Akinlade is at home and it is obviously evident that he is a true son of the soil. Rousing, warm, magnificent, colourful are adjectives not enough to describe the reception accorded him and his team since 2am when they had arrived Ipokia. It is like a windstorm, blowing away all mushroom political parties. The shout of support for Triple A here is deafening! The deafs can hear it, the blinds can see it, everywhere is on lock down! Ipokia LG has the second highest number of registered voters in Ogun West. And the people of Ipokia are unrelenting in making sure their son emerge the first governor of the state from Ogun West Senatorial District. Triple A Media team are overwhelmed. We pray we don’t get overawed by the show of support and solidarity here, and forget to give you updates. Well, we’ll try our best.
Politicians, ask your supporters in Ipokia Local Government to give you a picture of what’s happening there right now. There’s something that is unique about the whole thing – every ‘base’ we get to, is fully branded with APM posters, banners and billboards. Members of different clubs associations from that we’ve seen, from Idiroko to Ifoyintedo hired DJs to entertain themselves as they celebrate the arrival of their own son. The only person in Ifoyintedo ward that was not present to welcome Akinlade and his team was nobody. The place was filled to the brim, they said they didn’t need Akinlade to plead before they vote for him. They all want a Yewa governor and they’ve seen its realisation in Akinlade. Akinlade however canvassed for votes for Muhammadu Buhari, Hon Olusegun Gbeleyi, Hon Kolawole Lawal and Mrs Sikirat Ajibola. He reminded them how the likes of Tolu Odebiyi and Biyi Otegbeye betrayed the Yewa agenda by supporting an Ijebu person, he charged the people to teach them a lesson by making sure they both lose heavily in the election. He promised them good governance while promising that they would not regret taking active roles in ensuring his emergence as governor.
English has failed us, as there is no word to use in describing the ambience and the kind of reception accorded Akinlade in Ihunbo/Ilase ward. The Alase of Ilase echoed the resolve of the people of the ward, he said: “Akinlade, I’m coming to your swearing in by May 29 in Abeokuta, as your royal father.” Akinlade said he was confident of block votes from the ward, he said since he’s not a bastard; he would make them proud. He appreciated the people for honouring him in the presence of his running mate and the campaign team, he said the people have made a statement of their readiness to actualise the Ogun West agenda. He charged the people to ensure the victory of other APM candidates in the region. Just as Akinlade was addressing the people, a prominent son of Ogun West, Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun (IBD), stepped into the stage to throw his weight behind APM, this he did to the loud cheer of the people. IBD made known that he would do everything in his capacity to ensure Akinlade’s victory.
The people of Ajegunle Ward were motivated, energized and moralized to see Akinlade. It was their joy to welcome their own son. They can’t wait to have a governor from their fatherland. When Akinlade was addressing, the people told him not to worry, as they are ready to vote for the APM all through. Akinlade urged them to also vote for President Muhammadu Buhari to continue his good work. Honestly, seeing is believing. This is more than a carnival for Akinlade. It is overwhelming.
Everywhere the campaign train has been today has been wonderful, Idi Iroko ward was not an exception. The experience there was marvellous! A show of love by people who have resolved to vote Akinlade. Akinlade said they would enjoy his governance. “We’ll create jobs, renovate our schools, our health facilities would be given prompt attention to and we’ll see to the overall development of the state.”Akinlade said. Meanwhile the team paid homage to the Oniko of Iko Ilaje, Idiroko – Oba John Olakunle Ojo in his palace. The monarch was pleased to receive Akinlade, giving him Royal blessings to triumph in the coming election. Akinlade also had a whistle stop at the Mobil mega filling station in Idiroko bus/stop to say hello to his uncle, Otunba Akeem Adigun who prayed for the success of the team.
What a heroic welcome it was as Akinlade entered his hometown, Agosasa. Everybody in Agosasa was out to receive their son. They can’t wait to produce the next governor of Ogun State by God’s grace. Omo ko loke bi agogo, Akinlade, is the apple of his people’s eyes. They are all solidly behind him. In short, words can’t describe the kind of reception the APM campaign team. We hope pictures would help.
When the campaign train got to Ijofin ward, Akinlade and his team paid a courtesy call on The Ololo of ijofin kingdom, Oba maroof Ayinla Awode. The King was excited to receive him while showering prayers on him. The team then proceeded to the meeting point where they were given a rousing reception by hundreds of people of the community. Akinlade appreciated them, canvassed votes for Buhari, KLM, Gbeleyi and Sikirat. He promised to open up rural communities and create massive employments.
From Ijofin, the APM campaign trail landed in Tube Ward before proceeding to Agada ward At 10pm, the people were unrelenting. They stood up for their sons, singing solidarity songs. The crowd was enormous; defying the weather and the lateness. Akinlade assured the people that Tube would witness massive turn around under him as governor, promising to rehabilitate all roads linking the community. He said he would transform the popular Tube Market and make it a modern one. Also in his words, Triple A enjoined the people of Tube not to listen to rumour mongers spreading falsehood that he wanted to send away the Eguns in Ipokia local government. He added that those spreading such rumours were mischief makers; saying nobody has the power to send away any tribe from Nigeria as we are all one. Then the campaign trail was taken to Agada ward. In Agada, he promised the people that the community secondary school in the community would be approved by his administration immediately he gets on board. He appealed to the people to vote massively for the APM in the coming elections.
It was another colourful reception at Maun ward 1. Despite it was already midnight, the venue was still full with people. The Egun’s Zangbeto came out to play, both old and young danced and cheered as Akinlade led his team to their midst. Akinlade appreciated them. Again, Akinlade urged the people of Maun to discard the rumour that he wanted to send away the Eguns in Ipokia local government. He said it was purely falsehood. He added that even the President of Nigeria has no constitutional right to do so. He promised the people that they would enjoy massive dividends of democracy, when he becomes governor. He pleaded that they vote for Buhari, KLM and Gbeleyi in the Saturday’s election, and that they should vote him and Sikirat on 2nd March.
The APM campaign train proceeded to Maun ward 2 and got a rousing reception by hundreds of the people there. They had been waiting since the previous afternoon, we were told half of the people there had gone and we witnessed influx of those who had earlier left into the place, as soon as Akinlade reached the venue. Akinlade reiterated his commitment to open up rural communities, create enabling environment for businesses and investments to thrive and create massive employments. He charged the people to not vote for “betrayals” who are solely led by their selfish interest as against the collective interest of Yewa/Awori.
Even as late as 2AM, the good people of the Premier Ward, Ipokia Ward 1, waited patiently to receive their son, Adekunle Akinlade of the APM. To the people of Ipokia, there is no going back on Akinlade for governor. Their level of understanding and enlightenment is high. Give it to them. Chiefs, elders as well as other indigenes and residents of the ancient town were on seat to welcome a Prince of Iwaye Dodo. Speaking, Akinlade commended the show of love displayed by the people towards him. He said what he saw in Ipokia was a pointer to the fact that the people are ready to take their destiny in their hands. Akinlade said it would be a new dawn in Ipokia and Ogun State in general, with him as governor. He charged the people not to bow to any pressure asking them to sell their destiny to a Remo candidate after 43 years. Triple A urged them to vote for Gbeleyi and KLM on Saturday, adding that is the only way to teach betrayers of Ogun West a lesson. That ended the campaign tour to Ipokia local government. Thanks for sharing on other social media platforms.