Our first stop was the Palace of the Olu of Owode Egbaland Oba Kolawole Aremu Soweminmo. The Oba received us in company of other monarchs in the local government under the aegis of Progressive Obas Forum. The Obas present were Olu Obafe, Olu Oniro, Olu igbein, Olu Kobape, Oni moko, Olu Arepo, Olu Ibafo and Olu Ogunmakin Others were Olu of Siun, Olu Ojoru, Olu Oba, Olu Ajebo, Olu Itori Odo and Alagbado Chiefs and Baales present were Iya Loja of Owode, Chief Apesin, Baale Isale Owode, Chief Abese Owode Egba and Chief Gbadegunwa of Owode Egba. The Obas and Chiefs prayed for the movement’s success while pledging their total support for Akinlade and his team. The Olu of Owode said all Obas in Egbaland had resolved to support Akinlade to ensure orderly succession and the continuity of the good governance stated in 2011. “Continuity is very important in the development of anything in life.”, Oba Kolawole said. Akinlade appreciated the show of love by the Obas, he said he would be continuing from where Amosun stopped and would do his bit to promote the traditional institution. Worthy of note is that our candidates in the region Hon Micky Kazzim and Hon Tunde Sanusi are in the campaign train.
Our campaign train reached Arepo ward amidst funfair and welcome songs from the people of the ward. As soon as Akinlade reached the venue about a hundred primary school pupils rushed to him chanting his name. Akinlade engaged them by reciting some primary school rythmes with them before giving them exercise books. Different interest groups were on ground and they all pledged their supports for the movement. The community even brought Igunnuko Masquerades to receive us. Akinlade observed that the ward is a boundary community and has the tendency to be marginalised. He however promised to bring development to all and sundry. Addressing the crowd, Hon Sanusi recalled how he sponsored motions that led to the construction of flyovers in Mowe/Ibafo axis and other project he sponsored in his constituency. He promised an even better representation when re-elected. Boundary issue. Hon Micky Kazzim, also recalled that there was no electricity in Magboro axis before he pushed for it in the National Assembly, the motion he raised also bright about the was brought the JTF stationed at Arepo to curb militancy in the area. He mentioned the numbers of transformers he had supply to the area while pleading that the people re-elect to continue the good work.
We proceeded to Magboro ward and it was equally a great experience there. The Baales, CDC heads, several organised and the poeple of Magboro were all on ground to pledged their solidarity. Ofada Mokoloki students association endorsed the candidature of Akinlade and presented him their official endorsement letter signed by their president. Akinlade appreciated the people and states that his administration, when voted in would introduce many Technology initiative that would bring about ease to the people and to governance. He reiterated his commitment to continue with the phase 2 of the development blueprint of Ogun State. He pleaded that the people vote for him and ensure a smooth running of his administration by voting in Hon Sanusi and Micky Kazzim.
The APM campaign train just left Ibafo ward and number of people who received the movement could not be ascertained, it was a mammoth crowd of Elders, youths, market men and women. The meeting point was the front of the palace the Olu of Ibafo and the place was literally locked down. The way the traders in Ibafo recieved us was absolutely amazing, it was a magnificent reception. The “Akinlade, Egbe Oni paki” chants filled the air as well as other solidarity songs from the youths. Akinlade said he was overwhelmed by the show of love and the amount of people that came to receive him and his team. He promised to not stop the wheel of development in the state but even accelerate it. He promised the traders of see to the issue of the Ibafo market when voted in. He berated the site of the market, stressing that it was risky to the lives of the people. “I promise you, in my first hundred days, in office, I would have done something remarkable about your market issue. It is not safe to have market by the road side.” he emphasised. He also urged the youths to shun violence as the time of violence has elapsed in Ogun state. He urged them to learn any entrepreneur skill as there would be massive empowerment for them when elected.
