Our campaign train has reached Ogere ward I and was received by the APM candidate vying for the Federal House of Representatives, Remo Federal constituency – Asiwaju Yinka Mafe and Hon Odumosu Olugbenga Kayode, the APM candidate for the state House of Assembly, Ikenne Constituency and thousands of APM supporters in Ogere. Recall that Remo Federal constituency comprises Ikenne, Shagamu and Remo North local governments. The reception was loud as Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade was welcomed to Ogere amidst songs and funfair. The “Akinlade lo le se, Mafe l’afe l’Abuja and Odumosu ni ooo” was very loud. An elder of the ward, Engnr Tunji Tokunbi said the people of Ogere are all behind Akinlade and other APM candidates, and that the ward would deliver block votes for APM. Akinlade appreciated the people of Ogere for coming out in their numbers to welcome him and show love and support. He pleaded that the people vote and convince others to vote for him and other APM candidates. “We will say it again and again, that for us; we need to create jobs for our youths and create jobs for our people. Once we do that, of course development will come to Ogun state. We’ll open up the rural communities, we will empower our local governments, because the local governments are those closer to the people. But we can not achieve this if you don’t support us, we cannot achieve this if you don’t vote for us.”Akinlade said.
The APM campaign train proceeded to Ogere ward I where thousand of people in the area trooped out to receive the movement. The venue was the Ogere motor Garage and was filled with people. Prayers. Sapele. Women leader lauded Amosun, sued for continuity. They’ll vote for APM everyone see there. The women leader of the ward who welcomed the movement lauded the effort of Gov Amosun in rebuilding Ogun state while pledging their total support for Akinlade to ensure continuity in the state. The youth leader also sued for continuity while assuring that APM would win the ward flawlessly. He said: “Everyone you see here today and those at home will vote for APM.” Akinlade told them that the rebuilding of Ogun State was in phases and that Gov Amosun had done the first phase which lured many investors into the state. He said Gov Amosun had laid the foundation and he would be continuing from where he stopped. He urged the people to make sure they collect their PVCs, vote for him, stand till the votes are collated and counted. He added that they should not give out their permanent voters cards or give out the identification numbers on them to anyone, as it could be a ploy to disenfranchise them. Hon Odumosu also spoke with the people (in Ikenne dialect), he urged them to vote for him and the APM guber candidate while assuring them to bring ease to the people. Asiwaju Yinka Mafe also charged the people to vote for APM, he promised them better representation in the National Assembly while advising that the electorate look out for cassava on the ballot papers before casting their votes. He said they could ask for help from electoral officers if need be. Mrs Adepeju Adebajo also charged the people to make their aspirations for a progressive Ogun state possible by voting for APM.
The movement is now at the palace of Alaperu of Iperu, Alayeluwa Oba Adeleke Adelekan Idowu Basibo. The monarch received us with glamour and would be addressing us in few minutes. We paid a courtesy call on Alaperu of Iperu, Alayeluwa Oba Adeleke Adelekan Idowu Basibo. The monarch who was in company of the Ebi of Idenna, Oba Abimbola Akinyemi, received us with glamour. Addressing the monarchs, Akinlade reiterated his commitment to the development of all the districts in Ogun state. He said he understood that there are many governorship aspirants in the state, that some were even from Iperu, but he was more capable and more prepared to keep the wheel of development in Ogun state rolling. He said he share same vision with Gov Amosun having served in his first term as the SSA on Taxation and Revenue generation. “Our job is well cut out for us, that is to make sure that we we have done in Abeokuta, is something we could replicate in our rural communities and to do that we need to create jobs for our teeming youths.” “Our own administration by God’s grace and with the support of our people, would bring governance to the people.” “Among everyone aspiring to be governor today, myself and my deputy are the most competent, most experiend for this job. I served between 2011 to 2014 in Ogun state, she served between 2015-2019, I’m in the National Assembly at present and she has served in some of the biggest private organisations in the world. So, if you look at both of us, we’re cut out for this job. All we need is your blessing and the support of our people to let them know that it’s about the people and its about Ogun state.”Akinlade said. The Alaperu and Ebi both prayed for his success while charging Akinlade to never forget those following him during his electioneering campaign when he emerges.
Our campaign train has reached Iperu ward III and there was a mammoth crowd already waiting for our arrival. The cheers, the songs were loud as the people of Iperu drummed support for Akinlade and the APM. Leaders in the ward came all out and pledged their supports for the movement, they promised to mobilise votes for Akinlade and all APM candidates Akinlade appreciated their kind gesture, while promising to bring development to even the remotest area of Ogun State. He charged them to vote for the APM House of Representatives candidate and that of the state Assembly as that would enable the smooth running of his administration and would allow dividends of democracy to reach them on time. Yinka Mafe recalled some of the dividends of democracy he brought to his people as a member of the state Assembly like free school buses, water projects and so on. He promised to do even better when voted in to represent them at the National Assembly.
We proceeded to Iperu ward II and were received amidst funfair. The ward presented a Quran and a Bible to Akinlade as a sign of acceptance. It is the ward of the Commissioner for Finance, Mr Wale Oshinowo and he had mobilise for APM before our arrival. He promised that the ward was locked down for APM and that all votes that would be cast in the ward would be for APM. Akinlade appreciated them, charged them to be violent-free as the state had gone beyond violence. He reiterated his resolve to create abundant jobs to solve the problem of unemployment among teeming youths of the state while appealing that the people vote for him and all the APM candidates. We’ve now moved to the next ward, Iperu ward I.
