The APM campaign train has reached Ijebu North local government and our first stop was Onigbagbo/Ako Gelete Ward. The APM candidate for Ifelodun Constituency State House of Assembly, Adelaja Abolaji (Be Happy) had mobilise massive crowd to receive the movement and the reception was great. The people of the community came out in their thousands and received us amidst songs, drums and dance. Both young and old were chanting the Akinlade praise, with most of them holding cassava, the party’s logo. There was a live band which entertained the crowd and the community brought out masquerade to perform. All the Baales of the community came out to show support, among them were the Baale of Alukoro, Odoye Ago Iwoye, Owode Ago Iwoye, Orile Eyenle, Imosu Nla , Ako Isale Imosu Ago Iwoye and the Baale of Imere Ago Iwoye. The deputy DG of the APM Campaign Council, Babatunde Ipaye is from the local government and the people made it clear that they would not let him down, as they would vote en masse for APM. Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade appreciated them for the show of love, he said apart from the campaign, he embarked on his ward to ward visits to familiarise with the people of the community, experience their challenges himself so as to promptly solve them when he emerges. He reiterated his resolve to consciously develop rural communities adding that the state already has $350 million World Bank grant which would be used on rural development projects. He pleaded that the people vote for him as well as the party’s House of Assembly candidates so as to ensure synergy between the executive and Legislative that would lead to the smooth running of his government. He said he would do as he has promised when he becomes the governor of the state, “I will never be an ingrate”, he promised.
The campaign train proceeded to Mamu/Etiri ward and there was already a mammoth crowd waiting for the arrival of the movement. The students of Olabisi Onabanja were among those that received the train amidst funfair. Just like the previous wards, the Baales of the community came out in their full regalia to show solidarity. The Baale of ipakodo, Ojokokodo, Oke Erapo, Okodo Adurosigidi, Odusenlu Dagunro, Idode. Odusenlu Konkoso, Oko Eti and others prayed that Akinlade emerges governor of Ogun State come May 29. One of the highlights of the reception we got from the ward was the Oral poetry (Ewi) performed for Akinlade and his team by a 13 year old boy. The feeling of victory was in the air in the ward as different interest groups identified with APM and promised to make sure Akinlade wins the governorship race. The Chairman of Baales in Ago Iwoye who led other Baales in praying for Akinlade, pleaded that he should help with their roads and give them materials that would make farming easier for them as soon as he emerges. Responding, Akinlade appreciated the people of Mamu/Etiri for the warm reception, he made it known to them that there was already a 25 years development blueprint for Ogun State and that Amosun would have completed the phase one by May. He said he would continue with the second phase which deal largely with rural development. He said: “We can’t boast of substantial development if we don’t open up our rural communities. The wealth of the state is not in the town, but in these communities.” “So it is a must for us to open up the communities and link them to the urban settlements.” “Gov Amosun has completed the phase one of the development blueprint of the state, and that is where we are going to continue. It is the phase of rural communities development.”, Akinlade said. He urged the people of the community to vote for him and the APM candidates in the zone, and stand by their votes in order to avoid rigging. On to the next ward!
The APM campaign train next stop was Oru/Awa/Ilaporu ward. It was a lock down! It is the ward of our state Assembly candidate Adelaja Abolaji (Be Happy) and it showed truly that he is a grassroot mobiliser. Dr Ipaye reminded us that the ward was where Akinlade got 1738 votes as against 2 of Dapo, during the APC primaries. The Baales all came out, the youths were countless, the women were all out, several organised groups, even the children of the community were all present. The Chief Imam of the community and a Reverend prayed for the success of the APM in the coming polls. Akinlade reiterated his commitment to the overall development of the state, stating that he would not be governor to only a Senatorial District but to the whole Ogun. He said he would rule with the fear of God and extend the development seen in Abeokuta to all other communities. “We need to extend the development we see in Abeokuta to other communities.” He lauded the effort of Amosun in rebuilding Ogun state and his readiness to sustain and improve on that development. “I have passion for Ogun State, I have the best interest of Ogun State at heart. I’ve been to almost everywhere and I don’t feel at home until I’m in Ogun. We don’t have another home, that is why I’m urging you to vote for me, for the love of Ogun State, for the development of the state”, Akinlade said. “I’ll come back to say thank you as the executive governor of Ogun State by the special grace of God.” Akinlade added. We’ve now gone to pay a courtesy call on the Ebumawe of Ago Iwoye, Oba Abdul Razaq Adesina Adenugba.
