The campaign train of the Allied Peoples Movement is already on its way to Abeokuta South Local Government. Everything is set and we’ve been assured of colourful reception by the people of the LG. The APM candidates for the state Assembly of Abeokuta South constituencies I and II, Mr Sotayo Ismaila Johnson and Hon Idowu Olowofuja have already mobilised party faithfuls in their constituencies for our reception and both would be joining the campaign train.
Our first stop was at the Egba Muslim Community Central Mosque, Kobiti, Abeokuta where Muslims among the campaign train observed their Jumat prayers. The Muslim community had already arranged seats for Hon Adekunle Akinlade and his team in a hall beside the mosque. Just after the Jumat prayer, we were hosted in the hall by the Chief Imam of Egbaland who is also the President General of the league of Imams and Alfas in Ogun state, Sheikh Imam Liadi Orunsolu. He hosted us amidst several Imams, Islamic clerics and thousands of Muslims. The Chief Imam led other Muslims in prayers for the success of Akinlade and other APM candidates in the coming elections while the general echo in the hall was that of support and solidarity for the Allied Peoples Movement. The APM campaign DG, Chief Sarafa and Hon Akinlade appreciated the gesture extended to the party while pledging to deliver on their promises.
Sodeke/Isale Ijeun Ward was the first ward visited today as the APM campaign train of Hon. Adekunle AbdulKabir Akinlade resumed its ward to ward campaign tour of the 20 local governments in Ogun State. The people of Sodeke/Isale Ijeun Ward were glad to receive Akinlade as they came out in a uniform attire to welcome him. Masquerades were out with drums to give Akinlade and his team a befitting welcome. There, Madam Kehinde Kareem prayed for Akinlade and the assembly candidate for Abeokuta South 1, Hon. Idowu Olowofuja. Fuja appreciated leaders and members of the APM for their supports. He reminded them of what their area was like before Amosun got to power, compared to what it is now. He said continuity is the only way to ensure that the development of Ogun does not stop after the expiration of Amosun’s tenure; urging them to vote for the APM. Akinlade, in his words, urged his supporters not to toe the path of violence as being perpetrated by Dapo Abiodun’s guys who came all out to destroy Micky Kazzim campaign vehicles yesterday, while they also injured many APM supporters. He said it was gathered that the APC candidate brought in thugs from Lagos with hood on their faces to breach the peace being enjoyed in Ogun. He challenged the hoodlums to open their faces and see if they would not be brought to book. “We cannot be intimidated by anybody. Just leave them, don’t fight them. They didn’t know APM would grow this fast. They are scared and that is why they have resorted to violence so as to create unnecessary tension in the state. We are ready for them.” he said.
The next point of call for the APM campaign train was Itoku/Kemta Oke-Bode ward. The energy there was electrifying. The venue was the Ultra modern Adire Mall under construction in Itoku and the place was locked down for APM. The people of Itoku were happy to recieve Amosun’s successor, Triple A the gracious man. The Iyaloja of the Kampala market in Itoku assured Triple A and his team their unflinching support and loyalty. She promised to even prepare meal for voters during the elections. She charged Akinlade to not forget them in the market as Amosun did not forget them. The leader of the Hausas in the ward, Alh Abas Ibrahim, also pledged the commitment of the Hausa community to the success of APM. Akinlade recieved over 100 defectors who promised to work assiduously for APM. Akinlade appreciated the people with a promise to never disappoint them.The popular Itoku market stood still as Akinlade went round the market to say ‘hello’ to market men and women. The traders were happy to see Akinlade who they called their son. It was a very nice time with iyalojas and babalojas in Itoku today.
It was a memorable moment as the APM campaign team arrived Igbore/Ago-Oba Ward. The people are ready than ever before to cast their votes for Akinlade and other APM candidates. They said they would stand with governor Ibikunle Amosun of his determination to handover to an Ogun West man, adding that Akinlade is the next governor of Ogun State. Akinlade urged the people not to fall for the deceit of those who are desperate to sell out the state to external forces. He assured of a greater Ogun State under him as the next governor of Ogun State. Mrs Adepeju Adebajo also appreciated the people while promising to charging to come and en masse and vote for APM in the coming elections as it would ensure unprecedented development in the state.
