13 Feb

Movement to victory to Ipokia Government

Akinlade is at home and it is obviously evident that he is a true son of the soil. Rousing, warm, magnificent, colourful are adjectives not enough to describe the reception accorded him and his team since 2am when they had arrived Ipokia. It is like a windstorm, blowing away all mushroom political parties. The shout of support for Triple A here is deafening! The deafs can hear it, the blinds can see it, everywhere is on lock down! Ipokia LG has the second highest number of registered voters in Ogun West. And the people of Ipokia are unrelenting in making sure their son emerge the first governor of the state from Ogun West Senatorial District. Triple A Media team are overwhelmed. We pray we don’t get overawed by the show of support and solidarity here, and forget to give you updates. Well, we’ll try our best.
Politicians, ask your supporters in Ipokia Local Government to give you a picture of what’s happening there right now. There’s something that is unique about the whole thing – every ‘base’ we get to, is fully branded with APM posters, banners and billboards. Members of different clubs associations from that we’ve seen, from Idiroko to Ifoyintedo hired DJs to entertain themselves as they celebrate the arrival of their own son. The only person in Ifoyintedo ward that was not present to welcome Akinlade and his team was nobody. The place was filled to the brim, they said they didn’t need Akinlade to plead before they vote for him. They all want a Yewa governor and they’ve seen its realisation in Akinlade. Akinlade however canvassed for votes for Muhammadu Buhari, Hon Olusegun Gbeleyi, Hon Kolawole Lawal and Mrs Sikirat Ajibola. He reminded them how the likes of Tolu Odebiyi and Biyi Otegbeye betrayed the Yewa agenda by supporting an Ijebu person, he charged the people to teach them a lesson by making sure they both lose heavily in the election. He promised them good governance while promising that they would not regret taking active roles in ensuring his emergence as governor.
English has failed us, as there is no word to use in describing the ambience and the kind of reception accorded Akinlade in Ihunbo/Ilase ward. The Alase of Ilase echoed the resolve of the people of the ward, he said: “Akinlade, I’m coming to your swearing in by May 29 in Abeokuta, as your royal father.” Akinlade said he was confident of block votes from the ward, he said since he’s not a bastard; he would make them proud. He appreciated the people for honouring him in the presence of his running mate and the campaign team, he said the people have made a statement of their readiness to actualise the Ogun West agenda. He charged the people to ensure the victory of other APM candidates in the region. Just as Akinlade was addressing the people, a prominent son of Ogun West, Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun (IBD), stepped into the stage to throw his weight behind APM, this he did to the loud cheer of the people. IBD made known that he would do everything in his capacity to ensure Akinlade’s victory.
The people of Ajegunle Ward were motivated, energized and moralized to see Akinlade. It was their joy to welcome their own son. They can’t wait to have a governor from their fatherland. When Akinlade was addressing, the people told him not to worry, as they are ready to vote for the APM all through. Akinlade urged them to also vote for President Muhammadu Buhari to continue his good work. Honestly, seeing is believing. This is more than a carnival for Akinlade. It is overwhelming.
Everywhere the campaign train has been today has been wonderful, Idi Iroko ward was not an exception. The experience there was marvellous! A show of love by people who have resolved to vote Akinlade. Akinlade said they would enjoy his governance. “We’ll create jobs, renovate our schools, our health facilities would be given prompt attention to and we’ll see to the overall development of the state.”Akinlade said. Meanwhile the team paid homage to the Oniko of Iko Ilaje, Idiroko – Oba John Olakunle Ojo in his palace. The monarch was pleased to receive Akinlade, giving him Royal blessings to triumph in the coming election. Akinlade also had a whistle stop at the Mobil mega filling station in Idiroko bus/stop to say hello to his uncle, Otunba Akeem Adigun who prayed for the success of the team.
What a heroic welcome it was as Akinlade entered his hometown, Agosasa. Everybody in Agosasa was out to receive their son. They can’t wait to produce the next governor of Ogun State by God’s grace. Omo ko loke bi agogo, Akinlade, is the apple of his people’s eyes. They are all solidly behind him. In short, words can’t describe the kind of reception the APM campaign team. We hope pictures would help.
When the campaign train got to Ijofin ward, Akinlade and his team paid a courtesy call on The Ololo of ijofin kingdom, Oba maroof Ayinla Awode. The King was excited to receive him while showering prayers on him. The team then proceeded to the meeting point where they were given a rousing reception by hundreds of people of the community. Akinlade appreciated them, canvassed votes for Buhari, KLM, Gbeleyi and Sikirat. He promised to open up rural communities and create massive employments.
From Ijofin, the APM campaign trail landed in Tube Ward before proceeding to Agada ward At 10pm, the people were unrelenting. They stood up for their sons, singing solidarity songs. The crowd was enormous; defying the weather and the lateness. Akinlade assured the people that Tube would witness massive turn around under him as governor, promising to rehabilitate all roads linking the community. He said he would transform the popular Tube Market and make it a modern one. Also in his words, Triple A enjoined the people of Tube not to listen to rumour mongers spreading falsehood that he wanted to send away the Eguns in Ipokia local government. He added that those spreading such rumours were mischief makers; saying nobody has the power to send away any tribe from Nigeria as we are all one. Then the campaign trail was taken to Agada ward. In Agada, he promised the people that the community secondary school in the community would be approved by his administration immediately he gets on board. He appealed to the people to vote massively for the APM in the coming elections.
It was another colourful reception at Maun ward 1. Despite it was already midnight, the venue was still full with people. The Egun’s Zangbeto came out to play, both old and young danced and cheered as Akinlade led his team to their midst. Akinlade appreciated them. Again, Akinlade urged the people of Maun to discard the rumour that he wanted to send away the Eguns in Ipokia local government. He said it was purely falsehood. He added that even the President of Nigeria has no constitutional right to do so. He promised the people that they would enjoy massive dividends of democracy, when he becomes governor. He pleaded that they vote for Buhari, KLM and Gbeleyi in the Saturday’s election, and that they should vote him and Sikirat on 2nd March.
The APM campaign train proceeded to Maun ward 2 and got a rousing reception by hundreds of the people there. They had been waiting since the previous afternoon, we were told half of the people there had gone and we witnessed influx of those who had earlier left into the place, as soon as Akinlade reached the venue. Akinlade reiterated his commitment to open up rural communities, create enabling environment for businesses and investments to thrive and create massive employments. He charged the people to not vote for “betrayals” who are solely led by their selfish interest as against the collective interest of Yewa/Awori.