It was a gale of endorsement at the palace of the Ebumawe of Ago Iwoye as Obas from Oru, Awa, Ilaporu joined the Ebumawe to endorse the candidacy of Adekunle Akinlade. The Obas, one after the other, prayed for Akinlade and his entourage; saying they will succeed. The Ebumawe said he had given Akinlade “direct entry” to become the governor of Ogun State come May 29. The monarch recounted the several good gestures that the DG of the APM campaign Council Chief Sarafa had shown him, he added that Chief Sarafa cannot ask for something from him without him granting it. He said he had expected the campaign team earlier but he was happy that they eventually come. Oba Ebumawe said he would support Akinlade being a Yewa man, adding that he believed that the gesture would be returned soon.
We’ve now taken the movement to Ago Iwoye ward II and one wouldn’t believe it was few minutes to 8, the crowd was massive. Both old and young were at the meeting point to meet the man of the moment, Akinlade and his team. There was a live band and the praise of Akinlade and that of APM was loud and clear. The place was literally locked down as vehicles could not even move. Akinlade appreciated the show of support and solidarity while promising to never disappoint them. He said: “I am man of honour, I have the fear of God, I wouldn’t tell you what I won’t do. I’m telling you that the development of our communities would be my priority. I’m sure in 2 years time, you would look back and be grateful to God for electing me governor of the state.”
We got to Iwoye ward I at around 8.10pm and the meeting point was still filled to the brim. The show of support at this ward was intimidating. They were all out in their numbers to show support. With what was seen in this ward, one could say without being disputed that APM has taken its root in Iwoye. The Baales were all out, several interest groups were well represented, the women as well as the youth were loud in their support for Akinlade and Be happy. Akinlade apologised for getting there late, while expressing his amazement and happiness about the grand reception from the people. Be Happy also appreciated the people of the ward, recounted how they came out en masse to vote for Akinlade during the primaries of October 2nd,while urging them to mobilise even more for APM during forthcoming elections. “I’ll be sworn in as the executive governor of Ogun State on May 29 by the special grace of God. Be happy would be sworn in as your house of Assembly member by God’s grace. Together with the other 25 members of the House of Assembly, we’ll serve you with dignity, in truth and with discipline.” Akinlade said.
Our first stop was the Ijebu Igbo Sawmill where me met with the Association of Sawmiller, Chambers Contractors and the Allied Trucks Transporters Association of Nigeria (ATTAN) Ogun star chapter. The three association came all out to welcome the Akinlade and his team. They showed excitement as they sang and dance while receiving the movement. Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade appreciated their show of love while promising that he would not take their welfare for granted when he emerges governor of the state. He added that he had policy already on ground to boost their returns. “I’ve made it clear that we will open up our communities, we’ll construct roads that will lead them to the capital. This will in turn bring ease to your trade.” Akinlade said. Akinlade urged the members of the associations to collect their PVCs, vote for him so all the intents he has for the state can materialise. The chairperson the sawmillers association, Alhaja Adeola Abati said the association had resolved to follow Amosun in his decision on who succeeds him, therefore they would support Akinlade. She appealed that Akinlade helps with the planting of more trees when he emerges as there is scarcity of trees in the forest. The patron of ATTAN, Chief Sunday Osifeso aka The Lord, said he would happily mobilise for Akinlade, saying “When next you visit here, you’ll visit us as the executive governor of Ogun State.”
