The Allied Peoples Movement campaign train is now enroute Abeokuta North local government for her ward to ward campaign tour. The party’s candidate for the Federal House of Representatives, Abeokuta North, Obafemi Owode & Odeda federal constituency, Hon Micky Kazzim and the party’s candidate for Abeokuta North State assembly, Mrs Modupe Mujota are both in the campaign convoy. As we journey to the first ward in Abeokuta North, we’ve witnessed some show of support by people of the communities along the road. At the sight of the campaign train, the people trooped out with posters, cassavas and placards to show solidarity. Alamala, Gbagura and Olubo are among communities that we’ve passed through.
When the APM campaign team arrived Imala, it stopped to pay homage to the Kabiyesi. At the Omala of Omala’s palace, Oba Moses Adelani Adegboyega Olabode, the Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Hon. Jide Ojuko, presented the APM governorship candidate, Hon. Adekunle AbdulKabir Akinlade, the House of Reps candidate, Micky Kazzim and the House of Assembly candidate, Hon. Modupe Mujota to the palace. The monarch said Imala is Egbado (Yewa) , though delimitated as Abeokuta North. He recalled how his forefathers accommodated the Egbas to build a stronger Imala. The monarch lauded Gov Amosun for strongly supporting the Yewa agenda, he said it is the turn of Ogun West throwing his weight behind the APM candidates. He urged the candidates not to forget Imala when they get there. He prayed they would succeed in the race to the government house. Akinlade, in his words, appreciated the Omola and his chiefs. He assured him of a more prosperous Ogun State, where development gets to all and sundry.
As earlier said, Imala Ward was the first stopover today. It will be an understatement to say Imala is for APM. In fact the whole Abeokuta North is for APM. From the road, one can feel the ambience. People started gushing out of their houses to cheer up the APM team. This is highly commendable. Mujota has really turned a grassroots mobiliser. The people said Yewa lokan, Yewa lo ma se, assuring their votes are for APM. Mallam Ibrahim, head of the Fulani cattle breeders in Imala said they are friends with farmers in the area. He appealed to Akinlade to ensure more peaceful coexistence between farmers and cattle breeders when elected. Akinlade, while addressing the people, said agriculture would be modernized with technology. With this, he said jobs would be created for the youths. Again, he promised to build the roads linking the community. “They stole my mandate on the 2nd of October and God will give us victory on the 2nd of March.” he said. Speaking further, Triple A said he would provide an enabling environment for Fulanis and farmers to live together peacefully. He said it would be a win-win situation for both farmers and cattle breeders. He appealed to the people to vote for him, Micky Kazzim and Modupe Mujota in the APM.
We got to a rousing welcome in Olorunda ward. Poeple lined up the road leading to the meeting point in the ward – Baptist Primary school. Royal leaders and several opinion leaders in Olorunda were present at the venue, with all pledging their allegiance to APM. The Hausa/Fulani settlers in the ward also pledged their supports. An elder in the ward, JA Enitan prayed for the success of the party while pleading that their roads be attended to when Akinlade emerges. The Iyalode of Olorunda, Chief Saudat Bakare said all women in the ward were happy to recieve us and that they would all vote for APM. Akinlade appreciated the people, he recounted the events that led to the adoption of APM and acknowledged it to be a way to make the victory a resounding one. He emphasised his commitment to construct the communities’ roads and invest massively in them thereby making them economically viable. He lauded Amosun while promising to continue the development of the state. “Amosun is the father of modern Ogun state and we will continue that trend of development in Ogun state, so those coming after us would do even better for the state.” Akinlade said. He also pleaded that the people vote for Micky Kazzim and Mrs Mujota as this would lead to the rapid development of their community.
