The convoy of hundreds of vehicles has taken off from the the party secretariat in Abeokuta. The campaign train is set to visit all the wards in Ogun Waterside. We are in high spirit! Our moving and stationed supporters are ready to take over Ogun Waterside. Let’s go there!
#APM #MovementToVictory #APM_CampaignMovement #APMinOgunWaterside
The train has reached the Ogun Waterside and our first stop was Ibiade junction where we were welcomed by the APM candidate for Ogun Waterside constituency, FOYEE and a mammoth crowd of the party’s supporters. What we are seeing in Ogun Waterside presently is unprecedented. People stood by the road side in their numbers chanting APM; with cassava in their hands. So many graphics on display – boards, postal.. A clear indication that APM will win all the polling units in Ogun Waterside. No doubts All thanks to our Assembly candidate, FOYEE. The media team confirmed he’s truly a grassroots mobiliser. Now, we are at the river bank about to board boats to the other side. The crowd is very massive and willing to take on the river!!
#APM #MovementToVictory #APM_CampaignMovement #APMinOgunWaterside
The movement doesn’t just happen on land, we move on water too! After over one hour on water, our campaign ship sailed safely to Ode Omi Ward where thousands of APM loyalists had waited patiently for our arrival. The movement was greeted by cheers and songs of solidarity by the people of the community. The Leluwa of Ode Omi, his chiefs and Baales of the community led their people to receive the movement, while pledging their 100% commitment to the aspirations of Triple A and all the APM’s candidates in the zone. Ode Omi is a riverine/agrarian community playing host to many tribes, among which are the Ijebus, Ilajes, Urobos, Ikales and Ijaws. While welcoming Akinlade and the team to their community, Mr Olatunbosun Okeibi, a community leader, said pastors in the area had made spiritual consultations and it has been confirmed that Akinlade would be the next governor of Ogun state. Okeibi appealed to Akinlade to give the community a road that would link them to Lagos, assuring him of massive votes come March 2. In his response, Akinlade said the area to him was just like Akere, Tongeji or Tafa in his own Ipokia Local Government. He assured them of positive turn around when voted in, saying “I can’t neglect my people.”
After sailing safely back to land, the movement headed for Makun/Irokun ward. The reception was great. The elders of the community took turn to pray for the success of the APM during the forthcoming elections.
The APM campaign train proceeded to Efire ward. It was dark already but the crowd were unrelenting. They waited patiently for the train and gave the movement a very warm and lively reception. Hon Foye Adeniyi (FOYEE) pleaded with the people of the community to not waste their votes. He said he was confident in the capacity and capability of Triple A.
Oni ward was the movement’s next stop. It was massive and we literally locked down the community.
It was past 8pm and the train went ahead to Ibiade ward. The meeting point was the Ibiade garage where thousands of APM party’s faithfuls had been waiting for the movement to get to their side. There was live band and the enthusiastic crowd made it seem like it was afternoon. At about 9pm, the campaign train reached Iwopin ward. The late night and the moths flying around the lights couldn’t deter our teeming supporters. They pledged their supports to the movement, chanted songs urging the team to have no fear that the ward is locked down for APM.
The train has reached Ayila ward, a community which is just a stone’s throw away from Ondo state. The reception was great. Akinlade and his team were received with melodious songs sang in the dialect of the people of Ayila. He joined the people in dancing to the songs. The highlight of happenings at Ayila Ward was the receipt of over 100 defectors from the PDP who were led by a former Youth leader of PDP in the community, popularly called Erunmole 1. Foye Adeniyi described the ward as one he cherished so much because the people always come through for him. He pleaded to them to vote en mass for all APM candidates and for President Buhari during the polls of February and March. Triple A appreciated their supports, said he was impressed by the large number of people that turned up for him while urging them to mobilise even more for APM during the elections. “This is an election between good and evil, between justice and injustice. I am confident the people of Ogun will vote for good. Nobody will decide who rules us, the people will decide. They will come to lie, don’t mind them. They can’t give what they don’t have, you can’t put something on nothing. We won’t allow them to mortgage Ogun state, we won’t allow them to destroy the future of our coming generations”; Akinlade said. The Baales and the various opinion leaders in the community pledged their unalloyed support for Akinlade and all APM candidates, assuring that the ward is already locked down for APM.