We paid a courtesy call on the Beje-Roku of Oke Agbo in Ijebu Igbo, Oba H. Olaoye Abass. The monarch received us in the midst of three other monarchs of Ijebu Igbo – The Sopen of Ijebu Igbo, Oba Mufutau Adesesan Yusuf; the Kogbo of Atikori, Oba Ibitoye Solaja; and the Abijaparako of Japara, Oba A. A Ogunye. The Obas prayed for Akinlade that he emerges governor of the state. They said they were confident that Akinlade would win as they were ready to mobilise support for him, they urged him to run an all inclusive government. Oba Mufutau who spoke on behalf of the other Obas pleaded that the construction of Ago Iwoye / Ilusan road should be one of his priorities, he also pleaded that Akinlade should see to the welfare of the Royal institution when he emerges. Akinlade thanked the Obas, he told them that his governance would be that of continuity of the 25 years development blueprint for Ogun State, Amosun having done the first phase. Akinlade said his administration would create up to 25, 000 employments in its first two years. He said the creation of the employment was contained in the blueprint, and that the jobs would come from ICT hubs which would be created across Ogun state, Call centres, motor spots and industries. “My leader and our governor (Senator Ibikunle Amosun) has done the best in can do. Now what we want to do now is to develop a government that will be people-oriented. When you build platforms and infrastructure like what our governor has done in the past 8 years, what we need to do now is to build the people, so that those infrastructures will not go into ruins or abandoned, and that is what we want to do.” Akinlade said.
Ehin Osun was the first ward to receive the movement today and the show of love was magnanimous. We were led to the community by the APM candidate for Ijebu North 1 constituency state assembly, Hon Adegoke Adekanmbi. Local Government Primary school in Akinlade village was the meeting point where thousands of the people of the community came all out to show solidarity. As a show of love, a mother brought her newly born baby to greet Akinlade who passionately carried the baby and congratulated the mother. The people were led by their Baales among which were the Baales of Obiesan Oke Sopen and Balogun Oke Sopen. The Imam, Reverend and the Baales of the community took turn to pray for Akinlade’s success in the coming polls. The Baale of Obiesan who spoke on behalf of other Baales and the people of the community, welcomed Akinlade and his team to their midst, he assured him that he would get block vote in the ward while pleading that Akinlade help with the opening up of their roads when he emerges. Akinlade mentioned his commitment to the development of the rural communities by opening up their roads and empowering the people of the communities. This, he said, would make the rural communities economically viable. He added that he would empower local governments and LCDAs so they can bring development to the remotest areas of the state. He said Ogun state has the highest concentration of industries in Nigeria, and that he would ensure that the industries apart from employing youths of the state, would also open up internship for them. He said his administration would empower the youths to create their own jobs after their internships. He also said his administration would create both skilled and unskilled jobs for the people. He urged the people to vote en masse for him and the assembly candidate promising to never disappoint them. Akinlade took his time to visit some of the houses in the ward and interacted with their occupants.
We’ve taken the movement to Omen ward and the meeting point was Ita Egba Anglican Primary school, ojowo. The reception was great as the people of the community trooped out to welcome us. Over 20 Baales and communities leaders were on ground to receive us and to show solidarity for Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade. We had prayers from both faiths led by the Imam and the pastor of the community The Baale Amula Atikori who spoke on behalf of other Baales said they were ready to vote and mobilise votes for APM. The Baale pleaded that their roads should be constructed and that Akinlade should see to the welfare of the Baales by ensuring the prompt payment of their salaries. The Baale said Baales have great influence on their community and were ready to use their influence in mobilising votes for APM. Akinlade said his visit to wards was among other things, to see the problems facing the people himself so as to proffer lasting solutions to them when he emerges. He emphasised on his plan to development the rural communities which was the next in the development blueprint of Ogun State. He urged them to vote for him, the assembly candidate and that he would never let them down. “Vote for justice and vote for that which is right.”Akinlade said.