Even as late as 2AM, the good people of the Premier Ward, Ipokia Ward 1, waited patiently to receive their son, Adekunle Akinlade of the APM. To the people of Ipokia, there is no going back on Akinlade for governor. Their level of understanding and enlightenment is high. Give it to them. Chiefs, elders as well as other indigenes and residents of the ancient town were on seat to welcome a Prince of Iwaye Dodo. Speaking, Akinlade commended the show of love displayed by the people towards him. He said what he saw in Ipokia was a pointer to the fact that the people are ready to take their destiny in their hands. Akinlade said it would be a new dawn in Ipokia and Ogun State in general, with him as governor. He charged the people not to bow to any pressure asking them to sell their destiny to a Remo candidate after 43 years. Triple A urged them to vote for Gbeleyi and KLM on Saturday, adding that is the only way to teach betrayers of Ogun West a lesson. That ended the campaign tour to Ipokia local government. Thanks for sharing on other social media platforms.

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13 Feb

Movement to victory to Ifo Local Government

The first ward to receive Akinlade and his team was Sunre ward. Akinlade was led to the ward by Hon Ganiyu Oyedeji, the APM state assembly candidate seeking re-election to represent Ifo constituency 2. Bar Adeleke Adewolu APM House of Representatives candidate for Ifo/Ewekoro Federal Constituency was as well present. The people of Sunwa were all present, both young and old, even masquerade. Egun is one major tribe in the Sunwa and they were present in their hundreds. Different associations and groups like the CDA, Hunter and Vigilante Association, Hausa/Fulani/Igede community, Tailors, Hairdressers and several others, all pledged to vote Akinlade and the APM candidates. The chairman of Baales in the area said the community votes are for APM. He however pleaded that Akinlade see to the upgrading of Baales to Obas, drinkable water and electricity. The Iyaloja of Olohunsogo market, assured Akinlade and the other APM candidates victory in the coming polls as they would deliver massive votes for them. Akinlade appealed to the people to vote for Buhari and Amosun, being adopted candidates of APM while also charging them to vote him, Adewolu and Oyedeji. He assured them that the Papalanto-Sagamu road which passed through the community- a Federal road, has already been approved by the Federal government and would be completed early in the second term of Buhari. Akinlade assured them of good governance where they would be ease for indigenes and residents of Ogun.
The APM campaign team paid homage to the Olofin of Isheri, Oba Nurudeen Adekanmbi. At the road to the palace, Akinlade was greeted by a mammoth crowd, who escorted him as he trecked down to pay obeisance to the Olofin Adimula. The APM campaign Deputy Director General, Dr Babatunde Ipaye presented Akinlade and other APM candidates to the monarch who was in company of his chiefs. Isheri is an Awori land, so the monarch was pleased to identify with Akinlade, who is also from Yewa/Awori. “It is our time” , the Oba said; praying Akinlade will become the next governor of Ogun State by God’s grace. Akinlade assured the monarch that there would be massive infrastructural turn around in Isheri and its environ when he becomes the governor of Ogun State. He promised to never disappoint the good people of Ogun State.
Isheri Ojodu Ward received the APM campaign team with songs and drums. Akinlade was greeted with chants of Triple A, meta meta, paki ni o and so on. The people were so enthusiastic and excited. They were elated to see Akinlade. According to one of our reporters, some people, whose candidates could not visit the area had told them their own candidate too would not come. So, Akinlade’s arrival was like putting their enemies to shame. Leke Adewolu and GOCO urged the people to vote massively for the APM. Akinlade in his words, said Ogun, in the last eight years had shown quality leadership, good governance and commitment. He promised to continue the projects initiated by Gov. Ibikunle Amosun; adding ‘those who stole our mandates were shamed in Abeokuta yesterday.” He charged the people to come out on Saturday and vote for the APM.
The campaign train had a brief stop at Alagbole Market where market men and women had camped, awaiting Akinlade and his team. They were out in their numbers and the message from their chants was their resolve to vote for the Allied Peoples Movement. Akinlade appreciated them, he said he would not disappoint them while emphasising the need to vote for Buhari to ensure continuity. He canvassed for votes for Adewolu and Oyedeji, assuring the people that both would give them the best representation.
Ajuwon/Akute Ward was a blast. The crowd there was overpowering. They defied everything to make themselves available for the cassava team, APM. The people have waited since morning, yet they remained steadfast to welcome their candidates. Akinlade took time to greet the people one after the other, a gesture the people described as uncommon. At a time the multitude became uncontrollable as they all were eager to greet Akinlade who was in the mob. Akinlade appreciated the people for their love. He also pleaded with them for coming late a bit, saying it was as a result of gridlock on the Lagos road. Triple A promised to complete all ongoing projects in the area; urging the people not to vote for those who would abandon the projects. He said some politicians in Ogun State had been insulting Amosun for building roads and flyovers, these category of politicians, he said, would not complete the projects. Akinlade begged the people of Ajuwon/Akute to vote for the APM in the forthcoming general elections.
Akinlade and his team got another rousing reception at Oke Aro/Ibaragun ward. The video earlier sent shows a little. The crowd there was massive that no camera angle could capture the crowd at once. You wouldn’t believe it was past 9pm,the place was locked down. In fact, the Kabiesi Aladiyan also kept late night to welcome Akinlade. The people have resolved to vote APM. Akinlade appreciated them, he said he was overwhelmed by the colourful reception accorded him and his campaign train. He pleaded that the people vote for Buhari, stressing that the projects especially the rail project that passed through Ogun state would bring about unprecedented development to the state, he thereby urged them to ensure continuity so the projects would be completed. Speaking about the rail project, he said: “Thousands and thousands of jobs would be created, numerous employment opportunities, our IGR would grow up. So we have to ensure continuity.” He charged the people to also vote for Amosun that his performance as governor of the state speaks volume, he canvassed votes for Adewolu and Oyedeji as well. He said he was confident the people would vote en masse for APM, he said his administration would bring ease to all and sundry, adding that the youths of the state would be gainfully employed. He charged them to shun hooliganism and that they should learn skills promising that they would be great beneficiaries of his government. He recalled his #30:30 initiative which has been promoting the youths and an initiative which would see to it that 30% of people who would constitute his administration would be youths under 30 years of age. “You’ll not regret voting me in, I thank you all, thank you so much.” Akinlade concluded.
When the campaign train got to Agbado ward, Akinlade and his team paid a courtesy call on the Alagbado of Agbado, Oba Adedayo Shyllon Sogbulu. The King and his Chiefs showered blessing on Akinlade, other candidates and supporters following the train. They reiterated their commitment to work for Akinlade while charging him to complete all road projects started by Amosun. Akinlade appreciated the monarch and his Chiefs with a promise not to disappoint them. The team then proceed to the meeting point in Agbado ward where hundreds of people had been waiting for hours to receive the campaign train. The excitement was so apparent as Akinlade got their midst. They all expressed their resolve to vote for APM. Akinlade told them that continuity is the way to go in Ogun state, both at the Federal and state levels, urging them to vote and stand by their votes. He promised the people good governance.