We had a brief stop at Allah Dey Cattle Market, popularly called Kara, in Rounder. The traders who are mostly Hausas/Fulanis pledged their unalloyed support for Akinlade and the Allied Peoples Movement. The Serikin Fulani in the market said they have up to 36 cattle markets in Ogun state and that they meet frequently, he added that they have all resolved to support Gov Amosun’s anointed candidates. The Seriki Yoruba and the Iyaloja of the market also express their acceptance and readiness to mobilise for Akinlade and the APM. Akinlade, while appreciating the rousing welcome accorded him, promised to maintain the mutual relationship the association enjoys with the Amosun administration, adding “your businesses shall be protected.” Meanwhile, just before we got to the Kara, Automobile technicians in the area approached the campaign train, pledged their supports while promising to vote massively for APM.
Kaabo o, kaabo. Omo abile soro kile lanu, kaabo o” That’s how Akinlade and the APM campaign team were welcomed to Ibara Orile Ward with songs and drums. You don’t need to be told that Ibara-Orile people are more of Yewas. So the Ogun West agenda is paramount to them and they see Akinlade as the only way to Okemosan. The people were out in their hundreds to celebrate the man of the people, Adekunle Akinlade of the APM and his running mate, Adepeju Adebajo, Micky Kazzim, Modupe Mujota, Babatunde Ipaye, Jide Ojuko and other team members. The Onijaye of Ijaye Titun, Oba Nafiu Adeyemi said the coming election was an election to save Ogun State from those who want to hijack the state. He urged the people to vote for the APM in the coming election to ensure continuity of Gov Ibikunle Amosun’s good work. He added that a society would develop if there is continuity of developmental projects. The monarch lauded Amosun for his giant strides towards elevating Ogun State from what it used to be before 2011. Akinlade in his words promised to open up rural areas when elected by constructing rural roads and empowering traders, farmers, artisans and others.
At Ilewo-Isaga ward, both young and old of the community came all out to identify with APM. Fulanis are major occupants of Isaga and they were all present in their numbers, pledging their total support for Akinlade. Tbe Baales of the community were also present. The Sarumi of Ilewo, Chief Kolawole Abiona who spoke on behalf of the people of the community, said APM would get massive votes from the ward, he said they are for continuity and they’re fully backing the Yewa agenda. Hon Micky and Mrs Mujota engaged the people in singing solidarity songs while pleading that they all vote for all APM candidates in the coming polls. Akinlade reiterated his commitment to construct all the communities’ roads and provide massive employments for Ogun indegenes. He added that the fund to execute his planned projects are already on ground. He assured that Baales would be taken care of, as they would be fully involved in the security plans. “I will come back as the fifth governor of Ogun State to thank you.”Akinlade promised.
Ita Oshin/Olomore Ward was locked down when the APM campaign team entered Olomore. Akinlade appreciated the people of Olomore for standing with him. He apologized for coming a bit late, saying it was as result in his desire to get to all the nooks and crannies of Abeokuta North. He urged the mammoth crowd to vote for the APM, adding “I won’t let you down.” He charged the youths to acquire skills that would make them beneficiaries of his government. Triple A enjoined the people to get their PVCs and keep them to vote for the APM.
Another massive turn out of supporters in Sabo ward 9. We got there quite late but the place was still filled to the brim. The crowd defied the late night and the moths flying around the lights, they were still excited to receive us. Being the settlement of Hausas and Fulanis of Abeokuta, the Hausa decorated Akinlade, Mrs Adebajo, Hon Micky Kazzim and Mrs Mujota in Hausa attires. Akinlade and Micky Kazzim were given hats to wear while Adebajo and Mujota were given hijab. The Hausas/Fulanis said Akinlade should rest assured that he has become the governor of the state already while also assuring the party’s other candidates of massive supports. It’s clear and very glaring, the Hausa/Fulani community is wholly in support of Allied Peoples Movement. Akinlade was very happy by the show of love, he promised that the Hausas/Fulanis and other tribes would always be home in his administration. He said his administration would never marginalise them, while promising that his government would provide amenities to make their businesses thrive. He pleaded that the people they vote for APM and protect their votes. Micky Kazzim acknowledged the support of the people of the ward, he described the ward as a state within a local government. He said he is committed to the betterment of all his constituents.
