The Allied Peoples Movement campaign train has left the party secretariat in Leme, Abeokuta. We’ve taking our movement to victory to all wards in Ijebu East Local Government. Here is the list of wards we would be visiting: 👇 👇 👇 👉 Ajebandele 👉 Imobi II 👉 Imobi I 👉 Ogbere 👉 Itele 👉 Ikija 👉 Owu 👉 Ijebu Ife II 👉 Ijebu Ife I 👉 Ijebu Imushin II 👉 Ijebu Imushin I
Our campaign train briefly stopped in Siun, at the coronation of the Olu of Siun. Akinlade promises better days for Baales as he attends Olu of Siun’s coronation The governorship candidate of the Allied People’s Movement (APM) in Ogun State, Adekunle Akinlade, has assured Baales and Obas in Ogun State that his administration, when elected, would take good care of their welfare and well-being. Akinlade revealed this while speaking at the coronation ceremony of the first Olu of Siun, Oba Lawrence Olawale Odeyinka on Saturday. Akinlade said he had learnt from Gov. Ibikunle Amosun that the welfare of Baales and Obas must be given the priority it deserves. He described Baales as the closest to the grassroots; adding they served as point of contacts to rural dwellers. Akinlade in his words promised to open up rural areas and make them more economically viable if he becomes the next governor of Ogun State. Oba Odeyinka was the immediate past Chairman, Ogun State Council of Baales; now the first Oba in Siun, Obafemi Owode Local Government. He was elevated to become an Oba in December 2018 by the Amosun-led administration, under the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Chief Jide Ojuko.
Our campaign train has reached Ijebu East Local Government and the first ward visited was Itele. But before proceeding to the meeting point in Itele, we paid a courtesy call on a former deputy Governor of Ogun State, Alhaji Rafiu Ogunleye, a man who believe in our cause. He prayed for the success of APM in the coming polls, adding that he had no doubt that Akinlade would succeed Amosun by May 29. St John’s Community primary school was the meeting point in Itele and thousands of the people of the community were already camped awaiting the arrival of the APM campaign train. We were led to the ward by Alhaji Akinlagun Agoro, the APM candidate for Ijebu East state constituency House of Assembly. The poeple of Itele brought our Masquerades to welcome us and many organised groups were there to identify with the APM. The youths of the community were very loud in their support for Akinlade and APM. Baales and Chiefs, women and youth leaders all pledged their supports for Akinlade, they all promised to deliver the ward for the APM. Akinlade appreciated their resolve to see to his victory while promising to see to the overall development of the state. He reiterated his resolve to create jobs for both literate and illiterate youths and open up the rural communities. He encouraged youths to learn a skill or two as there would be massive empowerment for them when he emerges governor.
Ajebandele ward is the second ward visited today by the APM campaign train. The distance from the main road to the village is like travelling from Ipokia to Abuja. Don’t laugh too much; it’s just to create a mental picture of what the distance looks like. The village has settlers from Osun, Ondo and others. Fulanis and Ibos also cohabit in the village. The Triple A Media team spoke to locals in the area and got to know that there are no enough polling units in the ward. The journey to Ajebandele is more of an adventure. The meeting point was Olooji and the reception was wonderful. Chief Adeleye said the people of the community voted for Akinlade during the primaries of October 2nd and would even vote more during the coming polls. Addressing the mammoth crowd, Akinlade said: “It is you right to have good roads, it is your right to have your schools and hospitals renovated, it is not a favour from government. And these are what I’d do when I emerge. I promise you’ll remember this day for joy because I’ll come back as the executive governor of Ogun State to commission projects and you’d be glad you voted for me.”
It was almost 8pm before we got to Imobi ward II but the people of Ebute Imobi defie the late night and the moths flying around the lights. The crowd that greeted the movement was massive and they were all chanting their support for Akinlade and Akinlagun. The community is by the river bank and the people brought Fishes to welcome us and to show acceptability. Triple A urged them to make their votes count promising to never take their support for granted. We’ve now proceeded to Imobi ward I.
At Imobi I, the crowd was equally intimidating as the people were all out to see their “incoming governor”. The Chairman of the ward, Mr Ademoorin Adebajo who received the movement on behalf of the people of the Imobi said Imobi has 36 communities surrounding it and all their Baales were present. He pledged the people’s readiness to vote for Akinlade so as to ensure continuity in the state. He pleaded that Akinlade construct their roads and help them with electricity when elected governor. Akinlade appreciated the people, asked for pardon for keeping them waiting till that late while reiterating his commitment to the development of rural communities in the state.
We got to Ogbere ward around past 9, the people had waited for hours but were still excited at the sight of Akinlade and his team. The reception was overwhelming as chant of “Egbe oni paki, APM” filled the air. Baales were there, organised groups were well represented and the number of youth present was large. Young and old of the community came all out to identify with the Allied Peoples Movement. Akinlade pleaded for joining them late while making it clear of his intention to replicate the development witnessed in Abeokuta in other communities. He assured them of good governance, opening of the rural communities to make them economically viable, creating massive jobs, provision of educational institutions and health facilities. It was indeed a cassava revolution as Akinlade described it, the people of Ogbere aligned with the party as farming is one of their major occupations. Ogbere was shut down for APM as stakeholders there promised massive votes for Akinlade and other APM candidates.