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07 Feb

Movement to victory to Shagamu Local Government

The Allied Peoples Movement campaign train has left the party secretariat in Abeokuta, enroute Shagamu Local Government. We have received signals that all is set and the people of each ward in Shagamu are ready and anticipating the arrival of Hon Adekunle Akinlade and his team. Asiwaju Yinka Mafe “Mafe L’afe L’Abuja” and his crew have mobilised massively for the campaign tour of the party to wards in Shagamu. Trust us to keep you inundated with updates of happenings and pictures, as the campaign trail move from ward to ward.
The campaign train’s first port of call was Folarin Street in Makun, Sagamu. Hon Adekunle, his running mate, Mrs Adepeju Adebajo flanked by Yinka Mafe and Ademola Adeyinka (Sapele) commissioned the party’s campaign office for the constituency. The elegant edifice on Folarin Street, according to Akinlade is one among others where the candidates, party leaders and members would be meeting to strategise. The building, as revealed by Mrs Adebajo, is owned by her mother and grandmother.
The first ward to receive the movement was Surulere ward in Makun. The ward is a strong fan base of Sapele and Mafe, Mrs Adepeju being from Sagamu is another plus; the crowd was massive and intimidating. Songs of solidarity and support for the APM candidates filled the air. “I feel fully happy, I feel fully elated.” was what Hon Akinlade used in opening his address. “With what I am seing, I am confident that nothing but massive votes would come for APM in Shagamu.This is the most vibrant set of supporters I have met in the last 17 local governments I’ve visited.” Akinlade continued. He said his administration would promote investments, provide massive jobs and develop all and sundry. He charged the people to vote, stay till the votes are counted, collated, announced and pasted as that would guide against rigging. Both Sapele and Mafe thanked the people for the show of love, pledging to give them the best representation in the Legislative.
The APM campaign train has reached Isote Ward; the second ward visited in Sagamu LG. The atmosphere was charged, the people were motivated and ready to thumbprint for the APM in the forthcoming general elections. Ward 12 is Sapele’s ward. So the people said they would give Akinlade triple of what they have been giving Amosun in the past eight years. The media team can confirm to you that Yinka Mafe and Sapele are the right choice of candidates for Remo and Sagamu. The people are ready to do anything for their victory. The people of Isote said “no Akinlade, no votes.” Meaning they won’t vote for any other candidate except Akinlade. In his words, Sapele urged the people to vote for the APM, with a promise that he would not disappoint them. Yinka Mafe said Sagamu LG would deliver over 60% of the total registered voters to Akinlade. He made bold to say that he, as a house of reps candidate would get more votes than some governorship candidates. He charged the people to get their PVCs before the February 8 deadline. Just like in Surulere, Akinlade said he was happy and elated with what what he saw on ground. He said the supporters in Sagamu are vibrant; an indication that Remo is ready for the APM. He revealed Isote is the 200th ward the APM campaign team had visited since it started the ward to ward campaign tour. Akinlade stressed that he would start rebuilding rural communities, providing qualitative education, quality healthcare delivery and so on. He charged the youths to acquire skills that would make them beneficiaries of his government, when on board. “I will be fair to all sections of Ogun regardless of tribe or religion. Vote for me and I will not let you down.”
The APM campaign train proceeded to Ode Lemo /Emuren ward. Akinlade and his team were led to the ward by Mr Kamar Adewale Sonowo, the APM state assembly candidate for Sagamu Constituency 1. Ode Lemo is home to the Managing Director of OPIC, a friend of Akinlade and Adebajo, Mr Jide Odusolu. The Alapinni of Ode Lemo led other Baales and Chiefs to receive the movement. Mr Jide pleaded with his people to vote Akinlade, Mafe and Kamar; he recalled how Amosun promised to and rehabilitated their roads, assuring them that Akinlade would continue the good work of Gov Amosun. The CDA chairman of Ode Lemo lauded Amosun, he said the people of the ward were ready to ensure continuity by voting in Akinlade while pleading that Akinlade completes the road project started by Amosun in the community, renovate their hospitals and help facilitate power supply to their area. Kamar and Mafe pleaded that the people vote for them and ensure the emergence of Akinlade as governor of the state, promising to never disappoint them. Akinlade appreciated the people while assuring them of massive investment in rural communities, theirs included. He promised that Baales would be integral part of his government as they’re key to the security of every community.
Yinka Mafe has done a miracle here. He took the APM campaign train to Emuren. Emuren is Yinka Mafe’s native home. You need to see the excitemment. The enthusiasm was second to none. Mafe is loved at home by his people that they told him, “wherever you go, we go with you.” The chants in their mouths were that of unalloyed support for Akinlade, Mafe, Sapele and Kamar. Religious leaders in Emuren all prayed for the candidates, while calling on all sons and daughters of Emuren to give 100% backing to the APM candidates. Mafe assured the people that they would not regret voting for them, vowing that Akinlade would complete the road project ongoing in Emuren, and still execute more developmental projects in the community. Akinlade appreciated them, he said the people of Emuren would feel the positive impact of his administration when elected.
The train had a brief stop at Idi Orogbo, along Fakore/Igode road. Party faithfuls in the area had camped for Akinlade’s arrival. They danced and cheered as they sighted the campaign train, pledging their support for APM. The party faithfuls there have a modest structure serving as APM secretariat in the place. Akinlade was impressed by the love shown, promising to deliver on all his promises when elected.
When he arrived Ogijo, Adekunle Akinlade of the APM paid homage to the Ologijo of Ogijo, Oba Kazeem Olaonipekun Gbadamosi for royal blessings. The monarch, who was in company of his chiefs, sent words of appreciation to Gov. Ibikunle Amosun for fulfilling his promises for the people of Ogijo. He added that the palace would send a copy of Ogijo Strategic Plan to Akinlade, just as it was done in Sagamu. The monarch prayed for Akinlade to succeed his bid to become the next governor of Ogun State, urging him not to abandon all ongoing projects in Ogijo. In his words, Akinlade assured the monarch that there would not be any abandoned project in Ogijo and Ogun State at large when he becomes governor. He promised to run an all-inclusive government by taking the dividends of democracy to all the nooks and crannies of Ogun State.
Ogijo was like a wedding reception. The people were all out, singing and dancing as they set their eyes on Triple A and his team. Yoruba will say “iroyin ko to amojuba.” You really need to be in Ogijo to get a true picture of happenings there right now. If you are still in doubt, then you can doubt the existence of God. Waste no time, join the winning team. The APM is ready to accommodate everybody. At Ogijo, Mafe and Kamar appealed to the people to vote for the APM, with a promise to bring government to their doorsteps. Adepeju Adebajo, in her words thanked the people for their supports. She enjoined them to go and collect their voter cards and use same in voting for the APM. Speaking, Akinlade reassured that Ogijo would not be left behind in the scheme of things when elected; adding that “I will not disappoint you and none of you will be missing when the time comes.”