It was celebration galore as people welcomed Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade of the APM to Ojowo/Ijapara Ward. The Baales, the olorituns, CDC leaders, traders, farmers, students waited for hours to receive the man of the people. In their words, the people of Ojowo said they voted for Akinlade during the primaries of October 2nd and would replicate same in the March 2nd election. They appreciated Gov Amosun for constructing flyover, hospital for his efforts in others sectors towards the growth of Ijebu North. They also appreciated him for giving them an LCDA. They promised to vote for Akinlade as a way of ensuring continuity. Akinlade thanked the people for standing up for Ogun State. He said the future of Ogun State is in our hands. He informed that Amosun’s infrastructural projects had attracted many tax-paying investors into Ogun State. He promised to focus on the rural areas this time, while also reiterating that he would create 25,000 jobs in his first two years.
We’ve taken the movement to Atikori ward and there was a mammoth crowd already waiting for our arrival. The movement was received with funfair. The Baales and various organised groups came to identify with us. The Youths, Elders and Women of the community, all spoke through their leaders and pledged their unalloyed support for Akinlade and Adegoke. Akinlade appreciated them and apologised for keeping them waiting for hours. He narrated what led to his defection to APM and urged them to fight the injustice with their votes for him. Akinlade reiterated his commitment to the overall development of the state, alerted the people to the plans to rig by his opponent who subverted the people’s will during the primaries. He urged them to be violent free during the elections even during provocation but assured them that anyone who attacks them would be dealt with under the ambit of law. “We have the capacity to do the job. I have the love of Ogun State at heart, I love this state and I want it that one day I’ll walk through roads that I’d construct and be proud of what I’ve done. I will create jobs for our teeming youths. This is not something I’d just be thinking of when I get to government, it is something I have mapped out already.” Akinlade said. He promised to visit all the 236 wards as soon as he becomes the governor-elect to thank the people and personally invite them to his swearing-in in May 29.
We proceeded to Oke Agbo ward, though we got to the venue very late but the place was still filled to the brim and the reception was amazing. The people of Oke Agbo were chanting Akinlade and the APM praises. Different stakeholders in the community came out to identify with the movement while pledging their total support for Akinlade, vowing to ensure his emergence as governor of the state. Akinlade reiterated his resolve to bring development of rural communities, create enabling environment for investors, create jobs for the unemployed and empower the youth massively. “The overall development of the state is my concern, and just have you have seen in Abeokuta, the development will be taken to other towns and communities in Ogun state. What Governor Amosun has done is the face one of our development plan, I’ll continue with the phase 2” Triple A said. He observed that majority of Ogun State people especially rural dwellers are farmers and that he would provide amenities to make farming easier for them. He pleaded that the people vote for him and the APM assembly candidate to ensure the smooth running of his administration. He promised that they would not regret voting for him as they would see him working as soon as he emerges. He alarted the people to not allow some people to collect their permanent voters cards or give them the identification numbers on them, as the opposition would want to disenfranchise them through that.
We’ve taken the movement to Oke Sopin ward. The last ward the movement visited in Ijebu North local government and the venue of the grand rally. It was a magnificent, splendid and monumental rally at Oke Sopin. You all saw the crowd in the video sent earlier. Even the video could not capture half of the crowd at the venue. The Chairman of Ijebu North local government, Hon Adebayo Adebola Adekoya and the Ekelojumati Foot Soldiers were on ground to give the movement a grand reception. The popular Apala musician, Musiliu Aruna Isola was on ground with his band to entertain the crowd. Different groups, Baales, Associations, people from all walks of life were present and all made it unequivocally clear that APM is the winning party in Ijebu North. The Baales took turn to pray for the success of the APM in the coming polls. Akinlade made it clear that it was the passion that he has for Ogun State that is driving his ambition to become the governor of the state. He said he was ready to sustain the rebuilding mission of Ogun State and to continue with the development phases of the state. He mentioned his development plans for Ogun State which included bringing more investors into the state, opening up rural communities and making them economically viable, creating both skilled and unskilled jobs for the unemployed, infrastructural development, among others. I’m telling you vividly that Ijebu North stood firm for Akinlade and his team. The crowd was intimidating and from all indication, APM has captured the lock government. See some pictures which tell the story more 👇 👇 👇