Lafenwa Ward received the APM campaign train with funfair and grandeur at about 8:26pm. The people waited patiently for Akinlade and his team. The crowd of APM supporters were too much that they defied all security arrangements to, at least, have handshakes with Adekunle Akinlade. Triple A appreciated the show of affection as he took his time to greet them one after the other. The incoming governor appreciated the good people of Lafenwa for their time. He said he would never take them for granted. He charged the youths to vote massively for the APM, while also urging them to defend their votes. He expressed satisfaction that there’s a good number of youths in Lafenwa. He said this is an indication that no one can steal their votes. Akinlade assured them of a greater Ogun State under him as governor.
Our first stop was at Ago Oko ward. There is no atom of doubt that the Allied Peoples Movement is deeply rooted in this ward and extensively in Ogun Central. The mammoth crowd was unrelenting in their cheers and chants, as they expressed their love for Akinlade, Micky Kazzim and Mrs Mujota. Baales and Chiefs were among those present. The Olomolu, among other groups in Abeokuta also came to show solidarity. Akinlade recounted how he emerged consensus candidate from Ogun West and reiterated his resolve to continue the development of the state as started by Gov Amosun. He said those that stole his mandate were out to truncate the development being enjoyed in Ogun State, he charged the people to not allow them, while promising that all the zones would benefit immensely from his administration. Micky Kazzim thanked the people while pledging to continue to give them the best representation in the National Assembly when re-elected.
The people of Elega Ward have decided not to be left behind in the moving APM train. In their hundreds, they came out to declare their unflinching supports for the APM team. Iyaloja of Elega market, while praying to God grant to Akinlade victory, urged him to complete the ongoing Elega road and to also elevate the market. The people of Elega also called for more security in the area. Micky Kazzim, the House of Reps candidate and Modupe Mujota, the Abeokuta North assembly candidate, appreciated the people of Elega for standing up for them. They urged them to get their PVCs and vote for the APM. Akinlade’s running mate, Adepeju Adebajo also thanked the people. Speaking, Akinlade promised to complete all Amosun’s projects, while also opening up all rural areas. Akinlade said those who do not have formal education, but have skills, would also benefit immensely from his government. Akinlade said “You know we’ll vote for Buhari and Amosun on February 16. That same day, we will vote for Micky Kazzim in the APM. They thought we would make mistakes and vote for them, it’s a lie. We understand it.” “On March 2, it is APM all through.” he added.
Ilugun ward was the 10th ward visited in Abeokuta North Local Government since the tour to the LG started yesterday. Ilugun is the ward of the APM campaign DG, Chief Sarafa Tunji Ishola. It was crowd upon crowd in Ward 5. Ishola charged his people to remain firm and steadfast in voting for the APM in the forthcoming general elections. Akinlade, Kazzim, Mujota and Adebajo lauded women in the ward, acknowledging their roles in politics. They prayed God bless them and their children. Akinlade recalled how the people of the ward came out in their numbers to vote for him during the APC primaries of October 2nd, he urged them to come out even more in the coming polls. He said he was confident of massive votes from the ward. Again, it is unarguable that Abeokuta North is for APM. This movement is truly to victory.
The reception at Ikereku ward was so warm and very colourful. The people of Ikereku made their stance known as the y the way they came all out singing and dancing in acceptance of APM. We got prayers from both faith and the elders of the ward made allegiance to mobilise and ensure that the party emerge victorious in the coming elections. Akinlade appreciated the people, he said his emergence would ensure smooth succession and continuity in governance. He promised to complete all projects that Amosun could not finish and bring about unprecedented development in the state. He added that money to execute the projects is already on ground and that as an IGR guru, he would generate even more. “I’m confident that by God’s grace and with the support of you people, come 29 of May, I’ll be sworn in as the fifth executive governor of Ogun State.”Akinlade said.