Simawa/Iwelepe ward was wow! The people stood still and were loud in their support for Akinlade, Mafe, Sapele and Kamar. They had waited hours for the campaign train to arrive, when it finally got to them; they owned it! Yorubas and non Yoruba indegenes in Simawa were all present. The enthusiastic crowd sang and danced in acceptance of the cassava party. Mafe appreciated the people, Sapele and Kamar did same; promising to better the lives of their constituents. Akinlade said the people had shown that they were 100 percent with him, he reiterated that his ambition to govern the state was born out of his love and passion for Ogun State and that he would do everything in his might to bring about unprecedented development to the state. He pleaded that the people vote for him, he said that his development plans for Ogun State have been clearly outlined and that he would not disappoint them.
The APM campaign train had a brief stop at the popular Ijebu garage at Isale Oko in Sagamu. The chairman of NURTW, Samson Agbaje and that of the RTEAN Suji Dabiri and many other transport workers in the garage welcomed Akinlade and his team to their midst while pledging to back him and vote for all APM candidates. Another stop at Sagamu Central mosque where Akinlade and his team met with Sagamu league of Imams and Alfas. The Imams and clerics present, all prayed for Akinlade and his team while assuring him of victory in the general elections. Chief Sarafa Tunji Isola who introduced Akinlade to the leaders of the Muslim community in Sagamu, described him as God-fearing and a man of integrity while assuring them that backing Akinlade would be their best decision. Akinlade reiterated that his love for Ogun State was the driving force behind his ambition to govern the state. He thanked the Muslim leaders for the prayers and their pledges to support him, while assuring them that he would not disappoint them.
As the APM campaign team resumed its ward to ward campaign tour in Sagamu LG today, it started with Oko Epe/Soyindo Ward. The venue was the front of Aminisan palace, Oba Mufutau Adeoye. It was a gathering of the young and old, males and females. There was no holds barred; everybody was there, regardless of tribe or religion. Igbos, Hausas, Igbos Fulanis and Igedes in the area came out to welcome the man of the people. Akinlade said he’s coming as a governor, to serve the people and make life more meaningful to them. He assured them that he would not let them down. The train then proceeded to Bido/Otun Alara ward and the reception there was equally warm.
Akinlade, thanks for feeling our pains; thanks for giving us hope. In the past one month, Hon. Adekunle Akinlade, the governorship candidate of the Allied People’s Movements (APM) has been going from one village to another for his ward to ward campaign tour. He has since been to over 200 wards as at today. This is laudable and commendable. It speaks volume of a man who is truly ready to govern our dear state. During the BBC News Yoruba debate today, to my utmost respect for him, the very compassionate Akinlade disclosed what he saw in his voyage to the remotest areas in the state. Any right thinking person knows what happens in the rural areas, even in developed nation. You cannot lie about that. In villages he has been to, he must have seen hopelessness, poverty and stagnation. This happens everywhere in the world. To the idiots who have been making a fuss about Akinlade’s comments, remember that President Muhammadu Buhari has on different occasions said he felt the pains of Nigerians, that he saw their tears. That’s how to be a leader. There shouldn’t be any noise about that. It is very shameful that some miscreants, whose candidate cannot appear for any debate in Ogun State and those whose candidate was part of a government that subjected Ogun people to poverty and where violence was the order of the day, are now on social media ranting. The former, their candidate didn’t come for the debate because he knows he is a dullard that has nothing to offer the good people of Ogun State. This is the second time he would be dodging a debate. The latter were those whose candidate appeared, but could not state categorically what a government, which he was part of, did eight years to better the lives of the people of the state. These shameless supporters are all out to create confusion in Ogun State. It won’t work. Akinlade stands tall among them all. Lest I forget, it is important I remind some discerning minds that Ogun State has been existing since the past 43 years. Those who governed the state before the incumbent Governor Ibikunle Amosun did nothing to give hope to the people of Ogun State. When Amosun came on board, Ogun was in a state of comatose; people both in the rural and urban areas were hopeless. But today, the Amosun government embarked on massive urban renewal; the first phase of his developmental plans in the mission to rebuild the state. This has since attracted investors to Ogun and has put the state on a par with other growing states. For those who understand how government works, Akinlade is visiting all these rural communities to understand the condition of things. He has promised to embark on massive rural renewal. He has vowed to open up all rural areas and make them economically viable. That is the second phase of the mission to rebuild Ogun State. Triple A has been so emphatic about his mission to rebuild rural areas in Ogun State. He was passionate about it while answering question on the programme today when somebody asked how serious he is about governing Ogun State. His words: “…Among all of us here today, I am the only one who has been to 211 wards. I have seen where the people are lacking. I saw the state of hopelessness of our people. It is only if I am wicked that I would not allow the dividends of democracy to get to all of them…” With this statement, Akinlade has shown himself as a man who is down to earth, a man with a heart as pure as gold; a man who will bring government to the doorsteps of the people of Ogun. He is altruistic, kind and generous. Triple A, I love you. May God make you the next governor of Ogun State by God’s grace. Let me round off with this: State of hopeleness is when you say Ogun West should not be allowed to govern Ogun State after 43 years. State of hopeleness is when justice is denied and injustice reigns; just like it happened when Dapo Abiodun stole Akinlade’s mandate in the APC. State of hopeleness is when a section of a democratic state is being considered as minority. State of hopeleness is when we allow politics take away our unity, common objectives; thereby enslaving some people you termed as minority. Thank you Ajiri omo Oye for giving hope to the hopeless people of Ogun West. Let us vote right in 2019. It is time to restore our hope and justice in Ogun. Support Ogun West Agenda Vote the cassava party – Allied People’s Movement (APM) It is truly movement to victory. Tunji Ajisafe, Abeokuta South
At Bido/Otun Alara ward, APM lost a party faithful popularly called “Coach”. Akinlade commiserated with family and friends of the deceased while praying that God grant him eternal rest. The people of the ward did not fail to show their enthusiasm, they said they were ready to vote and mobilise votes for APM. From Ibido/Itun Alara down to Agbowa wards, the APM campaign train later moved to Isokun/Oyebajo ward where he met a motley crowd. It was declaration of loyalty all through. The Itun Isokun street stood still for Akinlade and his team. The elated Akinlade was full of appreciation, appreciation and appreciation. He appealed to the people to vote for him massively; urging them to defend their votes to prevent any form of rigging. “I will come as the fifth executive governor of Ogun State to thank you by God’s grace.