Isabo/imo ward made us proud today with the reception and grand welcome accorded Hon Adekunle and his team. Our teeming supporters locked down the Sapon-Ibara road. Baales and Chiefs were present with many organised groups duly represented. The leadership of Igbein Paramount Market Association who has well over 1000 followers, were present to identify with us The people said they’ve tasted sweetness in the Amosun’s administration and they have no choice than to let the sweetness continue. They’re for progress and not for backwardness and so they would vote for Akinlade to ensure continuity. Akinlade showered encomium on Senator Ibikunle Amosun, he said he is the father of modern Ogun state and that he would build on his legacy. “Amosun is the father of modern Ogun state, his name would be written in gold forever. We’ll sustain these developments and even do more.” He said his agenda for Ogun State included qualitative education, construction of rural communities’ roads and massive employment. “Ogun state has done a lot for me, it has given me so many things and I have to give back.”, Akinlade added. Meanwhile Akinlade and his running mate, received another set of decampees in the ward. No less than 150 people joined the APM from Labour Party.
The good people of Ago Ijesa/Ago Egun Ward came out in their numbers to declare their supports for Triple A. Idowu Olowofuja painted the town red with his crowd of supporters, who rallied round the town with songs and drums. Akinlade assured the people that there would be no break in project execution as he would hit the ground running by starting from where Amosun would stop. Akinlade said those who hijacked their tickets for Dapo Abiodun and others did so because Amosun, his leader, did not allow them to take over the resources of the state. He included that his administration would attract more investors into the state through the creation of an enabling environment for business to thrive. He added that his administration would need more artisans to help in the execution of projects. This he said would guard against capital flight. He said his vision for a greater Ogun State had not changed, despite contesting on a platform different from that of his mentor, Amosun. Speaking further, Akinlade promised not run a sectional government, but a government that would be for all and sundry. Triple A urged the people to keep their PVCs and vote for the APM on the 2nd of March.
Our campaign train has touched down Ijaye/Idi Aba ward. We got to a rousing reception by the party faithfuls who had waited hours for the campaign train’s arrival. The ward is under Mr Ismaila Johnson’s constituency and he really showed is a great mobiliser. Akinlade was impressed with what he saw that he said this about Johnson: “Johnson is an asset to Ogun state, he is an asset to me.” Akinlade said he was overwhelmed by the show of love and promised to never take their support for granted. A group of over 500 youths declared their loyalty to the party while vowing to ensure the party emerges victorious in the general elections. Akinlade appreciated the youths, he said they’ve made the right decisions, that his government has bright plans for the youth as he charged them to shun violence and learn entrepreneur skills. At least 160 former members of Accord party decamped to the Allied Peoples Movement.
We paid a courtesy call on the Ologuns, Olor’oguns, Baloguns and Jagunas of Egbaland. The high Chiefs of Egbaland under the leadership of the Balogun and prime minister of Egbaland, Chief Alh Sikirullahi Olatunde Atobatele, received us in their meeting point in Ibara Housing Estate. The Chiefs pledged their unalloyed support for Akinlade and his team, they particularly mentioned Gov Amosun as the reason for their support while assuring that they would never allow Amosun to be disgraced. Chief Sikirullahi said some candidates had come and many may still come but the high Chiefs had already resolved and were all cleared of where their loyalty lies. The DG of the APM campaign Council, Chief Sarafa, who is a also a Chief in Egba assured the Chiefs that the APM is the party to beat and that Akinlade would deliver on all his promises. Akinlade appreciated the Chiefs, he said it was a privilege and a great honour for him to be presented to the high Chiefs and to get the assurance of their goodwill. Akinlade promised to not abandon Egba as he reiterated his commitment to continue with the development blueprint of the state. We have now proceeded to the Palace of the Olubara of Ibara.
