The Allied Peoples Movement campaign train has left the party secretariat in Abeokuta, enroute Shagamu Local Government. We have received signals that all is set and the people of each ward in Shagamu are ready and anticipating the arrival of Hon Adekunle Akinlade and his team. Asiwaju Yinka Mafe “Mafe L’afe L’Abuja” and his crew have mobilised massively for the campaign tour of the party to wards in Shagamu. Trust us to keep you inundated with updates of happenings and pictures, as the campaign trail move from ward to ward.
The campaign train’s first port of call was Folarin Street in Makun, Sagamu. Hon Adekunle, his running mate, Mrs Adepeju Adebajo flanked by Yinka Mafe and Ademola Adeyinka (Sapele) commissioned the party’s campaign office for the constituency. The elegant edifice on Folarin Street, according to Akinlade is one among others where the candidates, party leaders and members would be meeting to strategise. The building, as revealed by Mrs Adebajo, is owned by her mother and grandmother.
The first ward to receive the movement was Surulere ward in Makun. The ward is a strong fan base of Sapele and Mafe, Mrs Adepeju being from Sagamu is another plus; the crowd was massive and intimidating. Songs of solidarity and support for the APM candidates filled the air. “I feel fully happy, I feel fully elated.” was what Hon Akinlade used in opening his address. “With what I am seing, I am confident that nothing but massive votes would come for APM in Shagamu.This is the most vibrant set of supporters I have met in the last 17 local governments I’ve visited.” Akinlade continued. He said his administration would promote investments, provide massive jobs and develop all and sundry. He charged the people to vote, stay till the votes are counted, collated, announced and pasted as that would guide against rigging. Both Sapele and Mafe thanked the people for the show of love, pledging to give them the best representation in the Legislative.
The APM campaign train has reached Isote Ward; the second ward visited in Sagamu LG. The atmosphere was charged, the people were motivated and ready to thumbprint for the APM in the forthcoming general elections. Ward 12 is Sapele’s ward. So the people said they would give Akinlade triple of what they have been giving Amosun in the past eight years. The media team can confirm to you that Yinka Mafe and Sapele are the right choice of candidates for Remo and Sagamu. The people are ready to do anything for their victory. The people of Isote said “no Akinlade, no votes.” Meaning they won’t vote for any other candidate except Akinlade. In his words, Sapele urged the people to vote for the APM, with a promise that he would not disappoint them. Yinka Mafe said Sagamu LG would deliver over 60% of the total registered voters to Akinlade. He made bold to say that he, as a house of reps candidate would get more votes than some governorship candidates. He charged the people to get their PVCs before the February 8 deadline. Just like in Surulere, Akinlade said he was happy and elated with what what he saw on ground. He said the supporters in Sagamu are vibrant; an indication that Remo is ready for the APM. He revealed Isote is the 200th ward the APM campaign team had visited since it started the ward to ward campaign tour. Akinlade stressed that he would start rebuilding rural communities, providing qualitative education, quality healthcare delivery and so on. He charged the youths to acquire skills that would make them beneficiaries of his government, when on board. “I will be fair to all sections of Ogun regardless of tribe or religion. Vote for me and I will not let you down.”
The APM campaign train proceeded to Ode Lemo /Emuren ward. Akinlade and his team were led to the ward by Mr Kamar Adewale Sonowo, the APM state assembly candidate for Sagamu Constituency 1. Ode Lemo is home to the Managing Director of OPIC, a friend of Akinlade and Adebajo, Mr Jide Odusolu. The Alapinni of Ode Lemo led other Baales and Chiefs to receive the movement. Mr Jide pleaded with his people to vote Akinlade, Mafe and Kamar; he recalled how Amosun promised to and rehabilitated their roads, assuring them that Akinlade would continue the good work of Gov Amosun. The CDA chairman of Ode Lemo lauded Amosun, he said the people of the ward were ready to ensure continuity by voting in Akinlade while pleading that Akinlade completes the road project started by Amosun in the community, renovate their hospitals and help facilitate power supply to their area. Kamar and Mafe pleaded that the people vote for them and ensure the emergence of Akinlade as governor of the state, promising to never disappoint them. Akinlade appreciated the people while assuring them of massive investment in rural communities, theirs included. He promised that Baales would be integral part of his government as they’re key to the security of every community.
