Hon. Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade (TripleA) Ogun State Governorship Aspirant 2019 was elected as representative of Egbado South/Ipokia Federal Constituency of Ogun State in 2015. Adekunle is the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Climate Change; Member of the following Standing Committees: Finance, FCT, Public Procurement, Army, Steel and Insurance.

Through diligence, hard work, a good understanding of the legislature and recognition by the Leadership of the House, he was made Chairman Ad hoc Committee on Insurance, Chairman Sub-Committee on Environment, Steel and Finance.

Despite coming into the 8th Assembly when the economy was very weak and the Country just slipping into a recession, he was able to attract some projects to his Federal Constituency in 2016 which include maternity hospitals, blocks of classrooms, hospitals, rehabilitation of the Owode/Sango and Owode/Ilaro roads, employment for youths, contracts for party members, procurement of grader for the constituency, training of women for self-employment in snailery and many more.

Grading of roads from Agosasa to Idopetu, Idauku, Bode Ase, Idosa, Aferiku road in Idioko and Ajegunle market road was done for easy accessibility of people to markets and travel. He stands out in the plenary as the mover of the Motion for security and infrastructural presence of Nigeria in Tongeji Island which borders Benin Republic. This culminated in the establishment of a Nigeria Naval presence and construction of a secondary school on the island. The rehabilitation of Owode/Sango, Owode/Ilaro roads and subsequent budgetary allocation are evidence of his doggedness, ability to work with others and capacity to get things done.

Through Constituency Projects allocation, Hon. Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade also empowered 1000 constituents with various items including Generators, Tricycles (Keke NAPEP), Motorcycles, Freezers, Grinding Machines, Sewing Machines, Gas Cookers with Burners, Hair Dryers, Farming Tools and many more.

In the present 2017 Appropriation Bill, he is able to attract projects worth about N679,000,000 (Six Hundred and Seventy Nine Million Naira) for his Federal Constituency which include further rehabilitation of the Owode/Ilaro road, Construction of Magistrate Court House in Oke-Odan, rehabilitation of 8 blocks of classroom in Idogo, Akere, Ibatefin, Agosasa, rehabilitation of Agosasa Town Hall, provision of hand pump boreholes, maintenance of Sango Ota/Idiroko road, Owode/Ilobi Erinja road, Vocational Training for Women and Youths, supply of school furniture and so on.

Adekunle has the right attitude and capacity. He continues to work hard for his constituent and the evidence and benefits are there for all to see.