In response to the yearnings of our youths for inclusion in governance, Hon. Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade (MHR) has launched the #3030 initiative.
It is a promise to domesticate the “Not Too Young To Run” Bill 2017, in Ogun State come 2019 by setting aside 30% of all Political Appointments for under thirty years (30 years) old.
To this end, the TripleA team is especially urging our youths and all well-meaning sons and daughters of Ogun State to register as Volunteers for “I Volunteer for the Love of Ogun State” initiative TODAY.
To register, please visit our website www.triplea.com.ng and click on the Get Involved/Volunteer tab, you will also qualify for a gift.
Let us work together to protect our Common Heritage — Ogun State.


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