Yinka Mafe has done a miracle here. He took the APM campaign train to Emuren. Emuren is Yinka Mafe’s native home. You need to see the excitemment. The enthusiasm was second to none. Mafe is loved at home by his people that they told him, “wherever you go, we go with you.” The chants in their mouths were that of unalloyed support for Akinlade, Mafe, Sapele and Kamar. Religious leaders in Emuren all prayed for the candidates, while calling on all sons and daughters of Emuren to give 100% backing to the APM candidates. Mafe assured the people that they would not regret voting for them, vowing that Akinlade would complete the road project ongoing in Emuren, and still execute more developmental projects in the community. Akinlade appreciated them, he said the people of Emuren would feel the positive impact of his administration when elected.
The train had a brief stop at Idi Orogbo, along Fakore/Igode road. Party faithfuls in the area had camped for Akinlade’s arrival. They danced and cheered as they sighted the campaign train, pledging their support for APM. The party faithfuls there have a modest structure serving as APM secretariat in the place. Akinlade was impressed by the love shown, promising to deliver on all his promises when elected.
When he arrived Ogijo, Adekunle Akinlade of the APM paid homage to the Ologijo of Ogijo, Oba Kazeem Olaonipekun Gbadamosi for royal blessings. The monarch, who was in company of his chiefs, sent words of appreciation to Gov. Ibikunle Amosun for fulfilling his promises for the people of Ogijo. He added that the palace would send a copy of Ogijo Strategic Plan to Akinlade, just as it was done in Sagamu. The monarch prayed for Akinlade to succeed his bid to become the next governor of Ogun State, urging him not to abandon all ongoing projects in Ogijo. In his words, Akinlade assured the monarch that there would not be any abandoned project in Ogijo and Ogun State at large when he becomes governor. He promised to run an all-inclusive government by taking the dividends of democracy to all the nooks and crannies of Ogun State.
Ogijo was like a wedding reception. The people were all out, singing and dancing as they set their eyes on Triple A and his team. Yoruba will say “iroyin ko to amojuba.” You really need to be in Ogijo to get a true picture of happenings there right now. If you are still in doubt, then you can doubt the existence of God. Waste no time, join the winning team. The APM is ready to accommodate everybody. At Ogijo, Mafe and Kamar appealed to the people to vote for the APM, with a promise to bring government to their doorsteps. Adepeju Adebajo, in her words thanked the people for their supports. She enjoined them to go and collect their voter cards and use same in voting for the APM. Speaking, Akinlade reassured that Ogijo would not be left behind in the scheme of things when elected; adding that “I will not disappoint you and none of you will be missing when the time comes.”
Simawa/Iwelepe ward was wow! The people stood still and were loud in their support for Akinlade, Mafe, Sapele and Kamar. They had waited hours for the campaign train to arrive, when it finally got to them; they owned it! Yorubas and non Yoruba indegenes in Simawa were all present. The enthusiastic crowd sang and danced in acceptance of the cassava party. Mafe appreciated the people, Sapele and Kamar did same; promising to better the lives of their constituents. Akinlade said the people had shown that they were 100 percent with him, he reiterated that his ambition to govern the state was born out of his love and passion for Ogun State and that he would do everything in his might to bring about unprecedented development to the state. He pleaded that the people vote for him, he said that his development plans for Ogun State have been clearly outlined and that he would not disappoint them.
The APM campaign train had a brief stop at the popular Ijebu garage at Isale Oko in Sagamu. The chairman of NURTW, Samson Agbaje and that of the RTEAN Suji Dabiri and many other transport workers in the garage welcomed Akinlade and his team to their midst while pledging to back him and vote for all APM candidates. Another stop at Sagamu Central mosque where Akinlade and his team met with Sagamu league of Imams and Alfas. The Imams and clerics present, all prayed for Akinlade and his team while assuring him of victory in the general elections. Chief Sarafa Tunji Isola who introduced Akinlade to the leaders of the Muslim community in Sagamu, described him as God-fearing and a man of integrity while assuring them that backing Akinlade would be their best decision. Akinlade reiterated that his love for Ogun State was the driving force behind his ambition to govern the state. He thanked the Muslim leaders for the prayers and their pledges to support him, while assuring them that he would not disappoint them.
As the APM campaign team resumed its ward to ward campaign tour in Sagamu LG today, it started with Oko Epe/Soyindo Ward. The venue was the front of Aminisan palace, Oba Mufutau Adeoye. It was a gathering of the young and old, males and females. There was no holds barred; everybody was there, regardless of tribe or religion. Igbos, Hausas, Igbos Fulanis and Igedes in the area came out to welcome the man of the people. Akinlade said he’s coming as a governor, to serve the people and make life more meaningful to them. He assured them that he would not let them down. The train then proceeded to Bido/Otun Alara ward and the reception there was equally warm.