When the APM campaign team arrived Mowe, the reception was glorious. It was crowd, crowd and crowd. We have no doubts that the people of Mowe have decided to vote for the APM. To them, they want to fight injustice and inequity. Akinlade in his words said: “With our votes, we will teach Dapo Abiodun and his cohorts a lesson in this Ogun State. Our PVC is our power and we will send them back to where they belong with our votes.” “They want to cause problems in Ogun State. They are desperate now; they want to rig, but they will fail by God’s grace.. They thought it was too short a time for us to go round Ogun State. Now they are the ones who can’t go round the 236 wards in Ogun State.”Akinlade said. “This is about Ogun state, this is not about me or Amosun. It is about Ogun state. We must protect the integrity of Ogun State from those thieves that want to mortgage our state.”, he added. Meanwhile we’ve had two brief stops at Orimerunmu and NUD primary school before going to Mowe. We had a very warm welcome there too.
Another grand reception at Ofada ward. The people of Ofada gave the movement a very warm welcome. The love the people of Ofada have for Akinlade and APM was strongly felt. We had both young and old of the community kept singing solidarity songs while pledging to deliver massive votes for the Allied Peoples Movement during the polls. Akinlade thanked the people while assuring them of good governance when they when elected.
Mokoloki ward was the next ward we visited. The Onimoko of Mokoloki represented by Otun kabiesi Mokoloki and Iyaloja Mokoloki led their people to welcome us. It was dark but the people of the community switched on their phones torch so they could see the face of their “governor”. Akinlade appreciated the people, he told them APM was born out of necessity, to fight the injustice meted on them in APC and thereby urged them to make his aspiration a reality. He promised to never forget the people that their road is among roads to be constructed in the coming administration as contained in the development blueprint.
Onidundu was the next ward to receive the movement. We got there quite late, but the people stood still for Akinlade and his team. The people of Onidundu were happy to recieve us and their Igunnuko masquerades were out to entertain us, even as dark as it was. Akinlade said he felt at home with the people of Onidundu. Responding to the quest of the people concerning roads and basic amenities in the community, Akinlade said it was already part of his development plans for the state, he added that the money to be used to execute the projects is already on ground. He appealed that the people look out for cassava on the ballot papers before casting their votes.
We’ve taken the movement to Moloko Asipa. We got there at around 10pm, nevertheless hundreds of supporters were still on hand to receive us. The Baale general of Asipa who spoke on behalf of the people said Chief Kunle Lenboye, a former Chairman of APC who is now a Chieftain of APM had addressed them earlier and that they’ve given him their word to vote for Akinlade and APM. The Baale asked that Akinlade should help tackle their challenges in the community such as water, roads, secondary schools and health facilities when elected. Akinlade said he would commence with rural renewal as soon as he takes charge of the state adding that making rural communities economically viable would be a key policy of his administration.
It is surprising that the whole Oba ward stay woke to recieve the APM campaign train. People lined up both sides of the road just to receive Akinlade and his team. From the past 11pm we got there till 12am when we left, the community centre was so filled with people. They were so excited to identify with Akinlade, different solidarity chants filled the air and the people pledged their supports for the Allied Peoples Movement. The Olu of Oba-Eerin, Oba Abdul Ganiu Adegun Sanyaolu, his wife, his Chiefs and many Baales of the community defied the late night and led their people to receive us. Oba Sanyaolu said he was glad to recieve Akinlade adding that he was confident that he would succeed Sen Amosun. “You’re already there, you’ve been tested and you passed, you’re not a stranger to us and that’s why we would support you. You’re already there.” We got prayers from the Baales and the Chiefs. They pleaded that their roads should be given urgent attention when Akinlade emerges, they asked that he helps with their secondary school, give grants to traders, renovate their shops and empower the women. The people also requested that the Lisabi forest be turned to a monumental area and a tourist centre. Meanwhile, about a hundred of youths in Oba ward announced their defection from various political parties to the Allied Peoples Movement. They were recieved by Hon Adekunle Akinlade who assured that they have taken the right decision by joining the winning team. Akinlade appreciated the people for staying that late to recieve him while promising to bring governance to them and massively invest in communities, including theirs.
