After the successful outing The APM campaign train had on Thursday and yesterday, the train is ready again for the journey to Ijebu North East Local Government. As usual the party’s secretariat here in Leme Abeokuta is filled with the ever gallant APM’s teeming supporters. They’re ready to take the movement to the people of Ijebu North East. Hundreds of vehicle formed the movement’s convoy. All the 10 wards in Ijebu North East local government would be touched and the party supporters are already awaiting the arrival of the campaign train. The 10 wards are Ilese, Oke Eri/Mowo/Ogbogbo, Eruwon, Isoyin, Oju Ona, Odosenlu/Odoregbe, Igede/Ita Marun, Imewuro/Odedeyo/Imomo, Odosimadegun/Odosenbora and Atan/Imuku. Welcome on board, you’ll be kept inaundiated with updates as the train progresses.
The train has reached Ilese. Students of Ogun State College of Health Technology trooped out in their numbers to welcome Hon. Adekunle AbdulKabir Akinlade to the community. They were also joined by large number of the people of the community. The students assured Akinlade of their supports. Triple A, in his response, appreciated them. He promised to create time to have a chat with them to plan together for a better Ogun State. Now we are at the Elese of Ilese land, where the campaign train has come to pay the monarch a courtesy visit and receive royal blessing.
The train just paid homage to the Traditional rulers in Ijebu North East, precisely at the palace of the Elese of Ilese, Oba Oluremi Obayomi, where Obas and Baales had converged. Other Obas in attendance were Oba Omotayo AbdulSalami – Sadesiren of Isonyin, Oba Engnr JB Otukoya – Oligun of Ilugun North, Oba GA onafuwa – Oliworo of Iworo, Oba Ademola Olusanu – Ajalaye of Ilugun South and Oba Adebayo Okubena – Elerunwon of Erunwon The APM guber candidate Hon Adekunle Akinlade told the Obas that he was in the race to bring development to even the remotest place in Ogun State. He recalled the critical roles he played in the present government, adding that he was not an accidental candidate. He promised to carry everybody along in his government when elected, saying “my deputy and I will be sitting with everybody to plan for the success of Ogun State, even before spending on projects.” He sought the blessings of the Obas, who appealed to him to elevate their communities through road construction, primary healthcare delivery and others. The Obas and Baales who referred Akinlade as “our incoming Governor” took turns to pray for him and other APM candidates wishing them victory in the upcoming polls and and hitch-free campaign rallies.
The train has reached Ilese ward and was warmly received by thousands of APM supporters majority of which are youths. The meeting point was the front of the Ilese central mosque, the Imam of the mosque prayed for the success of the movement while hinting on the readiness of the Muslim community of Ilese to vote en masse for all APM candidates. Hon Akinlade appreciated the people of the community, promised to see to the completion of projects started by the present administration once he emerges. Different organised groups welcomed the movement and pledged their full support for our movement to victory. Among the groups were the CDC Association, the Hausa/fulani community, TORAN, AMORAN, NANS and many others.
The campaign train just landed in Oke Eri/Imomo/Ogbogbo ward.
Adekunle Akinlade and his team were well received by loyal party supporters amidst funfair and grandeur. Igbo settlers in the area are out to show solidarity. Chanting songs in their local dialect; they promised to vote and mobilise votes for all APM candidates. Triple A urged the people to turn out en masse to vote for all candidates of the APM, adding that they must not allow election riggers to rig the 2019 election. He added that some candidates in Ogun State knew they could not win an election in a free and fair atmosphere; saying “we must be vigilant!” He said the APM would not allow some cabals who rigged the APC primaries in Ogun state to subvert the will of the masses. He appealed to them to engage other voters through door to door campaigns.
The campaign train just left Iworo (Oju Ona ward)
We were received by a mammoth crowd of the party’s supporters and leaders of the party in the ward. Representatives of the community youths, women and elders all came out to show their solidarity. The crowd was lively and the reception was intimidating. “This ward is locked down for APM and Triple A”, the youth leader said. Hon Adekunle Akinlade addressed the enthusiastic crowd urging them to vote massively and stand by their votes. The train is presently in Eruwon ward and the crowd is massive. We were welcomed amidst songs and dances of solidarity. Our incoming governor is addressing the supporters now, appreciating their supports with a promise of bringing the dividends of democracy to the community.
The train is now live in Isonyin ward. Isonyin -the land of Honey.
The roads leading to these communities are very narrow and with the hundreds of vehicles that formed the campaign convoy, the community is literally on a lock down! The crowd here is over a thousand people. Different stakeholders in this community are well represented here. The Imam of Isonyin has prayed for the movement’s victory, there was also a prayer session from the Christian faith. Hon Akinlade has charged all the supporters here to canvas for votes from within the community and make sure their votes count. He urged the people not to support injustice and to contribute their quota to sustaining the mission to rebuild Ogun state.
At Odosenlu/Odoregbe ward, adults, youths and even children were filled with joy when the APM campaign train convoyed into the area. It was more or less a carnival as the people came out with the symbol of the party in their hands. Sincerely, Akinlade and of course the APM is moving to victory.
Currently at Igede/Ita MarunWard. The meeting point is Saint Michael’s Catholic Church. The people, who have been waiting since morning, remained resolute and resilient.
Our movement to victory has reached Odosimadegun/Odosenbora Ward. The train got to the venue at about 7.10pm, everywhere is dark but the venue is filled with hundreds of APM’s supporters in the community. The people of Odosimadegun/Odosenbora Ward defied the harsh weather, they waited for hours to see their preferred candidate, Adekunle AbdulKabir Akinlade. There’s no doubt in the fact that Triple A is the man of the people and the next governor of Ogun State by God’s grace.
The next and final stop of the campaign train for today movement in Ijebu North East local government is Atan/Imuku. We move with our ever gallant supporters! We are at the venue of the grand rally of The APM campaign in Ijebu North East Local government. The crowd is massive, full of energy and very enthusiastic! They have not been deterred by the fact that it’s late and the weather is harsh. We have thousands of party’s faithfuls here in Atan square! There’s a live band entertaining the crowd and singing praises of Hon Akinlade and all APM candidates. A mild drama erupted as “small governor”, the man who mimics Gov Amosun addressed the crowd. The unsuspecting crowd thought it was the governor and the cheers increased, with many people trying to get closer to the stage in order to catch a glimpse of the governor. Hon Adekunle addressed the cheering crowd, urging them to come out en masse to vote for APM, convince the people of the community to vote for The APM and make sure they guide against rigging. “A vote for APM is a vote Truth, justice, fairness, a vote for the love of Ogun State and a vote for a sustainable development in Ogun state. I plead with you to come out and vote for all our candidates across board. Vote for President Buhari on February 16 and vote for me and all our candidates for the state house of Assembly in March 2nd”, Akinlade said. Over two hundred of former members of SDP announced their official defection to APM. They were received by the Deputy DG of the APM campaign council, Dr Babatunde Ipaye and Triple A. They claimed they were compelled to join the winning team as an acknowledgement of numerous achievements of Sen Ibikunle Amosun and their resolve to make sure the good works continue. With that, we’ve rounded off our campaign movement to all wards in Ijebu North East local government and it was indeed a success! An indication that APM is the people’s party and the winning party in Ogun state.