Akinlade, thanks for feeling our pains; thanks for giving us hope. In the past one month, Hon. Adekunle Akinlade, the governorship candidate of the Allied People’s Movements (APM) has been going from one village to another for his ward to ward campaign tour. He has since been to over 200 wards as at today. This is laudable and commendable. It speaks volume of a man who is truly ready to govern our dear state. During the BBC News Yoruba debate today, to my utmost respect for him, the very compassionate Akinlade disclosed what he saw in his voyage to the remotest areas in the state. Any right thinking person knows what happens in the rural areas, even in developed nation. You cannot lie about that. In villages he has been to, he must have seen hopelessness, poverty and stagnation. This happens everywhere in the world. To the idiots who have been making a fuss about Akinlade’s comments, remember that President Muhammadu Buhari has on different occasions said he felt the pains of Nigerians, that he saw their tears. That’s how to be a leader. There shouldn’t be any noise about that. It is very shameful that some miscreants, whose candidate cannot appear for any debate in Ogun State and those whose candidate was part of a government that subjected Ogun people to poverty and where violence was the order of the day, are now on social media ranting. The former, their candidate didn’t come for the debate because he knows he is a dullard that has nothing to offer the good people of Ogun State. This is the second time he would be dodging a debate. The latter were those whose candidate appeared, but could not state categorically what a government, which he was part of, did eight years to better the lives of the people of the state. These shameless supporters are all out to create confusion in Ogun State. It won’t work. Akinlade stands tall among them all. Lest I forget, it is important I remind some discerning minds that Ogun State has been existing since the past 43 years. Those who governed the state before the incumbent Governor Ibikunle Amosun did nothing to give hope to the people of Ogun State. When Amosun came on board, Ogun was in a state of comatose; people both in the rural and urban areas were hopeless. But today, the Amosun government embarked on massive urban renewal; the first phase of his developmental plans in the mission to rebuild the state. This has since attracted investors to Ogun and has put the state on a par with other growing states. For those who understand how government works, Akinlade is visiting all these rural communities to understand the condition of things. He has promised to embark on massive rural renewal. He has vowed to open up all rural areas and make them economically viable. That is the second phase of the mission to rebuild Ogun State. Triple A has been so emphatic about his mission to rebuild rural areas in Ogun State. He was passionate about it while answering question on the programme today when somebody asked how serious he is about governing Ogun State. His words: “…Among all of us here today, I am the only one who has been to 211 wards. I have seen where the people are lacking. I saw the state of hopelessness of our people. It is only if I am wicked that I would not allow the dividends of democracy to get to all of them…” With this statement, Akinlade has shown himself as a man who is down to earth, a man with a heart as pure as gold; a man who will bring government to the doorsteps of the people of Ogun. He is altruistic, kind and generous. Triple A, I love you. May God make you the next governor of Ogun State by God’s grace. Let me round off with this: State of hopeleness is when you say Ogun West should not be allowed to govern Ogun State after 43 years. State of hopeleness is when justice is denied and injustice reigns; just like it happened when Dapo Abiodun stole Akinlade’s mandate in the APC. State of hopeleness is when a section of a democratic state is being considered as minority. State of hopeleness is when we allow politics take away our unity, common objectives; thereby enslaving some people you termed as minority. Thank you Ajiri omo Oye for giving hope to the hopeless people of Ogun West. Let us vote right in 2019. It is time to restore our hope and justice in Ogun. Support Ogun West Agenda Vote the cassava party – Allied People’s Movement (APM) It is truly movement to victory. Tunji Ajisafe, Abeokuta South
At Bido/Otun Alara ward, APM lost a party faithful popularly called “Coach”. Akinlade commiserated with family and friends of the deceased while praying that God grant him eternal rest. The people of the ward did not fail to show their enthusiasm, they said they were ready to vote and mobilise votes for APM. From Ibido/Itun Alara down to Agbowa wards, the APM campaign train later moved to Isokun/Oyebajo ward where he met a motley crowd. It was declaration of loyalty all through. The Itun Isokun street stood still for Akinlade and his team. The elated Akinlade was full of appreciation, appreciation and appreciation. He appealed to the people to vote for him massively; urging them to defend their votes to prevent any form of rigging. “I will come as the fifth executive governor of Ogun State to thank you by God’s grace.