We got to another meeting point in Oba ward – Alowonle Bus stop, Adigbe at exactly 12.36am. The people stood still for Akinlade and his team. It was like a carnival, I didn’t expect that kind of crowd considering the time. The poeple had resolved to support Hon Tunde Sanusi, Hon Micky Kazzim and Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade, they confirmed it with the show of love displayed this midnight. Old and young were all out, even the Baales were all out. The students Union mobilised massively to show support and solidarity. Akinlade appreciated the people, he said he was overwhelmed by the show of love and honoured to have got that kind of reception. He promised to never disappoint them while reeling out his development plans for the state which include massive employments, opening up rural communities, development of agricultural sector, among others. Addressing the youths, Akinlade said: “Our leaders have given the opportunity to youths to lead this state, it is now up to you to make it count. I have learnt a lot from Sen Ibikunle Amosun and I hope you would learn from me as well.” Hon Micky Kazzim and Tunde Sanusi also pledged to give the people in better representation in the National Assembly and the state Assembly. We left the ward by 1.20am.
As the APM campaign team moved out to visit the remaining wards in Obafemi Owode LG, it had a stop over at the mechanic village along Sagamu express road. Masters and apprentices of the National Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) were happy to receive Akinlade into their midst. It was a moment of joy as they assured Akinlade that all of them have their PVCs; boasting that they and their households would vote for the APM. The chairman of NATA at the village, Comrade Ibrahim Bashiru, told Akinlade that they’re ever ready to cast their votes for him and other members of the APM. He said the incumbent governor Ibikunle Amosun is a father to NATA and wherever he goes, they go. Akinlade in his response, retorted that his administration would strengthen the relationship built by NATA and Gov Amosun by making use of the progress reports made available to him by the governor. He added that he would look into their immediate needs and provide the most important ones in his first 100 days in office.
The campaign train proceeded to Egbeda ward and the reception there was very ward. Hundreds of people of Egbeda received us amidst funfair while pledging their full support for Akinlade. Baales, Chiefs, elders and various opinion leaders in the community all assured Akinlade of their unflinching loyalty. They prayed for his victory at the poll as well as the victory of other APM candidates in the region. Akinlade appreciated them while promising to bring the dividends of democracy to the area. He appealed that they vote him in while assuring the people that they would not regret voting for him.
It was a very memorable moment with the people of Kajola ward where the entire community gathered to welcome the APM campaign train. Kajola is a quarry site where mining activities are on the increase day by day. Chiefs, elders, traders, farmers and youths of Kajola said their votes are for APM. Hon. Adekunle Akinlade, while addressing the people, promised to regulate mining activities in the area to the benefit of host communities. He said his administration, when voted in, would renovate the road that links Kajola to other areas. He assured them of quality education, health care delivery as well as the provision of jobs for all and sundry. Hon. Micky Kazzim, Hon. Tunde Sanusi joined Akinlade in appealing to the people to vote for the APM.
Obafemi ward was the campaign train’s next stop and we had a very amazing time there. The song of solidarity was loud and the people made it very obvious that they were for the Allied Peoples Movement. Royal fathers, religious leaders and many interest groups came to identify with us. The Balogun of Obafemi, Chief Oluwafemi Sounde, affirmed the people of the community resolve to ensure the emergence of Akinlade to enable continuity in the state. He also lauded the effort of Micky Kazzim and Tunde Sanusi in their community while assuring that they would be reelected. Akinlade was grateful for the assurance he got from the people while promising to better the lives of people of Ogun State when he elected. He said he would build on the legacy of Sen Ibikunle Amosun, he reaffirmed his commitment to develop rural communities, create massive employments while providing qualitative Education and Healthcare delivery. He charged youths to learn skills while promising that his administration’s projects would be executed by indigenous people.