It was all love at the palace of Olubara of Ibara, Oba Jacob Olufemi Omolade. The monarch who warmly received Akinlade and his team amidst his Chiefs, described him as his son while assuring him of his goodwill and that of all his Chiefs. The king recalled how he assured Akinlade of clinching the governorship position when he was merely an aspirant, adding that he has been a staunch believer and supporter of the Yewa agenda and assuring that the Yewa agenda would come to pass through Akinlade. He therefore charged all his Chiefs to mobilise votes for Akinlade and the Allied Peoples Movement. Triple A appreciated the King and his chiefs with a promise to never disappoint them, he said he would continue to seek their wise counsel from time to time. Meanwhile, Akinlade has taken to the streets of Ibara to appreciate and say hello to the people who are majorly traders and dealers in phones and computer accessories. The people were so excited to identify with Akinlade with most of them singing solidarity songs and pleading their total support for him.
Panseke was locked down as the people of Onikolobo/Oluwo Ward received the APM campaign team. The ever busy commercial area turned a small mecca when the people saw Akinlade. The iyaloja and babaloja of Panseke June 12 market, NURTW, RTEAN, AMORAN ACOMORAN members and others were in attendance to assure Akinlade of their supports. Chiefs and Baales also turned out to celebrate their son. In his speech, Akinlade said he would ensure the continuation of the good work of Amosun. Akinlade urged the people to be peaceful and calm even as some desperate politicians are all out to cause tension in Ogun State. He expressed optimism that he would be the fifth executive governor of Ogun State. Once again, he emphasised that Ogun State would continue to progress on the standard already laid down by Amosun. Let’s move to the next destination – Ibara/Omida ward.
Thank you the great people of Ibara/Omida ward! Thank you the good people of Ibara/Omida ward! The energy there was different! It was electrifying! Everyone stood still for the APM campaign train. The venue was the Ultra-Modern Omida Market complex and all traders there left their goods to gave a rousing reception to Akinlade and his team. The expression on the people’s faces was that of joy, acceptance and love. They all spoke in one accord that they have resolved to ensure continuity in the state and would ensure Akinlade emerge governor of the state. They promised to vote in the state Assembly candidates as well. Akinlade reminded them that the Presidential and the National Assembly elections would be cast in 2 weeks time, charging them to vote for Buhari, Amosun and Lanre Edun. He said his own election and that of the state Assembly would be cast in a month’s time, urging them to come out in their numbers to vote for the APM. He said Dapo Abiodun and others who stole the people’s mandate had realised that they have very little supporters and have therefore resolved to violence, he charged the people to not be intimidated and to not join them in violence as the wrath of law would catch up with the evil perpetrators. He reiterated his commitment to ensure development in all and sundry of Ogun State, promising to never disappoint them.
The people of Ijemo ward promised not to be left behind in sustaining the mission to rebuild Ogun State. So they all gathered at Ijemo Agbadu to welcome Akinlade. People of different age and class said Akinlade is the next governor of Ogun State. The people of Ijemo Akomoyin Ara Itake, presented a Holy Quran to Hon. Adekunle AbdulKabir Akinlade. They said that represents victory and guidance for the incoming governor. Akinlade appreciated the people for their supports. He recalled how how he and other candidates of the APM were robbed in the APC primaries. He said this new Ogun State would not go back to the dark days of violence as being perpetrated by Dapo Abiodun guys, saying Amosun has set a standard for Ogun State. He said today makes it a month that the APM started its campaign, adding the success recorded so far is immeasurable; adding that governorship election is exactly a month away. He reassured that link roads and rural roads would be constructed by local contractors. Akinlade said he would not betray they goodwill of Gov. Amosun which he is currently enjoying.
It was funfair as we got to Erunbe/Oke Ijeun ward. Ilogbo junction was the venue and the place stood still for the Allied Peoples Movement. The people of the ward did not just join the train, they owned it. Masquerades and several Ogboni chiefs were among the mammoth crowd that received the movement. It is the ward of the Secretary to the State Government, Taiwo Adeoluwa who described the ward as the best adding that party would get block votes from the ward. “On behalf of the people of this ward, I assured you that we’re fully in support of this project. We shall do you proud. We understand the circumstances we found ourselves in Ogun state and we assure you, you’ll emerge victorious. This is my ward and we’ll not disappoint you.” Mr Taiwo said. Akinlade thanked SSG for his support and GUIDANCE, while charging the people of the ward to ensure that those who want to mortgage Ogun state do not succeed. He lauded Amosun’s achievement in Ogun state while promising to not perform below par. He said he would bring his experience into the governance of the state, adding that GNI and Dapo Abiodun were too old to rule the state. “The experience I’ve garnered since coming into government in 2011, I’ll use it in governing the state and I’ll govern it well. GNI and Dapo at 57 and 58, are too old to rule this modern Ogun state.” He acknowledged that he has been enjoying the goodwill the people have for Gov Amosun which was extended to him, he said he would not take it for granted, he would not disappoint Amosun nor the people.
