The book How Europe Underdeveloped AFRICA by Walter Rodney (1972) clearly explains the “oppression”, “economic abuse” and “exploitation” of Africa under Colonial rule or colonialism. Rodney also attempts to describe Africa as a material rich Continent with good people who wanted the best for themselves. His assertion that colonialism simply sort to:

1. Use Africa as a dumping ground for excess goods that emanated from industrialisation and

2. Source cheap raw materials to service their industries, couldn’t be far from the truth.
What Walter Rodney didn’t say was the role of African “Elites” in the abuse and rape of Africa. In my view, the book should¬†have been titled


I dare to relate Walter Rodney’s book to the present Yewa agitation for governor. Like Europe, Lagos State is saturated economically. Let us step back and consider the following;
1. Ogun State with less than 5 million population (2006 Census), sits on the most strategic land asset in the Country.
2. Ogun State is home to the highest number of industries per square metre in Nigeria today, while industries in Lagos are relocating to Ogun State in droves.
3. Ogun State has access to one of the deepest sea ports in the Country.
4. The efforts of the Sen. Ibikunle Amosun Administration’s (2011-2017) road network and proposed rail project strategically position Ogun State as the industrial hub of the Sub-Sahara Africa in the next 10 years.
Like Africa, Ogun State is believed to be “ripe” for annexation alas by our “Western” neighbour through the hijack of the governorship seat come 2019, though in futility! I strongly believe that the Distinguished Sen who claims to come from Yewa is simply a pawn in the unfolding drama. How else do you explain a situation where a member of the “same” ruling party (APC) is encouraged to undermine his own party in Ogun State? I hereby call on all well-meaning Yewa/Awori indigenes and the good people of Ogun State to see this for what it is; Attempt by our neighbouring State to annex our natural wealth – LAND and underdevelop Ogun State. When the story of Yewa agitation for governor is told, the role of our so-called elites will definitely be remembered.
God bless.
Hon. Adekunle Akinlade (MHR)