The people of Ajebo Ward couldn’t hide their enthusiasm when the APM campaign train landed in their community. In their numbers, they rolled out the drums, dancing and chanting the party slogans. Baales and chiefs of the community were in attendance to identify with the APM. The Triple A media team gathered from locals in Ajebo that the ward stands with Amosun and Akinlade. The Ogun APM governorship candidate in his words appreciated Gov Amosun for attracting more investors to Ogun State through his urban renewal drive. This he said had brought about imcrease in the state’s IGR. He reechoed that he would rebuild and renew all rural communities. He said he would empower at least 500,000 rural dwellers in the state so as to abolish poverty and make them convenient taxpayers. He charged the youth to acquire one skill or the other as Ogun would soon become more of a construction site. He said he would avoid capital flight by engaging local bricklayers, carpenters, tilers, painters, welders, engineers and so on. “Please vote for me”. he appealed to the people of Ajebo.
At Alapako Oni, people were adrenalized by the sight of Akinlade and his team. In fact, people lined up the the road leading to the meeting point. They all had solidarity chants in their mouths. The ward leader that spoke on behalf of the people of Alapako said the number of people that came out to receive Akinlade was evident that the ward is totally for him. He said the people came out of their freewill to show support. Hon Micky Kazzim addressed the enthusiastic crowd, pleaded that they ensure continuity in Ogun state by voting Akinlade and by reelecting him and Hon Tunde Sanusi. Akinlade appreciated them, for their resilience, for their patience, for waiting hours to recieve him. He assure them of the continuity of the good work of the present administration. He said his Ward to ward campaign tour has exposed him to various challenges of his people while vowing to proffer solutions to them when elected. He alarted the people that his opposition are planning to rig the election, he therefore charged them to vote and monitor their votes till they would be collated, counted, announced and pasted.
MAI ROGO MUKE SO! MAI ROGO MUKE SO!! MAI ROGO MUKE SO!!! That was the chant that filled the air when the campaign train briefly stopped at the Hausa community in Odumakin. Akinlade addressed the enthusiastic Hausas who pledged their full support for him and the APM. Akinlade told them about his development plans for the state while assuring them that their welfare would be well taken care of in the state. “Mai Rogo Muke So” means “It is the Cassava party that we want/support
The APM team got to Ajura at about 8:30pm. The people patiently waited since morning. That’s because they were keen to see the next governor of Ogun State, by God’s grace, Adekunle Akinlade. Ajura is the home of Governor Ibikunle Amosun, so we didn’t expect anything less. The Chairman of Obafemi Owode LG, Hon. Jamiu Balogun, appreciated the people for their patience and resilience. He made bold to say that the people of Ajura would vote enmasse for Akinlade and other APM candidates. Akinlade said the next government would be the government of the people and that’s why he would allow every interested individuals, regardless of tribe or class, to make his point and demands known. Youths in the community demanded for a mini campus of Moshood Abiola University in Ajura. This, they explained would develop the area drastically. The youths charged Akinlade to make sure the industries in Obafemi Owode LG turn around the fortune of their host communities. Engnr Opeyemi Aminu, who spoke on behalf of the youths and the palace, said government should provide jobs for the people by making it compulsory for companies in the local government to employ certain percentage of their employees from their host communities. Akinlade appreciated the people, with a promise that no one would be left out in his government when elected. He urged them to vote massively for the APM to ensure continuity in Ogun State.
We wrapped up our campaign tour to Obafemi Owode Local Government with a grand rally at Owode Ward. The reception was so amazing. Thousands of people of Owode turned out and the venue turned a Mecca of such with the influx of people who had come to show support and solidarity. The Olu of Owode Egbaland, Oba Kolawole Aremu and the Olu of Siun, Oba Lawrence Olawale led their Chiefs and Baales to the venue, they prayed for the success of the movement while pledging their total support. The Obas said they are openly supporting APM so Akinlade can continue with the good governance of the state. Different groups were all out to support and we had a massive turn out of students. Akinlade thanked the people of Obafemi Owode for the ward reception he and his had enjoyed since yesterday that they started their campaign tour to the local government. He promised to never disappoint them.