The campaign train touched down Latawa ward before moving to Ijagba ward. The energy in both ward was electrifying. The people trooped out in their numbers chanting and dancing in support of Adekunle, Mafe, Sapele and Kamar. The crowd was intimidating. In fact, the people of Ijagba brought masquerades to welcome and pray for Akinlade. Akinlade appreciated them, he assured the people of good governance when elected. He said the crowd was an indication of victory for APM at the forthcoming general elections. He reiterated his commitment to create up to 25,000 jobs in his first two years in office while advising uneducated youths to learn skills that would made them beneficiaries of his government. He promised to continue with the development blueprint of the state, started by Amosun. He said rural communities would be made priority in his administration.
Sabo ward I was on lock down for Triple A and his team. It is the ward of the state chairman of ACOMORAN, a friend of Akinlade; Alhaji Samsideen Apelogun and it showed clearly as the mammoth crowd was unrelenting in their solidarity chant and pledges to give 100 percent backing to Akinlade. The Igbo vision of Nigeria, Sagamu branch were on hand to identify with the APM. Akinlade appreciated them with a promise to not disappoint them. Mrs Adepeju Adebajo charged the people to vote and stand by their votes. She promised that her administration will make live easier for indegenes and residents alike.
The campaign train was taken to Sabo, a community of the Hausas and Fulanis. Their own style of support is second to none. You need to see them chanting “mai rogo muke so.” They were out in a multitude, to tell Akinlade that they would vote for him wholeheartedly. The Abokis are just too wonderful. Honestly, 1000 wards won’t be enough to narrate what the APM campaign team witnessed here this evening. Akinlade, on behalf the APM campaign team, appreciated them for their supports and show of love. He said they would be part of his government as appointees when it comes on board. Akinlade and his team then proceeded to Sabo ward II. The place was filled to the brim with young and old pledging full support for the Allied Peoples Movement. The Youth Butchers Association of Sabo ward II presented Akinlade packs of customised exercise books as their own contribution to his campaign. Akinlade expresses his gratitude, he said it was the first in all the wards he had visited that an association as theirs would present him a campaign material. He said he would forever remember the gesture. Akinlade addressing the crowd, many of which are traders, charged them to vote for him and the APM candidates, he promised to renovate their markets and give them grants for their trades.
Ayegbami/Ijoku Ward paraded a crop of loyal party members who stand firm with Akinlade, Yinka Mafe and Kamar. Even as late as 8:22pm, they were unshaken, gallant and strong. To them, the coming election is a fight against injustice and imposition. So, no going back. In their remarks, Adekunle Akinlade and Yinka Mafe said better days are here for the people of Ogun State. They reemphasised that the economy of rural communities would receive a boost with APM in power. They also promised more jobs for the youths and women in Ogun. It is time to move to victory.
Itunla Akarigbo was the last ward Akinlade and his campaign team visited today and it was nothing but a massive show of support. Many organised groups identified with APM. Hon Bakare Oluwafemi, the chairman of Progressive Group of Nigeria, Sagamu Local Government, a group of over 500 members in the local government, said the group had resolved to support Akinlade, Mafe, Sapele and Kamar. The candidates of APM all took turn to appreciate the people, charged them to vote for them, promising to bring governance to them. That ended the APM campaign tour to Sagamu LG. The people of Sagamu have shown that their loyalty lies with the Allied Peoples Movement.
Earlier, Hon Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade was at the general meeting of the Ogun State Traders, held at the Oba Odeneye Park, popularly called Ori Omi in Abeokuta. The market women and men from the 3 Senatorial Districts of the state, revealed that they have endorsed the candidature of Hon Adekunle, pledging to vote and mobilise votes for him. The Babaloja and Iyaloja of Yewa, Chief Adewale Adesina (Saranda) and Mrs Yemisi Abass presented Akinlade to the over 2000 traders present at the event, pleading that they vote him in to ensure that a Yewa man becomes governor of Ogun state after over 4 decades of the existence of the state. The request got a resounding YES from traders who sang and danced in acceptance of the candidature of Triple A. Akinlade appreciated them, promised to never take their support for granted while reiterating his resolve to create the Ministry of Trade and Investment when elected. The ministry would make loans and grants accessible to traders and small scale entrepreneurs, Akinlade added. Present at the event were The Olu of Owode Egbaland, Oba Kolawole Soweminmo and two other monarchs of Egbaland; Chief Sarafa Tunji Isola, Hon Micky Kazzim, Hon Idowu Olowofuja, Hon Modupe Mujota and several APM stakeholders.

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06 Feb

Movement to victory to Ado Odo Local Government.

The first ward the campaign train visited in Ado Odo/Ota local government was Agbara I ward and its first port of call was the palace of the Alabata of Agbara, Oba Lukman Jayeola Abimbola Agunbiade. The monarch and his Chiefs prayed for Akinlade and his team before they left for Agbara Grammar School, the meeting point in the ward. The APM candidate, Ogun West Senatorial District; Rt Hon Olusegun Gbeleyi, Representative for Ado Odo Ota Federal constituency, Hon Rotimi Rahman (Arugbo), state Assembly candidate for Ado Odo/Igbesa constituency, Muse Lamidi and that of Ota constituency 1, Fagbemi Akinbode were all present. The crowd there was massive and the energy was electrifying. Many associations were out to identify with the APM, the Igbo community in Agbara came all out and pledge their solidarity to Akinlade and the other APM candidates. Akinlade appreciated the support while charging the people to see to the realisation of the age long Yewa agenda by voting en masse for him. Being from Ogun West, Akinlade said he understood clearly the challenges of his people and would do everything in his capacity to ease them. He mentioned the Agbara Road which he said the state government has got the approval to do, he said he would make the road one of his priorities to do. He charged the people to vote massively for APM in the elections of February 16 as it would be a determinant of the March 2nd polls. He said he was confident of block votes from the people of Agbara, adding: “I have no doubt that you’ll stand with me.” Gbeleyi, Arugbo and Muse all charged the people to vote for APM promising to never disappoint them.
On his way to Igbesa Ward, Adekunle Akinlade was accosted by the students of Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa. Akinlade alighted from his vehicle to have a chat with the students. Triple A charged the students to take their future into their hands as youths by voting for the APM. He promised to meet with the students to chart the way forward as far as education is concerned in Ogun State. The students thereby declared their supports for Akinlade and other APM candidates.
