It is my pleasure and honour to welcome you all to this historic occasion which is the inauguration of the Campaign Council and Committees of our great party, the Allied People’s Movement (APM).

As you are all aware, we are at this junction because of the injustice and inequity we experienced during the primary elections of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The foundation of our politics is justice and equity. Our goal is service to the good people of Ogun state. However, this service cannot be achieved if it is built on shaky foundation of injustice and inequity.

This recent history of Ogun state has defined our task in the 2019 gubernatorial election. We have a historic role to prevent the hijack of the aspirations of the people of Ogun state. The resources and potentials of Ogun state should be explored in the service of the people of Ogun state. This is our brief for the 2019 elections. We have a duty to deliver Hon Adekunle AbdulKabir Akinlade as the next governor of Ogun state. He has been tested and found capable of sustaining the mission to rebuild Ogun state which started in 2011 under Governor Ibikunle Amosun.

I am happy to note that all of us who are being inaugurated into the APM campaign council today are tested politicians drawn from the nooks and crannies of Ogun state. We have proved our loyalty and worth over the years. This is another opportunity to prove our worth as politicians and leaders of our people.

I beseech us to work with diligence and in unity for the prosecution of the campaign. As the Director General of the campaign, I promise to cooperate with you and facilitate all that is needed for the successful execution of the brief in our respective constituencies. I seek your utmost cooperation in this task, as well.

On behalf of the leadership of the APM, the gubernatorial candidate and the deputy gubernatorial candidate, I congratulate you all for this appointment. I wish you a successful prosecution of the campaign of the APM in the 2019 elections.

God bless APM

God bless Ogun State.

God bless Nigeria.