The APM campaign team made a stop over at the mechanic village, Obalende road. It was a memorable moment for the APM. The reception was warm and cozy. Masters and apprentices went gaga as they sighted Akinlade alighting from his vehicle. Almost every technicians were seen with cassava. It’s just a pointer to the fact that the people understand that APM has taken over in Ogun State. Members of NATA at the Mechanic village were in high spirit, promising to vote for Akinlade as his assembly candidates. Akinlade, while speaking to them said the people would benefit more under his administration. He assured them that the relationship between them and Amosun would not go sour under him as governor. He promised to modernise their trainings, get them modern tools for their jobs, and give them access to more skills in their profession, especially in foreign nations. We also stopped at the Auto Motor Spare Parts Sellers Association market also in Obalende. The spare parts sellers were so excited to have Akinlade and his team in their midst. We were received by the association Chairman, Alh Abdulhameed Akinlawon, its Vice Chairman Mr Dayo Afuape and hundreds of traders there. We were told that the market has been established since 1976 but haven’t received much from the government, they thereby charged Akinlade to make them one his priorities when he emerges. Akinlade appreciated them, he reminded them of his pledge to establish the Ministry of Trade and Investment, he said the Ministry would be answer to their yearnings as there would be grants for them to support their businesses. The association assured Akinlade of their massive support and votes.
The next ward visited in Abeokuta South today was Ake II Ward. Words will not be enough to describe the ambience as the APM campaign team landed in Kowope, Oke Aregba. Community development associations were in attendance to pledge their supports for Akinlade. “I want to assure you that I will sustain Amosun’s rebuilding mission. “We will bring governance down to the people. APM will appoint more youths into his administration, adding “it is time for the youths. Get your PVC, vote and defend your votes.”
Another warm and lively reception from the people of Ake III ward. Baales and Chiefs with thousands of people were on hand to give us a rousing reception. We received another set of decampees in the ward. The APM candidate for the state Assembly of the constituency, Mr Johnson appreciated the people while promising them the best representation in the state Assembly. Hon Adekunle Akinlade recalled how injustice was meted out on them in APC, expressed his surprise at how far APM which was adopted less than 3 months ago has gone in the state while thanking the people for the love and support. He said Gov Amosun had done well in rebuilding the state and that he would try as much as possible to surpass Amosun’s achievements. Akinlade said it would be a swift and smooth transition of government when he takes over from Amosun.
Keesi/Emere Ward witnessed massive turnout of supporters, even at this late hour. The people burst into singing and dancing as the APM campaign train cruised into Itoko. The highlight was the defection of people from other parties to the APM. Akinlade promised to have a private meeting with all decampees before the election, promising that they won’t regret their decision to become members of the APM. He said the APM would not discriminate against any member.
Itoko ward was not different. It was equally a great reception there. The venue was the new shops constructed for goat & ram sellers and the people waited patiently to receive the APM campaign team. The show of love was highly appreciated by Akinlade who thanked them for their supports. He urged the people to vote for the APM on March 2, which is just a month away.
Just like every other place that the APM campaign train has toured today, the love was overwhelming at Ake ward I. The energy there was electrifying and the people were very loud in their chants of solidarity for Akinlade and his team. It was a massive show of love as there was live band singing to the entertainment of the enthusiastic crowd. Akinlade joined the teeming supporters in dancing to the music from the band while everyone’s three fingers were in the air. Akinlade appreciated the people while pledging a People-oriented government when he takes over from Amosun. He reiterated his commitment to the sustainance of the rebuilding mission of Ogun State. He said only lazy people would not benefit from his government as there would be massive benefits for both education and unlearned indigenes of the state. It was a very glorious and gracious experience there. That ends our campaign tour to Abeokuta South Local Government.