When the campaign trail reached Agbara 2/Ejila/Awori ward, it was all funfair and an amazing show of love as the people of the ward showed great excitement at the sight of Akinlade and his team. All stakeholders in that community were present. In fact, members of the Egbe Eleja Ifesowapo Social Club and the Hairdressers association, two prominent associations in Ejila were uniformly dressed, to show acceptability of the party. The Baale Agelete, representing his people; prayed for the success of APM, he said his people were excited and would work for the party. He however called Akinlade’s attention to the deplorable state of their road and the lack of science laboratory in their school, pleading that Akinlade see to them once he emerges. Responding to the rousing welcome accorded him and his team, Akinlade appreciated the people while assuring that he would rehabilitate their roads, schools and health facilities. He charged the people to deliver block votes for all APM candidates, as it would give them moral rights to developmental projects in their community.
Igbesa Ward was a blast. The people were wonderful. They were out in their numbers; singing and dancing. The APM has become a household name in Igbesa. Move front and back, all you hear is APM, paki, Akinlade, Arugbo, Gbeleyi, Muse. The Triple A media team can confirm to you that Igbesa is a ‘settled case’ for the APM. To them, Ogun West agenda is sacrosanct. It is written on their faces. This is Gbeleyi’s ward, so you can’t expect less. It is also the ward of Pa. Olagbaye. Olagbaye assured Akinlade of victory in Igbesa and Ado-Odo/Ota in general. Students, union leaders and associations were in attendance. Akinlade said no other party in Ogun State has the quality of candidates the APM parades. He added that the APM would ensure the continuation of the good work of Gov Amosun in Ogun by turning the tides to rural areas. He said his government, when it comes on board, would attract investors to Ogun state to reduce unemployment among the youths. Once again, he promised to fix the roads in the area as part of his rural renewal drive. He added that the construction of schools, hospitals and so on by local contractors and artisans would boost local economy.
Ketu adie Owe ward was another great experience. The crowd that turned out to receive and pledge support for Akinlade and his team, was unprecedented. Baale Ilukogun who spoke on behalf of the people of the ward, assured APM of massive votes. He said the people are staunch supporters of the agitation for a Yewa/Awori governor and they would all support Akinlade to clinch the position. The Baale charged Akinlade to reconstruct their roads, see to the welfare of Baales among other things he requested. Akinlade said everything they asked for was within their reach and what they only need to do is vote for him and all the APM candidates. He said he was confident that Yewa/Awori agenda is coming to fulfilment through him, having had the assurance of massive votes from Egba, Remo and Ijebu, he asked that Yewa Awori should not be left out in delivering their votes for APM.
Alapoti Ward was a hit back to back. From the main road down to the venue, the crowd was uncontrollable. This ward to ward campaign is revealing to the people that the movement is truly to victory in Ogun. The people reechoed, all they want is an Ogun West governor. They abhor anybody bringing Remo agenda to them. Of course, the APM team does not need someone from Abuja to move round the corners of Ogun State to campaign. God has been the leader. The people promised to deliver Alapoti to APM; urging Akinlade to repair their roads when elected. Akinlade told the people not to worry as he himself is one of them, having come from Ipokia. He said he would not let them down when elected. He appealed to the people to vote massively for the APM. This he said would give him the moral justifications to serve them beyond expectations. Triple A promised to make the roads in Ado-Odo/Ota a priority, adding “it is the turn of Ogun West. Used your votes to kick against injustice. I will be the fifth executive governor of Ogun State by God’s grace.” “It is sad that someone can still bring Dapo Abiodun to Ogun West after 43 years without a governor from Ogun West.” he added. Rotimi Ramon also charged the people to vote and hold him responsible for the promises made. “We will fulfill our promises.” he said.
Akinlade and his team got to Ere ward, few minutes to 11pm and the meeting point – Local government Pry school in Ayede was still full. People had waited hours for his arrival and were so happy to finally have him in their midst. In fact, the Zangbeto masquerade was still out. Baales and religious leaders in the community came to identify with Akinlade, they prayed for his success while pledging to vote massively for APM. Thanking them, Akinlade said he would not take their support for granted, he said it would be a must for him to bring development to the communities when elected, urging them to vote for him and the APM candidates in the region.
At about 11:40pm, the APM team landed in Ado-Odo Ward 1. The crowd was overwhelming. It is Hon. Muse’s ward. The enthusiasm was loud. The people clamour for an Ogun West governor with Akinlade at the helm of affairs. It was celebration galore as singers and drummers performed in their local songs. It was a nice moment. Ado-Odo singers are superb. Chiefs and leaders of Ado-Odo were in attendance. Religious leaders from the three sections showered blessings on Akinlade. Ado-Odo is like a carnival. No shaking, APM has taken over. It is the first ward where the APM campaign team stayed longer since the ward to ward campaign began. Alamuwa CDA presented a document to Akinlade to guide him in running his administration as they have a strong belief that he is the next governor of Ogun State. Ado-Odo and Ipokia are one. To them, Akinlade is much more at home. Words are not enough to narrate what the ambience was like at Ado-Odo. As the campaign train departed, the singers were still on stage singing and dancing. Truly, the people of Ado-Odo are craving for their own person as the next governor of Ogun State.
We got to Ado Odo ward 2 by 12.50am. The energy there was different, it was electrifying! The people who had been waiting since the previous day didn’t even show any symptoms of fatigue. The reception there was a grandeur. From the songs on the lips of everyone in the ward, you would know where their loyalty lies. It was PAKI all the way. Akinlade said he was overwhelmed by the love and the reception, he felt so much at home. “This is the 17th local government that I’d be visiting and I can say clearly, the energy here is different. Thank you for the love.”Akinlade said. The people did not want the team to leave, they made merry and were very loud in their pledges to support Akinlade. Akinlade promised to never disappoint them. With that, the campaign train takes a short rest to continue the tour tomorrow, God’s willing. The love and acceptance from the people of the 8 wards visited today was so amazing. Let’s continue later today as we move to victory together!
The campaign train has touched down the palace of the Olota of Ota Akinlade led his team to receive royal blessing from the monarch, Oba (Prof) Adeyemi Abdulkabir Obalanlege. Rt Hon Olusegun Gbeleyi, Hon Rotimi Rahman and Fagbemi Akinbode were the other candidates of APM present at the palace. The Alagbara of Agbara, Onilogbo of Ilogbo, Omitetiku of Owode Ota and Onijoko of Ijoko were among the Kings present. Obalanlege received the team in the midst of many Awori Kings, high Chiefs and Baales. The Royal fathers prayed for Akinlade and other APM candidates while reiterating their readiness to ensure the emergence of a Yewa/Awori governor. They expressed optimism that Akinlade would clinch the position. Being a Prince himself, Akinlade said he understood clearly the esteemed position of royal institution and that he would always place them in high regard. , he would regard the royal institution. He thanked the Kings for their support so far, he said all other zones of the state were on standstill for him while charging that Yewa/Awori should not be left out. “Kabiesi, It would be a thing of pride for you that you stood by me, and that it is during your time that Ogun West eventually produced a governor.”Akinlade added. The team proceeded to the Central mosque Ota where they were received by the Chief Imam, clerics and a number of Ota Muslims. They prayed for the victory of APM in the coming polls, promised to give the party full support while gifting Akinlade a frame with Quranic verses inscribed on it. Akinlade thanked them and promised to not take their support for granted.