It was funfair in Iperu ward I as a mammoth crowd welcomed the movement to the ward. Different stakeholders of the community came out to identify with us. Organised groups that received us were countless and all pledge to mobilise for Akinlade, Mafe and Odumosu. Akinlade relayed his message of development of the rural communities and massive employment to the people who cheered and clapped as he spoke. “They’ll want to bring violence, please don’t engage them in violence. We know you love us, so let your votes speak.”Akinlade said. Needful to tell you that the APM state Assembly candidate for Odogbolu constituency, Hon Dayo Adeneye (D1) and that of Shagamu constituency 2, Ademola Adeyinka (Sapele) are both in our campaign train. Although we’d not be visiting their constituencies today, but they’ve both come to show solidarity.
At Irolu ward, thousands of people were on hand to welcome us. We had prayers from both faiths as the people gathered to show solidarity to Akinlade and the movement. The elders, women and youths leaders who spoke confirmed the readiness of the ward to vote en masse for APM. Akinlade appreciated them, while urging then to shun violence even in the face of provocation during election. He said some people may resort to violence during the election so as to make sure election in some polling boots are cancelled, he therefore cautioned that they should guide against that. He said the love of Ogun State has been the drive for his aspiration and thereby urged the people to vote for him. “When you vote for me, you’re voting for progress, for the love of the state, for generations unborn” Akinlade said. Akinlade revealed that a governorship aspirant from Iperu who is also his colleague at the Federal House of Representatives, Hon Ladi Adebutu called him to welcome him to Iperu while assuring him that he was at home in Iperu.
The movement paid a courtesy call on the Onirolu of Irolu Remo, Oba Sikiru Ajibowu Adeyiga Agbeleshe-bi-ogun III. The monarch who welcomed Akinlade and the APM team to his palace amidst his Chiefs said he saw Akinlade’s manifesto during his visit to the Alarigbo of Remo and that he was impressed with things therein contained. The Onirolu prayed that Akinlade emerges governor and succeeds in his plans to develop Ogun state. The Chiefs also took turn to pray for Akinlade and his team.
Our campaign train has reached Ilishan ward II.The meeting point was the ACOMORAN and AMORAN unit, orita owo base, Ilishan. We were welcomed amidst prayers from both faiths. The Ward leader who led the people to welcome us said the ward was the one with the highest number of votes in Ikenne and that all votes in the ward belong to Akinlade and the APM candidates. In his response, Akinlade thanked the people while promising to bring governance to the people. He said he would taking development to rural communities as the continuation of the rebuilding mission of Ogun State. He charged the people to stand by their votes, pleaded with them to deliver block votes while guiding against rigging. He said he’d formulate policy to support traders and create massive employments for the people.
We’ve taken the movement to victory to Ilishan ward I and the mammoth that greeted the movement was unprecedented. The community women, youths and elders came out in their numbers to support the movement, vowing to ensure that APM wins the ward. Akinlade said his Ward to ward campaign has opened his eyes to some challenges that the people are facing and put him in better position to solve them when he emerges. He assured the people that he’s coming into governance to better the lives of the people, he therefore pleaded that they ensure his emergence by voting and guiding against rigging. He added that his government would be for the growth and progress of Ogun State. “Let’s ensure continuity, don’t let us go back to where we were before 2011. I am for the progress of Ogun State. I have made it clear that we will open up our communities and empower our local governments, this will bring development to the state. I and my deputy are the most qualified in this race. In terms of intellect, competence, experience, being part of the present administration, we’re the most qualified.” Akinlade said. Mrs Adebajo also appreciated the people for their support promising that it would not be take for granted. She said the team would come back to have another discussion with stakeholders in the ward after the February elections.
We took the movement further to Ikenne ward II where the party’s loyalist had already assembled to receive Triple A and his team. Triple A appreciated them and apologised for keeping the waiting for hours. He said he was committed to the betterment of Ogun State and her people. Asiwaju Yinka Mafe lauded the expertise of Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade, describing him as a young, vibrant candidate with the expertise and clear vision to move Ogun state to higher levels. He charged the people to vote for Akinlade, to vote for him and other APM candidates governor promising them better representation. He said they should conduct themselves in a violent free manner during the elections but should not be scared of intimidation or those suing for violence, as they would be well protected by law enforcement agencies.
The crowd at the APM grand rally in Ikenne local government was very massive. The venue was locked down as you could see in the video earlier sent. The reception was amazing as the people of the community stood firm for Akinlade and his team regardless of the late night and harsh weather. The blinds could see and the deaf could hear the presence of APM in Ikenne. A live band played to the entertainment of the crowd. Both old and young all came out to identify with the Allied Peoples Movement. When the man of the moment, Akinlade took to the stage, the cheers became louder and the solidarity chants became louder. Akinlade thanked them for the show of love, he said he was overwhelmed with the supports the people had shown him and that he was confident that it would result in victory for him and APM in the coming elections. He charged the teeming supporters present to take the gospel of APM to all houses in Ikenne and mobilise votes for APM. He assured them of good governance and charged them to remain violent free and law abiding irrespective of the temptation from opponents. He reiterated his commitment to sustain the rebuilding mission of Ogun State by opening up rural communities, sustaining and bringing more investments into the state, providing jobs for the unemployed and seeing to the overall welfare of the people of the state.