraj Adekunbi and APM chieftain, Alhaji Fadairo. He promised to bring the dividends of democracy to the area when he emerges governor of the state.
It was total shut down in Ayetoro II Ward III, different interest groups in Yewa North were all present, from Traders association, to NATA, Council of Baales, ACOMORAN, AMORAN, NURTW, RTEAN, to students Union and many others. The Baales and leaders of the community were all present to show solidarity. There was a live band who sang to the entertainment of the crowd, sang the praise of Akinlade and other APM candidates. The people made their acceptance of APM known by the way they sang, chanted, danced and screamed to receive the movement. The Iyaloja of Yewa, Alhaja Abass who spoke on behalf of the Traders association said the people are strongly behind Akinlade, she said he should not doubt his emergence as the governor of Ogun State come May. Akinlade mounted the stage to the cheers of the crowd who kept chanting “Yewa ni oo, Akinlade ni oo”. Akinlade appreciated the show of love, he recounted what led to the adoption of APM and charged the people to use their PVCs to ensure the realisation of governor from Yewa adding that he’d be the one to break the jinx. He said some people had betrayed the Yewa agenda and such people must be trusted with power. He charged the people to Yewa North to speak in one voice, and vote for all APM candidates in the zone. “I am confident that by the special grace of God and the benevolence of the good people of Ogun State, I will emerge governor of Ogun State come March 2nd and would be sworn in by May 29, 2019.” He emphasised the need for people of Ogun West to vote for Hon Olusegun Gbeleyi for Senator, and the people of Yewa North / Imeko Afon Federal constituency to vote for Adebayo Abiodun Adeyemi and people of Yewa North state constituency 1 to vote for Seye Bajomo, he said it would bring unprecedented development to the zone of that is ensured. He particularly addressed the students, charged them to make use of their PVCs to effect the change they desired. “You have the opportunity to define your future in Ogun state, your votes must count. All students in Ogun state, your votes must count. Youths are the most populous voters in Ogun state, use that power to vote me in as the executive governor of Ogun State and by God’s grace you’ll see what we would do.” Akinlade said. The representative of the Yewa North youths took to the stage to express the youths readiness to back Akinlade and ensure his emergence, he asked Akinlade how he would be able to create 25,000 jobs in his first two years. Akinlade replied that the jobs would come from farm settlements which would be established across the 3 Senatorial Districts, consensus with industries in Ogun state to open up internship for youths and from service call centres. The chairman of NATA in Yewa North said they’ve been behind Amosun for almost 8 years and they would be extending that support to Akinlade as they would ensure his emergence. He pleaded that Akinlade establish a mechanic village for them in Yewa North and provide equipment that would enhance their job when he emerges governor of the state. Triple A vowed to never disappoint them.