It was raining heavily when we got to Ikija ward but this did not deter thousands of APM party’s faithfuls in giving the campaign train a rousing welcome. Even the Alakija of Ikija, Oba Samsideen Afolabi Ayorinde was present to throw his weight behind the Allied Peoples Movement. The monarch said the Ogun state people want continuity and would vote for Akinlade. Ikija ward host the famous Olumo Rock tourist Centre and the place was literally locked down for Akinlade and his team. At Ikija ward, Akinlade recieved over 200 defectors from the African Democratic Congress ADC who said they have resolved to follow the winning team and work for APM. Akinlade appreciated the people while promising to continue the trend of development in the state. He pleaded that they vote for Micky Kazzim and Mrs Mujota, and make sure they monitor their votes.
Our next stop was Ika ward. A mammoth crowd was on hand to receive us. The people brought masquerades to receive us and the Oya worshippers were all out with their idols to welcome us. Chants like “Akinlade na da, paki naa re, Shope tie Modupe temi” and “Te sojue Micky direct” filled the air. Akinlade appreciated their patience, he said Amosun has done much in the capital and he would be concentrating more on the rural communities. He urge the uneducated youths to learn skills as there would be many advantages for them. “Amosun has laid the foundation and has the fifth executive governor of Ogun State by God’s grace, I’ll build on what Amosun has done and those behind me would build on my achievements. We’ll continue progressing in Ogun state, there is no room for retrogression.”Akinlade said “Vote for development, vote for justice, vote for fairness.”he added.
We are home with Hon. Micky Kazzim in Gbagura Ward. You don’t need to be told to know that the road which leads to the Agura of Gbagura’s palace is on standstill. Micky Kazzim is truly on top of this game. He is a blessing to the APM family with the way he pulls the crowd. It is good to represent the people well. Leaders of Gbagura ward said they’re impressed with the way Akinlade has been moving round the state with his team to tell people his mission and vision as the next governor of the state; pledging to stand with the APM all through. Akinlade said he was in Ward 6 to say thank you to the people, expressing optimism that he would come back to appreciate them as the 5th elected governor of Ogun State.
Oke Ago Owu Ward is the 15th ward already covered by the APM campaign team in Abeokuta North Local Government. Tell anybody who cares to listen that APM is the party to beat in the coming elections. What the Triple A Media Team witnessed Oke Ago Owu is unprecedented. People, young and old, could not hide their love for Akinlade and other APM candidates. They all declared unalloyed loyalty for the APM. Akinlade said he was enjoying the goodwill of his leader, Gov. Amosun. This he said he would never take for granted. “I appreciate the Goodwill you have for our leader, Senator Ibikunle Amosun which you have extended to me, I want to assure you that I’ll not take it for granted.”Akinlade said. He said some people are eyeing the resources of Ogun State and that’s why they rigged the APC primaries for an unpopular candidate, who has no plans on how to rule the state. He said no one would take over Ogun State lands and resources under his watch. He said he would ensure Ogun indigenes would be the beneficiaries of the wealth of the state. He urged the people to vote for justice and equity, saying power belongs to God and the people. Akinlade assured them that their votes would not be stolen by anyone. He revealed that he had information those who stole his mandates had gone fetish, running from one babalawo to another. “God is greater than all of them.” he added.
It was glorious, it was gracious, it was colourful! The crowd was a mammoth one, a magnificent one, we literally shut down Ori Omi and all its surrounding. As spacious as the place is, it was filled to the brim with the APM party’s faithfuls. The cheers, the songs and the drums were deafening. People of Abeokuta North made it very obvious that the Allied Peoples Movement is the party to beat in the coming elections. Micky made it clear that it was his base and no party other than the APM would control such support. Micky appreciated the people for trusting him, he said he has not betrayed their trusts and that he would not disappoint them going further. Mrs Mujota also engaged the energetic crowd and pleaded that they vote en masse for APM. Mrs Adepeju Adebajo also appreciated the people for the warm reception, he said the government would be theirs as the development plan of her administration covers everyone and everywhere in Ogun state. The cheers became louder as the man of the moment, Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade addressed the enthusiastic crowd, he appreciated them, pleaded that they vote for APM while promising to never disappoint them. It was indeed a glorious experience in Ori Omi and indeed all wards visited in Abeokuta North local government.