The campaign train touched down Latawa ward before moving to Ijagba ward. The energy in both ward was electrifying. The people trooped out in their numbers chanting and dancing in support of Adekunle, Mafe, Sapele and Kamar. The crowd was intimidating. In fact, the people of Ijagba brought masquerades to welcome and pray for Akinlade. Akinlade appreciated them, he assured the people of good governance when elected. He said the crowd was an indication of victory for APM at the forthcoming general elections. He reiterated his commitment to create up to 25,000 jobs in his first two years in office while advising uneducated youths to learn skills that would made them beneficiaries of his government. He promised to continue with the development blueprint of the state, started by Amosun. He said rural communities would be made priority in his administration.
Sabo ward I was on lock down for Triple A and his team. It is the ward of the state chairman of ACOMORAN, a friend of Akinlade; Alhaji Samsideen Apelogun and it showed clearly as the mammoth crowd was unrelenting in their solidarity chant and pledges to give 100 percent backing to Akinlade. The Igbo vision of Nigeria, Sagamu branch were on hand to identify with the APM. Akinlade appreciated them with a promise to not disappoint them. Mrs Adepeju Adebajo charged the people to vote and stand by their votes. She promised that her administration will make live easier for indegenes and residents alike.
The campaign train was taken to Sabo, a community of the Hausas and Fulanis. Their own style of support is second to none. You need to see them chanting “mai rogo muke so.” They were out in a multitude, to tell Akinlade that they would vote for him wholeheartedly. The Abokis are just too wonderful. Honestly, 1000 wards won’t be enough to narrate what the APM campaign team witnessed here this evening. Akinlade, on behalf the APM campaign team, appreciated them for their supports and show of love. He said they would be part of his government as appointees when it comes on board. Akinlade and his team then proceeded to Sabo ward II. The place was filled to the brim with young and old pledging full support for the Allied Peoples Movement. The Youth Butchers Association of Sabo ward II presented Akinlade packs of customised exercise books as their own contribution to his campaign. Akinlade expresses his gratitude, he said it was the first in all the wards he had visited that an association as theirs would present him a campaign material. He said he would forever remember the gesture. Akinlade addressing the crowd, many of which are traders, charged them to vote for him and the APM candidates, he promised to renovate their markets and give them grants for their trades.
Ayegbami/Ijoku Ward paraded a crop of loyal party members who stand firm with Akinlade, Yinka Mafe and Kamar. Even as late as 8:22pm, they were unshaken, gallant and strong. To them, the coming election is a fight against injustice and imposition. So, no going back. In their remarks, Adekunle Akinlade and Yinka Mafe said better days are here for the people of Ogun State. They reemphasised that the economy of rural communities would receive a boost with APM in power. They also promised more jobs for the youths and women in Ogun. It is time to move to victory.
Itunla Akarigbo was the last ward Akinlade and his campaign team visited today and it was nothing but a massive show of support. Many organised groups identified with APM. Hon Bakare Oluwafemi, the chairman of Progressive Group of Nigeria, Sagamu Local Government, a group of over 500 members in the local government, said the group had resolved to support Akinlade, Mafe, Sapele and Kamar. The candidates of APM all took turn to appreciate the people, charged them to vote for them, promising to bring governance to them. That ended the APM campaign tour to Sagamu LG. The people of Sagamu have shown that their loyalty lies with the Allied Peoples Movement.
Earlier, Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade was at the general meeting of the Ogun State Traders, held at the Oba Odeneye Park, popularly called Ori Omi in Abeokuta. The market women and men from the 3 Senatorial Districts of the state, revealed that they have endorsed the candidature of Hon Adekunle, pledging to vote and mobilise votes for him. The Babaloja and Iyaloja of Yewa, Chief Adewale Adesina (Saranda) and Mrs Yemisi Abass presented Akinlade to the over 2000 traders present at the event, pleading that they vote him in to ensure that a Yewa man becomes governor of Ogun state after over 4 decades of the existence of the state. The request got a resounding YES from traders who sang and danced in acceptance of the candidature of Triple A. Akinlade appreciated them, promised to never take their support for granted while reiterating his resolve to create the Ministry of Trade and Investment when elected. The ministry would make loans and grants accessible to traders and small scale entrepreneurs, Akinlade added. Present at the event were The Olu of Owode Egbaland, Oba Kolawole Soweminmo and two other monarchs of Egbaland; Chief Sarafa Tunji Isola, Hon Micky Kazzim, Hon Idowu Olowofuja, Hon Modupe Mujota and several APM stakeholders.