It was all merry when the APM campaign train reached Ilogbo ward. The ever busy Ilogbo junction stood still for the Allied Peoples Movement. Akinlade interacted with the people, shook hands and embraced some. He felt so at home with them and the people were equally happy to have him in their midst. The Onilogbo of Ilogbo, Oba Samuel Ojugbele and several Baales were present and pledged support for Akinlade and other APM candidates. Iyaloja of Ilogbo, Chief Mrs Adijat Lawal, who spoke on behalf of the market men and women, assured Akinlade that they were behind him and would vote for APM. She charged Akinlade to not forget them when elected. Akinlade said he was not alien to the challenges of the people of Ilogbo, he swore on his honour to not disappoint them. He charged them that all their votes in the coming elections should be for APM, apart from the presidential election which would be for Buhari.
If you are not in Atan presently, only God knows the exact word to describe what’s happening here right now. The crowd here is inspiring; motley and mammoth it is. The people of Atan said “no going back on Ogun West agenda.” As Ogun West people, they have taken a decision that the next governor of Ogun State must come from Ogun West; with Akinlade as the man to break the jinx. Akinlade assured the people that he would not disappoint them. Triple said no true indigene of Ogun West should be seen running after a Remo candidate after 43 years. Akinlade received a team of decampees from PDP, ADC and APGA to the APM. Wasiu Toriola, a decampee from the PDP with over 200 fellow decampees said they left the party as a result of the crisis rocking it. Likewise, Engnr Taofiq Bisiriyu of the ADC, who led over 150 persons to the APM said “a wa ninu egbe bomi lowo ki n bo e lowo tele, sugbon a ti ri pe ko si nkankan ninu egbe na. Egbe na ko ni future. Owo ofifo ni. A ti wa darapo mo egbe APM, ka le ba Akinlade se ijoba.” (We were in shake me I shake you party (ADC) before, but we’ve seen that there’s nothing in the party. The party has no future. It’s all empty hands. We’ve joined the APM, we will be part of Akinlade’s government).
Iju ward stood still for the Allied Peoples Movement. The crowd there was massive and the show of love was wonderful. Triple A Media team observed that the people of that area deserve more than a ward due to the land mass and the population of people there. The meeting point was Iyesi, where both young and old camped in their numbers to show support and solidarity. An elder of the ward, Otunba Tunji Faluyi, said that votes delivered in the ward used to be the highest in the state and that the people of the ward are ready to deliver another massive votes for Akinlade and the APM candidates. He said the number of people present was less than 10 percent of electorate in the ward and they all have their voters cards. Akinlade said Amosun has concentrated massively on urban renewal, he would concentrate on rural development and invest massively in the local economies. He charged the uneducated youths to take up skills like carpenterary, welding etc, as his administration would turn the state to a massive construction site where all skilled youths in every wards would be engaged. “It is about Ogun state, on my honour, I’ll deliver on my promises, we will build our roads and development the state further.” Akinlade promised. He asked the people to use their votes to defend the future of Ogun State, he said his running mate, Mrs Adepeju was attending a debate, being the reason for her absence.
From Iju, the APM campaign team moved to Ijoko Ward. The venue was St. Saviour’s Anglican Nursery and Primary School in Ijoko. The blind can see, the deaf can hear that Akinlade is the man of the people. The people thronged the city to welcome the incoming governor of Ogun State, by God’s grace. In his usual character, Akinlade greeted the people round to their admiration. The people, young and old, defied all security arrangements to have handshakes with the humble Akinlade. “He doesn’t stand on a vehicle to just wave at you. He will greet you one by one. That’s why I like him.” an excited woman said. Chief Abidoye of Ijoko Area CDC recalled the good deeds of Arugbo when he was the chairman of Ado-Odo/Ota, praying he win the House of reps election. Abidoye urged Akinlade to construct link roads in Ijoko, among other things. Triple A assured them that the completion of the roads and flyovers in the area would be a priority. He lauded the incumbent governor Ibikunle Amosun for embarking on the projects, promising to complete them when elected. He added that this would be made possible only if the people vote for him and other APM candidates.
Sango ward was full of crowd, crowd and crowd. The APM campaign trail was received amidst funfair and grandeur. Tell whoever cares to listen that the APM would record landslide victory in the coming polls. Let’s move to the next ward. But be informed that Akinlade has promised to construct all roads linking the area to Lagos and to complete all ongoing projects.
Another grand reception for Akinlade and his team at Ota ward 1. They all pledged their unalloyed support for Allied Peoples Movement, singing and dancing in solidarity with Akinlade, Arugbo and Fagbemi. Akinlade appreciated them, reiterated his commitment to the overall development of the state. He charged the people to make his aspiration and the aspiration of Yewa Awori to become governor of the state a reality come March 2nd. It’s is the ward of Arugbo and it showed clearly as the cheers and chants were loud as he spoke to the people in Awori dialect. He promised them the best representation in the National Assembly, vowing that the people would not regret electing him. Akinlade pleaded that the people vote for the APM assembly candidate – Fagbemi, as it would hasten the delivery of developmental projects to Ota.
If you are in Ota, come out and see things for yourself. From Ota Ward 1 to Ota Ward 2, the APM is getting more popular and popular. Ota ward 1 is just a stone’s throw from Ota ward 2, yet there’s a motley crowd of supporters in each ward. One thing is paramount to them, and that’s Ogun West agenda. You won’t blame them. 43 years is too long a time to wait. The Iyaloja said all traders in Ota stand firmly with Akinlade and the APM team. She urged Akinlade to see to the renovation of their markets when elected. Akinlade did not mince words as he emphasised that their requests would be granted when they vote for him to become the next governor of Ogun State.
The APM campaign tour to Ado Odo/Ota local government ended with the team’s visit to Ota ward 3. It is the ward of the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and the APM Ogun West campaign coordinator, Chief Jide Ojuko and the difference was really clear. It was an electrifying show of love and support. It is the biggest ward in Ado Odo/Ota local government with 35 poling booths. Recording such massive support from there clearly indicates that Ado Odo/Ota, the local government with the largest number of registered voters in the state is already locked down for APM. The popular Iya Kosawin, Mrs Olufunke with several other bigwigs of Ota were all present and all pledged total support for Akinlade. Akinlade appreciated them with a promise to never disappoint them. He berated those from Ogun West who pitched tent with those who stole his mandates, saying “they have been misled.” He charged the people to vote for him, for Gbeleyi, Arugbo and Fagbemi adding that the election would be a defining moment in the lives of people of Ogun West and of Ogun State in extention. That ended the APM campaign tour to Ado Odo/Ota local government and it was indeed a glorious experience. Thanks for sharing on other social media platforms. Let’s do this again tomorrow, as we move to victory together.