The first ward to receive the movement today was the Owu ward and the meeting point was the Community Nursery and Primary School in Eresan Onipetesi. The people had been waiting for us and the reception was grandeur. The Baales of communities in Owu ward all came out to throw their weights behind Triple A. Different associations were all present with placards and banners carrying solidarity messages. Cocoa farmers association, hunters association, eyin oshun liberation group and others were present to show solidarity. Chief Ogunnde who spoke on behalf of other Baales and the people of the community, assured that the ward would support Akinlade and the APM candidates in the region, he pleaded that Akinlade should see to the preservation of the forest reserve as that is the major source of their income and the grading of their roads. He charged the APM mobilisation team to help with transportation of voters in the ward. Akinlade said he was committed to the development of the rural communities, he said the Amosun administration has done brilliantly well in the urban renewal and he’d be taking charge of the rural renewal. He pleaded that the people should not allow those who stole the people’s mandate and want to mortgage Ogun state to have the chance. He asked that the people vote for him and the APM assembly candidate, Akinlagun to ensure the continual development of the state. Worthy of note is that the wife of our incoming governor, Mrs Adesewa Akinlade joined the campaign train today and was well received by the people of Owu ward.
There was heavy downpour when we got to Ikija ward. Despite that, there was mammoth crowd who had defied the weather to receive us and to show solidarity. The people of Ikija even brought out masquerade to welcome us. The movement received royal blessings from the over 20 Baales present at the venue. Akinlade who addressed the crowd under the downpour said he was overwhelmed by the show of love, for the reception he got from the people despite the rain, he promised to never be an ingrate. He recalled how the people of Ikija voted for him during the primaries of October 2nd and how the will of the people was subverted. He charged them not to allow the injustice stand. He reiterated his development plans for Ogun State to include massive employments, opening up rural communities and making them economically viable, qualitative education and quality healthcare delivery. We’ve now proceeded to Ijebu Ife II Ward.
At Ijebu Ife ward II, the reception was intimidating. Both young and old of the community came all out to identify with the movement and pledged their supports. To receive the campaign train, the people of the ward performed a brief drama which was base on the numerous importance of cassava – the party’s logo. All stakeholders in the ward were there and assured that the ward would deliver block votes for Akinlade and Akinlagun. Akinlade was full of praise ethe grand reception he got from the people. He said his candidature is one endorsed by God and was evident in the way people have been identifying with APM, a party with zero structure and adopted few weeks ago. Akinlade pleaded that the people vote and ensure they monitor their votes in order to avoid rigging. “I will come back to say thank you when elected governor of this state. I will not just go to the local governments, I will visit you ward by ward again when elected.” Akinlade promised. He said Gov Amosun had the first phase of the development blueprint of the state and that he would continue where Amosun stopped, which would be massive investment in rural communities.”
We got to Ijebu Ife ward I amidst funfair. The cheers and chants were loud as the people of the ward trooped all out to receive us. The highlight of happenings at the ward was the defection of over 150 former members of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party to APM. The decampees led by Comrade Tosin Muideen, asserted that were self-sponsored group who have vines and roots across the local government. He said the group had resolved to transform to Akinlade Vanguard Ijebu East, and therefore sought Akinlade’s assent. Akinlade who received the decampees said he was glad that the group was ready to work for APM and that he had assented to their request to transform to Akinlade Vanguard. “I’m happy this kind of people are joining our party, particularly at this time. These are individuals who are worth a thousand people and I promise you that you’ll not regret the choice you made today.”Akinlade said. Addressing the mammoth crowd, Hon Adekunle Akinlade said he was honoured to be given such a grand reception, he charged them to vote for him that he has the best interest of Ogun State at heart. He also urged the people to monitor their votes to avoid rigging.
It was another grand reception at Ijebu Imushin ward II. Thousands of party’s faithfuls were on hand to receive us. We heard the best songs there,to the extent that the DG of the APM campaign Council Chief Sarafa Tunji Isola took to the dance floor and showed the crowd few of his dancing skills. Several Baales were all seated and made it clear they are for Akinlade, Akinlagun and indeed the APM. The turn out of youths at this ward was amazing as they cheer and chanted Akinlade’s praise. The ward chairman, women leader and youths leader of the ward all pledged their supports for APM while vowing to wow Akinlade with their votes. Triple A appreciated the people for the reception, he told them he had come to familiarise with them and to see for himself the challenges of his people. He made it clear his readiness to bring about unprecedented development to rural communities as soon as he emerges governor. “Development must reach all and sundry before we can say we’ve truly developed as a state. My leader, the governor (Senator Ibikunle Amosun) has done what is called urban renewal, my administration by the special grace of God will continue the phase of our development by investing massively in the rural communities so as to make them economically viable.”Akinlade said. He reiterated his commitment to run an inclusive government that would be people-oriented.
Ijebu Imushin ward I was the venue of the grand rally in Ijebu East Local Government and we literally shut the place down. The monarch of Ijebu Imushin and all Baales surrounding the community came out to support our cause. Akinlade mingled, danced and interacted with the people as they chant solidarity songs for him. Akinlade assured them of governance that would bring ease to all and sundry. He charged them to vote for APM promising to never disappoint them.