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04 Feb

Movement to victory to Ijebu Ode local government.

The APM campaign train’s first port of call was the palace of the Gbegande of Ososa, Oba Oba Dr Adetoye Alatishe. The Oba received Akinlade and his team amidst members of Ijebu Progressives Obas who included Alaporu of Ilaporu, Soponlukale of Ijebu Igbo, Alaye Aba of Aiyepe, Alakan of Ayepe, Oligun of Ilugun North, Elerunwon of Erunwon, Sadereren of Isonyin, Ogirimadagbo of Ilodo and Abijaparako of Japara. Others were Onirokun of Irokun, Elefire of Efire, Ayanyelu of Ijebu Ijesha, Olowu of Ayepe, Onitansin of Itasin Imobi, Ojotumuru of Abigi, Ajalaye of Ilugun North, Magusen of itamarun, Akalako of Ayepe, Aladeken of Oke Ako and Oliworo of Iworo. The Obas prayed for his victory; adding “We promise you our support.” Oba Adetoye said Akinlade has shown signs of good sportsmanship, that he has demonstrated that he would be a listening governor and vowed that the Obas are 100 percent behind him. The Obas said they have created a document to serve as a seal of their agreement with Akinlade, as they took turns to pray for him. The monarchs expressed optimism that Akinlade would emerge victorious in the coming polls. Speaking, Akinlade appreciated the monarchs, he said he and his team have been enjoying relative peace in Ijebu since his campaign tour started. He added that he was at home having lived years in Ilese when his father was serving in Nigerian Army. He said his government would be for all; while promising to continue seeking their wise counsel at all time.
The APM campaign train took another stop at the palace of Lamodi of Isiwo Ijebu, Oba Sikiru Adedoyin Salisu. The monarch received us alongside his wife and Chiefs. The APM campaign DG, Chief Sarafa who introduced Akinlade and his team to the monarch assured him that Akinlade would be accessible and would deliver on all his promises. Akinlade said the overall development of the state is his priority and that he would do everything in his power to develop all and sundry. He said he wants overwhelming votes from all zones. The Oba said he has been watching Akinlade campaign on TV and the acceptance he has been getting from the people, he therefore expressed optimism that Akinlade would win. He implored Akinlade to bring projects to his community as there is a large land mass in Ilese. “You will come to visit me next as the governor of Ogun State” he prayed. Mrs Adebajo appreciated the warm reception accorded to the campaign team while assuring the King of good governance.
Isiwo Ward was painted red today as the APM campaign team arrived. It was a gathering of youths and adults from the four corners of Isiwo Ijebu. Loyal party members as well as other well wishers renewed their supports for Akinlade and the APM. The people said both ward 10 and 11 are one and they would both vote for the APM. They requested Akinlade to help rehabilitate their road, build hospital, schools etc when he becomes governor, promising to support him. Hon. Tola Banjo urged the people to vote for him and Akinlade on March 2. Akinlade assured the people that he would not disappoint them. He requested to have a pact with the people to assure them he would not let them down after voting for him to become governor. He reminded the people that the coming election is what would define Ogun State. “Deliver this ward to APM and I will come back to honour my part of the pact.” he added.
The people of Itamapako ward did not just join the train, they owned it. The reception was great with the APM chants filling the air. Hon Tola Banjo recalled how he won the primaries before being robbed, he said he is confident that the people are more ready than ever to vote him in. He recounted the several amenities he has donated to Ijebu Ode, while promising to do more when elected. He urged the people to start House to House campaign, preaching the gospel of APM to the people and mobilising them to vote for Akinlade and other APM candidates. Akinlade appreciated the people, he said he would deliver on all his campaign promises and that he would embark on developmental projects as soon as he’s sworn in the governor of the state.
When the campaign train got Isoku/Ososa ward, the acceptance of the party in the ward was glaring as both young and old came all out to identify with Akinlade and his team. Several Horses led the campaign train from the previous ward to Isoku. Hundreds party faithfuls and well wishers were seen along the road waving and cheering Akinlade, as he stood at the back of an hilux that conveyed him to the meeting point, appreciating the people. Hon Tola Banjo appreciated the people, he said it is the time for a Yewa man to rule Ogun state and therefore urged the people to throw their weights behind Triple A. Akinlade pleaded that they vote for him and Tola Banjo as he promised to not disappoint them.
Odo Esa ward was just a stone’s throw. The crowd was overwhelming with undying love for Triple A. Akinlade was full of appreciation. He promised not to disappoint. Akinlade seized the opportunity to commission the APM campaign office in Ijebu-Ode, an edifice positioned at a very strategic location.
The road that led to Otubu/Ijada/Imepe II Ward was enlivened with the arrival of Adekunle Akinlade to the area. Left and right, it was a rousing welcome for Akinlade and his team. People were all out chanting APM, Akinlade, Triple A, Tola ni o and so on Ijebu-Ode people are ready for the APM in the coming polls, no doubts. Akinlade commended the untiring and unending efforts of the people towards ensuring justice and equity in the state. He promised he would not take their supports for granted. Tola Banjo, the assembly candidate, urged the people to vote massively for the APM on March 2, 2019; adding that the people would be put first in all things.
The APM campaign train locked down Ita Ntebo ward. Literally everyone in that community was present to identify with Akinlade and his team, pledging their total support for the Allied Peoples Movement. Akinlade appreciated them, apologised for having kept them waiting for hours and promising to never take their support for granted. Tola Banjo charged the people to elect him and Triple A, he said he enjoys mutual relationship with Akinlade and that would lead to the betterment of his constituency when both are voted in. The people kept chanting solidarity songs for the team and were unrelenting in their show of love.
The people of Odo Egbo/Oniworo Ward were glad to see Hon. Adekunle Akinlade and Hon Tola Banjo. Akinlade promised to bring government closer to the people, promising not to disappoint them. Adepeju Adebajo thanked the people for remaining steadfast and resilient; ” God bless you and your family.”
When the APM campaign team got to Ijada/Imepe Ward, the ancient city of Ijebu-Ode was on standstill. The people received Akinlade amidst funfair and grandeur. Akinlade and Tola Banjo said the APM would not neglect any section of the state. Akinlade promised to do more for the people of Ijebuode and Ogun East in general. He appealed to them to vote for him and Tola Banjo, who he described as a ranking member of the state House of Assembly, being a former Deputy Speaker. “I will not run a sectional government. I will do more for Ijebu-Ode and Ogun East in general. It will be a government for everybody.”